Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02

But Angela’s pleas were betrayed by her lusty groans. Hard hands possessed her breasts from behind. The hot fingers slid over her nipples and pulled her back so her body ground against the man’s hard midsection. Angela looked down. Her pussy held fast to the thick veiny cock inside her. She watched the shaft emerge as he lifted her up, and yelped as he then forced her little pussy to take in every inch of his raging manhood. Neither man relented in his assault, only broadening their heavy strokes in and against her. Though she fought it, Angela felt her body quiver and give into their ruthless, powerful, unending fucking.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!” Angela wailed. Her pussy clamped down around the hard member inside her. Her cunt pulsed and pulled, tightening like a vice around his ever-thrusting cock. She could feel it pulsing inside her – strong and fast. Her cum oozed down her thighs, coating his already sopping member in a layer of hot grool.

“And that’s just the beginning, you know.” Angela gasped for air and opened her eyes. Michael towered over her, standing on the bed as she gazed at his cock, nearly level with her eyes. He took hold of her chin and lifted her head – she was too weak from her post-orgasmic shivering to do it herself.

“What… what do you m-mean – uhhh!” Angela gasped – the men still ground their cocks against and within her. She nearly couldn’t take it with her pussy stinging from the fucking and her growing arousal.

“Just the beginning of your breeding,” He stroked her blushing cheeks, “Oh Angela, don’t look so surprised – you knew this was coming from the start.”

“B-breeding!? But I didn’t – Ahhh!” Angela arched her back – The man behind her head pinched her nipples especially hard. Deliciously hard…

“Oh yes you did! I saw the way you were looking at me and my boys when you thought we weren’t looking. You wanted to get fucked by us. You were wet and ready before we even touched you. You say no, but your body wants to be bred…” Angela felt their hands all over her – petting her sweaty thighs, her heaving breasts, her flat belly…

“I… I’m not on the pill… I can’t get bored. I can’t get pregnant!” Her voice quavered, icy fear spilling into her hot waves of pleasure.

“Actually, that makes things much easier for us,” Michael said, looking down into Angela’s wide eyes as he stroked his turgid member, “You’ll be seeing how easy it is soon enough…”

Angela couldn’t respond. The man below lifted Angela’s shivering body off his cock, and the man behind her bent her forward. No sooner had she felt the thick manhood once buried in her pussy sliding against her mound than she felt the thick head of the man behind her thrusting into her. Immediately they renewed their assault, keeping Angela forced over, crying out like a cat in heat.

“Oh please– Ahhhh!!” Her mouth hung open, the intensity of another thick cock sinking into her washed over her, clouded her thoughts, smothered her fear.

“We’ll be taking good care of you, Angela,” She looked up, seeing Michael stroking his regal member above her. “And I am sure you’ll take good care of us…” He stroked the shaft over Angela’s cheeks before tapping the head on her upturned lips.

She didn’t think as she tilted her head up and took in his cock, or as the man behind her pounded harder and harder against her ass. She was too far gone, lost in a sea of ecstasy brought on by these three men taking her. Her pussy gripped onto the second man’s cock harder than before. She dug her fingernails into the hard chest of the man below her. She licked from the base of Michael’s long staff to its drooling tip, and relished the taste – the motion – the fucking.

“I’m being bred…” – Michael’s words hit home suddenly, shattering over Angela like a broken mirror. She could only think it over and over.

“I’m being bred…” – the man behind slammed into her roughly, a heavy hand seizing her shoulder as he sunk every inch of himself into her depths. She moaned loudly and thrust back.

“I’m being bred…” – the man below, his cock slick with her juices, thrusted incessantly across her trimmed mound and up to her navel, his cock and balls rubbing along her clit with every stroke. Angela humped down against him eagerly.

“I’m being bred.” – Michael slid his cock deep into her mouth, his manhood pulsing hard as he pumped his fertile precum down Angela’s throat. All her moans were muffled by his thick virile meat.

“I’m being bred!” The thought mixed both heart- stopping terror and quim-quivering excitement. She couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t help feeling so totally possessed, so completely feminine, so utterly controlled by these powerful men. She was theirs. She was their breeding toy.

Angela felt the men surrounding her, their hard muscled bodies taking her, fucking her, using her. She was in heat, and needed to be bred. The familiar tightness seized her belly, and with a shudder that coursed throughout she came again, her fertile pussy clutching tight. Her gargled and muffled scream sound from around Michael’s cock buried in her throat.

“Mmm! Yeah, you’re getting into it now, aren’t ya?” Michael laughed and pulled his cock from her. Angela slumped over, gasping for air, still coming down from her powerful orgasm. The two other men stopped as well. Angela huffed as the man pulled his cock out of her hungry pussy, and sighed weakly as the man below her rolled her over onto her back. She saw Michael kneel down above her head, the underside of his still-hard cock filling her vision. He tapped the head thoughtfully on her pink lips.

“So,” he said, “How are you liking it so far?”

“Please,” Angela’s heart raced as she regained her senses, “Please… Please just stop, Michael…” Her eyes were turned up to his. She tried to convince him despite the orgasmic shivers still running through her.

“Stop? But you don’t want us to stop.” The other men were alongside her now, petting their hands down her heaving breasts and flat tummy. Angela couldn’t deny that it felt good, but she sipped in a breath of air to stop herself from moaning.

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