Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02

“You’ve had your fun. Just… just finish and go away,” Angela’s pride hurt, ashamed of her lustful thoughts, but she wouldn’t be defeated. Her pussy was sore, her nipples were almost painfully hard, and her ass was red from all the pounding. Her pale skin was covered in beads of sweat, just like the bronze-tanned men surrounding her. But she wanted it to be over, no matter how much her body screamed for more.

“The fun’s just beginning, especially for you Angela,” Michael said with a growing smile. She felt the man on her left move aside, and she was rolled over onto her stomach by the other. The man moved behind her and pulled her to her knees, bringing her ass up to meet his hard cock. Angela pushed herself up with her arms, but she couldn’t escape the man’s grip on her hips.

“Get a condom,” she tried to command, but only heard a deep chuckle behind her.

“He doesn’t like condoms,” Michael said, “Besides, they make breedings that much more difficult.”

“Put on a condom!” Angela felt him lining himself up with her still-wet entrance despite her frail struggle.

“Looks like you’re getting a bare cock tonight, Angela,” Michael laughed as he watched her look frantically over her shoulder.

“No,” Angela felt him push in, “Nooo! Nuhhhh!” The man wasted no time in sinking deep into her and pounding hard and deep. Pleasure lanced through Angela’s fears, but Michael fanned them back to life.

“Mmmm, can’t resist that for long, can you? Getting barebacked by a big strong guy. I bet he’s already filling your tight little pussy with sperm as we speak.” Angela could feel her pussy getting even slicker, and his cock was pulsing as it plunged deep inside her.

“Make –make him pull out!” Angela threw her head back and moaned aloud as her pussy spasmed along his length.

“Oh he will, Angela, but I think he’ll be doing that after he’s done filling you with spunk,” The man tugged on her wild brunette hair, keeping Angela arched and moaning louder as he thrust even harder into her.

“I- I can’t – Ahhh!” Angela arm’s shook, his hard thrusts creaking the bed. Michael grabbed her shoulders, leaning in closer as he kept her steady.

“Can’t get pregnant right now? You know better …” Angela did know. It was in fact the most dangerous time in her cycle, the time when she was usually most cautious and the most easily aroused…


“I bet you’re even gonna feel it when he cums inside you, Angela! Every throb, every gush, deep inside where it belongs,” The man fucking Angela picked up his pace. Angela screamed. She could feel the change in him, his cock pumping furiously into her and twitching madly. His heavy balls drew up, preparing their dangerous load.

Angela panicked, “NO! Don’t cum in me – don’t cum in me!! Please don’t give me a, a – AHH!”

The man plowed into Angela’s pussy then – her pleas only served to fuel the man’s breeding drive. He filled the room with the sounds of his harsh grunting and the protests of the bed, topped off with Angela’s cries. Angela could tell he was close – his bullish member pounded furiously into her depths, twitching harder and harder. He held her hips in a vice.

“Oooh, getting close are we?” Michael said, “Getting excited about getting inseminated, hmm?” Angela’s flushed breasts shivered and heaved. Pussy juice ran down her legs. She couldn’t catch her breath. Her pussy began to flutter as sperm-heavy balls threatened her with every stroke.

“Ahh god – No! Dont cum in me!”

The man’s constant grunting rose in pitch – then broke into a bellow. He slammed into her quivering pussy. Deep. And held. His member erupted inside her, belching its hot thick load into her depths.

Angela gave in. She couldn’t help herself. Her body seized. Her pussy spasmed. And she felt his hard cock throbbing inside her. His balls lurched against her clit as he came, hot spurts of semen pouring into Angela’s milking cunt. She felt every heavy twitch, every hot blast of cum ejaculating into her bare pink depths.

“AHHH!!” Angela arched her back and thrust herself back onto his cock – she came like a bitch in heat. Her whole body quaked at the sensation – the heat, the thickness, the dangerous wetness filling her vulnerable pussy to the brim.

