Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02

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“No!” Angela glared back at him, trying her resolve not to oogle his growing cock.

“Alright then, Angela. Have it your way,” The two men grabbed Angela’s shoulders. Angela couldn’t resist as they pushed her down to kneel on the floor. “This is really happening!” Angela thought again in her renewed panic as the two men held her down. She threw her shoulders to no avail as Michael approached, “I’m really going to get raped!!”

This was actually happening – Angela’s fantasies were invading reality, making her giddy with excitement and fear. She was shivering, the hot men surrounding her on all sides stroking their thick manhoods before her wide-open eyes. This wasn’t a dream. She breathed hard, their musk thick and heavy all around her.

Michael grabbed Angela’s chin and made her look at him. “Now Angela, you’re gonna be a good girl and suck all of us off. You’re gonna to do a good job, I can tell. And remember: good girls don’t even think about biting…” He grasped her jaw with just an ounce more of his strength, and Angela understood he meant it. He let her go easy, but she could still feel her cheeks tingling. “Alright Angela, take your pick.”

Angela looked around. The three men surrounded her, slowly stroking their cocks and pointing them at her pouting lips. They were getting hard, and Angela watched their veins bulge and their lengths swell as she looked and breathed on them. She hesitated – “I shouldn’t do this. I can’t do this! They’ll only want more…” she thought, but now her heart was beating fast again, and she found herself breathing deeper not for air, but to take in their musky, intoxicating scent. Angela’s pussy tingled. Her mouth watered.

“Don’t keep us waiting, Angela…” Michael warned. Angela looked back up at the foreman and then to his cock – Its magnificent head was already drooling in anticipation. She leaned forward slowly, glaring up at him, slowly opening her mouth. She had to do it, she tried to convince herself. She tasted his salty precum as his cockhead grazed her tongue. She closed her lips on the shaft.

She began to bob back and forth, taking his cock in a little deeper each time. She tried to keep glaring at Michael, to show him she hated every moment, but she felt her eyes rolling back a few times – was she enjoying this? “No!” she willed herself, and shot him a glare again. Soon she felt the head of his cock grazing the back of her throat each time she went down on him, and her lips were hardly halfway down his shaft…

“Mmmm, I knew you’d be good at this,” Michael moaned, not moving as Angela engulfed his cock – the gentleman that he was. “Don’t forget about the boys now – I’m sure they’d like to feel your little hands on them too.” Deep grunts approved on either side of Angela. She scowled at Michael as she lashed his cock with her tongue, but reached up and grabbed hold of their cocks, stroking slowly as she devoured the foreman.

It was difficult to pleasure three men at once. In her fantasies it was far easier – their hands tangling her hair and holding her shoulders, petting and stroking and encouraging her as she gulped down their hot pre-cum and licked their shafts. The reality proved harder, but the hardness of real men growing and pulsing in her hands and the heat of Michael’s cock sliding into her mouth was… better. Oh, much better. Angela’s eyes rolled back again, slurping along Michael’s length with abandon.

“Oooooh,” he groaned, “Now you’re getting into it! Uhhmmm, go get a taste of the boys before you’re guzzling my cum too, huh?” Angela let Michael’s cock go with a salivated *pop* and turned to a bullish member staring her in the face. Angela slid her tongue all along its length, taking hold of Michael’s glistening cock as she kissed the head. The man groaned above her, and she felt a splash of precum coat her tongue – he tasted different than the foreman, saltier and bitter, but she drank in the contrast.

Angela suddenly wanted to taste them all. She let the man’s cock go after only a few lunges, and it shivered like a plank of wood as she kissed the cockhead of the other man. A sweeter taste, and she loved how it dripped down her throat as she took him nearly all in. She turned from man to man, slurping and sucking, coming off their cocks to gasp some air before going back down again.

The men petted her – they groaned – they thrust their hips and forced their cocks deeper into her mouth. She felt their cocks become even more bloated and hard as they ground against her cheeks, and felt her pussy gush as precum roiled down her throat and over her hands. Their grunts, and especially Michael’s humming growls, filled the room. Angela’s fantasy was nothing – reality was better in every way, and she forgot herself, feeling their warm precum drooling down her lips and dripping onto her breasts…

She was gulping on Michael’s cock, jacking off the other men’s saliva-slick members when they had enough. Pulled her to her feet, the dazed girl was pressed upon by two sex-crazed men. Michael stepped back and let Angela groan there, her breasts pressed against the hard pecks of one man and her ass grinding along the other’s pulsing snake. Their slippery cocks rubbed along her wet slit and between her taut asscheeks. Angela moaned – she was in heaven.

Angela peeked over a broad shoulder to see Michael stroking his perfect, glistening cock. “Mmmm, I think Angela’s finally feeling up to her breeding, boys!”

Angela’s heart leapt into her throat. Like a doll the petite girl was thrown onto the bed, freshly made in her naivety just minutes ago. The two men were on her again, stroking their hard dicks over her thighs and belly. She couldn’t stop them – and Angela didn’t know if she wanted them to stop either. Her moist pink pussy was ready for him. For all of them.

One man straddled her, his thick manhood sawing up and down her slit – Angela groaned as she pushed against his chest, a futile effort to push the bullish man off. She felt him find his mark, the thick bulbous head of his manhood hitting catching along the edge of her tight entrance. Angela knew all it took was one thrust, one little motion of his hips, and she would be impaled on his stiff, bare member. Totally unprotected. She dug her fingernails into his chest, feeling him begin to slide in…

Then he rolled onto his back. Angela painted astride him, but gasped when she felt the hot and powerful muscles of the second man press along her back. “Ahh-AHH!!” Angela yelped as the man below her pulled her hips down. She felt his thick shaft pushing into her tight pussy, and felt the other hard cock sliding up along her taut spine. Angela nearly passed out, heart racing and mind spinning. The heat, the pressure, the reality of her fucking all began to sink in.

They began to fuck her. The man below lifted Angela’s shaking hips up before slamming her back down onto his thrusting member. The man behind rubbed his slimy cock up and down, from between her firm cheeks to the small of her back. They gave her no foreplay, no time to acclimate. Their pace raced into a hard beat, thrusting one after the other, and Angela’s helpless little squeaks filled the air.

“N-nooo, uhhh… Please sto – ughmmm!”

Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02 will continue in the next page.

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