A refreshing beginning – 3

“A refreshing beginning” Part-3 Continues…..

“He did, yes. Told me that he was really happy for his dad, as much as he missed his mom, that seeing you two together, happy as you both seem to be, was the best possible outcome to all of this, save for the four of you still just being friends together anyway. But since he and I had gotten a bit more intimate, it made him wonder about what I might eventually look like when I’m your age. Because again…he finds you incredibly sexy too. A real MILF so to speak.”

“What’s a MILF?” Mom asked wide-eyed, her cheeks even redder in appearance now, her chest actually heaving up and down just a bit.

I giggled as though speaking confidentially to her, even lowering my voice as I told her as though someone might actually over hear us. “It means…a mother I’d like to fuck!” I let that one sink in for a moment, this time my hand down between my legs as though it had again wandered off there all by itself without me realizing it.

“He does? I mean…it does?” She corrected quickly. “And…and he said that while,”

“I was sucking his prick. Yes. I like being able to do that, don’t you? I remember you once telling me that being very candid and open with a person both mentally as well as physically can heighten and intensify the experience. Well that’s one of the things I really love about Jacob, and so love that you taught me to be like that with him in that way. Like this…it’s fun being able to express those feelings and emotions without any repercussions or judgment, that you can be that honest and open with another person, truly does feel liberating.

And more importantly, draws me closer to that person. Like it did with me and you,” I told her. “I mean, look at me mom, I’ve been sitting here touching myself without even realizing it half the time, and I don’t feel the least bit shy, or guilty or embarrassed about any of that. And I owe all that to you for raising me that way!”

“Yes, well…I’ve always believed that people should be able to discuss and talk about anything, especially family,” she added , trying to once again regain some composure here, though she immediately side-stepped back to the previous. “But I can’t imagine why Jacob would be wondering, or thinking about what I look like, I mean…after all Sin,” she said blushing again. “I’m eventually going to be his stepmother!”

“Eventually, and soon, yes. But it doesn’t take away the thought or even the desire of mom. I mean Jacob’s as curiously interested about you, as I am admittedly about Antony. Nothing wrong with wondering…or, if given the chance, actually seeing. I mean what’s the harm in that really?”

She was again speechless, though her almost vacant eyes weren’t looking at me, but at something inside her mind as she sat there. I set my own hook, and pulled on it just a little.

“I told him it had been a while since I’d actually seen you naked, trying to remember what you looked like as I described you to him, so he’d have something to imagine when he came.”

“Oh my god! You didn’t! I mean…he was, he was…”

“Thinking about you when I made him come? God I certainly hope so! I’d hate to think I went to all that effort for nothing when he blew that amazing load all over my face and tits. I swear mom…I’ve never seen anyone cum that much, or that hard…for that long before. I think telling him about you, describing you to him the way I did, really helped him to bust a terrific nut. And boy did he!”

Mom really was frazzled at this point, almost dazed, but there was no mistaking the look of arousal in her eyes upon hearing all this. “I…I just can’t believe you did that, or that he did.”

“Why not? Like I said, he thinks you’re hot too mom, and I agree with him. And besides, admittedly, I was picturing in my mind what it might look like when Antony was fucking you, and how good you said that felt, and how good in bed you said he was. Only normal that one would wonder about that. So that’s what I was thinking about when Jacob was going down on me too!”

I almost let out a cry of victory when I saw mom’s hand suddenly come up to rub herself between the legs, though she for sure had no idea she’d just actually done that. I couldn’t help wondering just how damp and heated she was now. It was the ideal time to reel her in.

“Mom?” I asked, sounding serious here as I drew her attention back to me, which was when she simultaneously realized what she’d been doing to herself, quickly, and embarrassedly removing her hand.

“Yes?” She said, sounding almost breathless.

“I do have one teeny-weeny favor to ask.”

“What?” She said totally off balance here. I grinned.

