Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02

Michael’s teeth found her neck then, a beast claiming his mate. Angela went wild, her mind focused on nothing but the need to breed, to be bred by this powerful man, this Alpha among lesser men. He thrust ferociously, the smucking and quelching of his rival’s cum being pumped out of Angela’s hole filled the room, smacking her ass with his punishing blows. His body tensed along her back. His balls tightened. Angela screamed.

“Take me! BREED ME!!” Angela exploded with pleasure, her pussy closing like a vice around Michael’s sunken member, holding him in as she came. He roared into her neck, biting down hard as he buried himself into her fertile cunt. He erupted inside her – a horde of virile sperm blasting against the gates of her womb. Angela’s whole body quaked under his as she felt his thick sticky ropes lancing inside her, his heavy balls jerking against her as they injected their fertilizing load.

Angela flashed to images of cum splashing inside her womb, the other men’s cum easily overwhelmed by his superior forces. They fought each other deep inside her womb, spiraling towards her great prize suspended within her warm depths. They surrounded her egg, the Alpha sperm easily covering its whole surface in a carpet of wiggling tails and pushing heads. Angela felt a twinge in her orgasmic belly as one of those sperm disappeared inside her fertile egg…

She was brought back to the moment feeling Michael thrust into her again, planting the last of his semen into the orgasmic girl. Angela’s orgasm continued even as he ebbed, though he still rutted inside her, injecting his sperm deep in a pool against her pulsing cervix. Angela’s vision ended there, her mind awash in a sea of pleasure as her pussy milked his cock till the last drops oozed into her bare pink depths.

Finally, Michael let up. Keeping his still-hard member planted deep inside her, he held all of his own cum deep within her quivering body while the other cum stained uselessly into Angela’s sheets. He remained inside and atop her as her orgasm gave way to a completely satisfied afterglow growing in her chest and behind her eyes.

“Hmm hmm hmm…” Michael’s deep humming vibrated against her back, “I think this one has made us proud, right boys?” They chuckled in agreement, and Angela could only let out a tired giggle, her head flopping down onto the bed. She was smiling ear to ear, exhilaration still running through her veins.

“So Angela,” Michael said, kissing her neck gently where his teeth marked her as his own.

“Yes Michael?” She replied dreamily, looking forward to the sleep about to wash over her.

“Are you ready for your Second breeding?”


The sun peeked through the half-closed curtains of the bare bedroom, casting its rays over the prone and sweaty form of Angela half wrapped in a tangle of sheets. She slept soundly, reluctant to awaken from such peaceful dreams. Moving her legs across the mattress let her feel the cool moist patches where the night’s activities had spilled over.

“Mmm, I remember now…” Angela cracked her eyes open. She hadn’t installed a clock in the room yet, but judging from outside it was just past eight with the sun lighting up the normally quiet world. Sitting up she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as best she could.

“Ooooh, and I remember this very well…” She ran her hand down her naked front to her pussy where semen crusted on her still-moist lips and inner thighs, as well as just about everywhere else on her. Slipping a finger inside, she found some of it still moist. Angela smiled and put on one of her robes – “A shower can wait till later…”

What she didn’t find were the movers. Their clothes were gone as well as any trace of their presence, save for the cum-stained bed and her heavily inseminated body. Her bare feet slapped along the hardwood floor as she stepped out of her room. She pulled the rope tightly around herself to guard against the cold.

“That’s just great – the breed ’em and leave ’em type… Typical.”

Angela glanced down, seeing her favorite rabbit toy lying unused in its box. “At least you got to take a break for the day.” When she raised her eyes again, she saw a card lying on the table. Striding forward, she grabbed it and read the moving company’s logo and phone number. She turned it over and read:

Thanks for the fun last night. Call again anytime, Angela.


Angela smiled. She knew she wouldn’t be needing a boyfriend anytime soon, since she already had three to keep her lusts and pussy well satisfied. She stood for a moment, wondering if her vision last night was prophetic as she opened her loose fitting robe. Her belly was no different, a flat plain that could soon be sporting a growing hill. Ordering the morning-after pill wouldn’t be so hard, she thought…

She strode to the counter and picked up her phone, beginning to dial the number on the card – Angela felt that some major redecorating was going to be done in her life in the next couple of weeks, and it required lots of heavy-lifting!

The End

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