A refreshing beginning – 4

“A refreshing beginning” Part-4 Continues….

Mom took another small step for an even closer look. It was now or never as I again gave him the sign, leaning slightly off to one side just enough, lifting my arm as I did for him to peek around and through. Glancing into the mirror, I was seeing what I knew he was. Mom standing there, skirt hiked up around her waist, hand down between her legs, fingers working, mouth open…eyes locked on his massive erection which I was still sliding up and down against even though it was no longer inside me.

I leaned back, cutting off his vision for the moment. Another wicked idea suddenly comes to mind. I stared into the mirror until I was sure mom had caught my eyes looking at her. I smiled. She smiled back, albeit a bit nervously so. I slid my hand back, grasping Jacob’s cock.

“Want me to put it back inside my pussy baby? Want to feel my wet slippery cunt again?” I asked unnecessarily, the whole time making a waving motion towards mom. She got my meaning, but shook her head no.

“Oh yeah,” Jacob said, which at this point made more sense for him. Stuff me back in there,” he actually begged. “I want to fill your cunt with my prick Sin…and I want to cum inside you, fill you up until it flows back out of you again.”

I looked in the mirror, frowning at her. Once again waving my hand at her furiously. “I bet you would like to cum now wouldn’t you?” I teased. And you will baby, you will. But not inside me…on my ass. I want to feel your cum squirting all over my ass when you finally do cum. I waved again. Pleased when mom actually stepped much further into the room, making sure she came in quietly, straight up behind me, even slinking down a little. This was gutty, even for her.

“Ok, I’m going to put you inside me again,” I informed him, though my hand was nowhere near his dick. But I knew mom’s was when I felt her suddenly guiding Jacob’s cock back into my sweet slit, even playing with it a bit before pressing it in. I mouthed the words silently, seeing Jacob’s eyes grow large as I did. “That’s mom…not me.” I thought he was going to bust a nut right then and there, and damn near did too!

“Oh FUCK!” He cried out involuntarily, though unfortunately, his unexpected outburst scared mom away. She cautiously retreated back towards the doorway, disappearing for a moment before looking again. But I was pleased to see that she had completely removed her skirt and thong when she next reappeared. One hand spreading her lips apart. The other worked her clit much the same way I did, almost as though jacking it off as she stood there looking on. All this excitement and stimulation brings me to the very edge as well. And I knew I was easily capable of cumming at the drop of a hat.

“You ready baby? Are you ready to squirt that nice hot load all over my nasty sweet ass?”

“Fuck yes please!” He cried out, already feeling his dick swell even bigger if that was possible. I lifted up, forcing his prick to un-cunt me, and then spun around on him so fast that he had no time to react. “Eat me…make me cum with you,” I demanded, knowing that would keep him busy while I dared do this. I once again motioned towards mom. Seeing that Jacob was now otherwise occupied, she actually came walking back in again, now kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed, only a foot or so away from Jacob’s hard stiff cock as I began licking and sucking it.

I pointed it at her, grinning. She shook her head no. I licked it again, sucking it again, showing her the dribble of cum that suddenly oozed from the tip of his prick. He was only moments away now from spurting. I pointed it at her one more time, winking. And then mouthed the words.

“Do it!”

To my delight. She did.

I don’t think Jacob ever knew she had actually licked it. Though that’s all she did, quickly, and then backed off as I did. In moment’s Jacob’s cock lurched and he began spewing all over the place, most of which ended up between my breasts, though I was likewise in the throes of an orgasm myself due to his talented tongue on my clit. But even better, so was mom. The look in her eyes was so wild, so lustful and crazy, watching Jacob’s prick spanking my tits. She even reached out, smearing a bit of it over and around my breasts, licking off her fingers before crawling out backwards through the door again actually on her hands and knees.

It was nasty as fuck.


My turn – Chapter Nine

I was really starting to appreciate this alone time that mom and I had in the morning. It gave us a chance to chat, to recap events while they were still fresh, and certainly before she could start feeling even the least bit guilty about it. I knew for my part, I had to keep her from thinking like that, and thus keep it exciting, arousing even dangerous to some degree. I was beginning to understand my mother, better than she understood herself. We really, truly were far more alike than she obviously realized.

But I knew without any doubt whatsoever, it was the “danger” part that she found truly exciting, stimulating, even if it scared her a little. That…was a crucial aspect of the whole thing.

I came downstairs early again, not even bothering to put much of anything on, just a simple pair of skimpy bikini panties as I strolled into the kitchen, pouring myself a cup of coffee. It was obvious she was waiting for me, sitting at the kitchen table. Though the look in her eyes told me, she was definitely struggling with what had happened.

“You know you really should come dressed,” she told me looking up at me as I walked over, pulling a chair out at the table sitting down across from her. Boobs obviously on display though she again purposely averted her eyes.

“Why? Antony and Jacob have left already…just us girls,” I said smiling while sipping my coffee. Wondering as I did, what she was planning on telling me, and hoping that I could quickly deflect whatever reservations she obviously had.

“We need to talk.”

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