“Would you mind letting me see you naked? So I can actually tell him what you really do look like later on this evening, while I’m playing with that hard fucking cock of his? It would be a lot to me…to both of us, if you’d actually let me do that. And I promise I won’t say anything to him that you actually let me look at, I’ll just tell him that I happened to walk in on you while you were getting ready to take a bath. But at least that way, I can actually tell him, and hopefully get him as excited as he was last night. It really would mean a lot to me…please?”

There was a long pause as she actually sat there struggling with it. And then suddenly she stood up, pointing towards the door.

“Ok, but close AND lock the door…I don’t want anyone accidentally, or inadvertently walking in on us and thinking that anything else was going on here…ya know?”

I sprang up and off the bed as though I’d been shot out of a canon.

This was going ever better than I could have hoped for.

Mom’s naughty side – Chapter Seven

“I can’t believe you actually talked me into doing this,” she said as she hurriedly removed her clothes. I had actually known her answer even before she had pointed towards the door. I had seen the look in her eyes. The same one I had seen so many times in the photos.

The thing about mom was that she was so much like me whether she’d freely admit it or not. Once she was truly aroused, she was willing to do just about anything, at least once. So maybe this was that once. And maybe she’d never do anything like it again after she’d had some time to think about it. But at the moment at least, her Cooper hormones were firing on all cylinders. Finally she stood naked before me, though even then she was wavering just a bit as though maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. She was already having second thoughts, so I needed to act, and act quickly here. “Now what?”

“Well, for one… drop your hands so I can see your tits mom,” I said grinning at her. “And don’t be so damn nervous. It’s just us girls here. No reason to be shy or inhibited.

I’m just going to have a nice close look so I can describe you in exquisite detail for him while he’s fucking me,” I told her, wanting to implant the vision of that in her minds-eye, and get her special sauce juicing again. I heard a small involuntary moan upon saying that, though she finally did drop her hands away, revealing her large magnificent breasts. Sure, age had played a part in them hanging a lot heavier against her chest now, gravity helping out some. But regardless of that, mom really did have a great pair of boobs on her. Nice and full, heavy looking, and yet still firm enough to be erotically enticing.

But I actually found myself jealous of her nipples, much larger than my own, darker in color even, with very thick extended nipples that were now hard, almost thimble-sized in comparison to my own. I patted the end of the bed next to me. “Here, sit down before you fall down,” I laughed. Mom shook her head again as though she still couldn’t believe she was doing this, but sat down. The moment she did, I leaned in closer to her.

“What are you doing?” She asked leaning back and away from me some.

“What do you think I’m doing? I’m looking…closely. Why? What’d you think I was going to do? Suck one?”

Mom laughed nervously, obviously embarrassed again. “I don’t know…maybe.”

I laughed at that. “Not that I wasn’t considering it.” I told her.

“Maria!” She giggled out loud, feigning shock at my statement. “I am still your mother you know!”

“Yeah, and even if you are, you’re a damn hot and sexy looking mom. And though I haven’t really done anything with another woman yet…I’d have to say, I’d almost wish you’d be my first, if that were ever to happen…as sexy and as hot as you honestly look.”

That one caught her off guard. Again, I knew something about her that she certainly didn’t know I knew. And that was obviously, that mom had certainly enjoyed the intimacy of another woman. The photos of her and Jackie together certainly proved that. I did thumb one of her hard extended nipples before she could react to that however.

“How sensitive are yours anyway?” I asked, as though curious, not actually trying to stimulate her in any way, though I knew damn good and well that’s exactly what I was doing to her. I then thumbed one of my own, toying with it as she watched me. “Mine are pretty sensitive, I think I could even have an orgasm just playing with them.”

“I know what you mean, I can too,” she told me. “Especially when they’re both being sucked on.”

It was kind of hard passing that one up. So I looked at her. “Do tell!” Now she really did blush. And though I honestly believe she had screwed up here, she tried dodging that bullet anyway as she pushed her breasts together.

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