Angela felt herself being bred – and she loved it. She loved the way he groaned and jerked his cock inside her, forcing her hips to stay still as he deposited the last of his load into her quivering pussy. Angela watched the other two stroking themselves through her post-orgasmic haze. They all desired her, she felt it all along. Now she felt it coating her womb…

All too soon, however, the man behind her stirred, and his softening cock slipped out of her gripping pussy. “Nooooo…” Angela mewled weakly and tried to push back onto him, her orgasm not quite finished, but it was too late – the man’s flaccid cock slithered out of her and he moved aside.

Angela’s legs gave out. She slid down to the bed, onto her belly. She was hyperventilating, her heart was racing from the threat. Angela could feel it – thick, warm cum spilled from her pussy, dripping onto her fresh sheets. From her pussy – her unprotected pussy. The horror of her insemination seized her.

“Oh God! He came to me! I – I have to do something!” Angela thought of leaping from them, to somehow get away from these men before the damage was done inside her all-too fertile belly. The warm semen seeped down her leg as she remained shivering on the bed. “I can’t get pregnant from this!!”

“Where do you think you’re going, Angela?” Angela had begun to pull herself across the bed – too weak from her orgasm to crawl. Michael laughed, as he just lightly grabbed her hips and her escape ceased. “I can feel you shivering still,” he said, fingering her hips, “You must have enjoyed your very first insemination, huh?”

“Ughh… N-no… I got to… go…” Angela tried to creep away again, but he drugged her back to the center of the bed like a wayward kitten.

“Go? Where?”

“Shower… must get… it out,” she felt it inside her, sloshing about with her labored movements.

“That’s not going to do you much good, not with the fun just getting underway and all…”

Angela looked back, realizing that two eager men hadn’t yet had their ‘fill’. She redoubled her efforts to squirm out of Michael’s grip, but it was no use. Like a doll, Angela was flipped onto her back with legs splayed out. Michael stepped aside as the other moving man mounted her, plowing his stocky member along her creamy slit.

“Ugh, please!” Angela bucked her hips weakly, but the man wouldn’t relent, “Don’t! I don’t want to get pregnant!!” She wailed, even as her pussy quivered along his shaft. It knew what it wanted.

Michael smirked, having stepped aside the bed to get a view of the second mounting. “You know Angela, as convincing as you sound right now, you sure don’t show it when you’re getting fucked,” The man began to push the bulbous head of his cock into Angela’s tight pussy. A moan escaped her lips before she could stop herself.

“See? You can’t lie, Angela. You like it. You like how good it felt before, being bred from behind, having him cum deep inside you. Risking everything. You wanted it then, and you want it now – even more than before.”

“AHH!” The man thrust into her. Deep. The thick viscous cum still coated her tight inner walls, and his hard cock packed the gooey semen inside her – stretching her and mixing that dangerously hot cum all at the same time. She had never felt anything like it before.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh…” She started to feel it again, that buildup inside, radiating from her hot pussy and up through her belly. Only it was quicker this time, with this new sensation roiling inside her receptive pussy. The brute atop her slammed harder and harder, quaking the bed and grunting like a wildman. He pounded Angela’s hips into the mattress like a stake into the ground.

Angela, trapped between the man’s thick arms and under his musky girth, could only wait for the inevitable. But she did not wait. Her hips bucked back, at first just a little. Then more. And more. Angela began to meet his thrusts halfway, relishing the impact, the pressure, the feeling of being overwhelmed by his power.

“I can’t believe I’m getting fucked like this…” She gripped his arms, her pale hands small on him, bracing herself against his thrusts and her impending climax. She mewled and grunted, her little feminine noises eclipsed by his deep masculine grunts above her. Her tits shivered, their nipples erect and hard. Her pussy endured the deep impacts, softened by the dangerous cum being packed ever deeper inside her. And Angela had only a single thought:

“I can’t believe I like this!”

Michael was right. She felt herself getting close again. She felt his arms tensing under her fingers, his thrusts becoming ridged and wild. His grunts became bellows, his balls slapping her sensitive cunt. Angela knew she made him wild. She knew her body was too much for him. She knew she was pushing him over the edge.

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