Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02

She knew it, and began to cum because of it.

“I-I’m cumm-AHHH!!” Angela arched her back and screamed as her orgasm crashed over her.

Angela felt his cock pulse – her clamping pussy felt strings of spunk shooting off deep into her, no doubt seeping into her womb. He rutted, gushing his hot spunk into her receptive hole, not pulling out, not caring about protection at all. And Angela wrapped her legs around him as her orgasmic cunt milked him for every drop.

Angela was still quivering and panting when the man finally pulled out of her. He left a trail of semen in his wake, clinging to her reddened and slimy pussy lips.

“Ohhhh god…” Angela groaned as her legs dropped from him, too exhausted to even lift them. Lying there she tried to catch her breath. Her pussy tingled from where the man had been slamming himself into her, and she felt she was burning despite all the sweat clinging to her naked body. Her pussy felt as though it was filled with liquid fire.

“Must be all their cum in me…” Angela thought, feeling it shifting and oozing as she ground herself into the bed.


Michael chuckled behind her. “Still haven’t had enough, Angela? Looks like you want more inside you.”

“I… uhhh…” Angela shivered as a dollop of sperm emerged from her fucked hole and drooled over her clit. “I can’t… take anymore…”

“Oh, I’m going to make sure you can,” He rolled the limp girl onto her belly. Cum sloshed heavily inside her. Michael spread her still-sensitive ass, looking at her fiery pussy. “Hmmm, yeah, you’re pretty full aren’t you? Must like the feeling of all that cum working its way inside you, huh?”

Angela stopped her grinding against the bed. It was dangerous for her to stay with cum soaking deeper and deeper into her too-fertile womb, but she didn’t move. She couldn’t move. Or rather, she wouldn’t move. Nor reply to Michael.

“Not quite convinced about liking your breeding yet?” Michael asked. Angela felt him grip her waist and roll her over again. Now on her back, Angela saw the men looking down at her – two relaxed and satisfied, and one with burning eyes. “Just look at yourself, Angela.”

She complied. With difficulty, Angela lifted her head and surveyed her splayed, tired body. Her breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths, her pink nipples jutted from her flushed breasts. Glistening sweat painted all across her chest and belly, and between her spread legs her mound’s trimmed hair was matted with sweat and semen.

Angela didn’t have to see her pussy to know it was utterly drenched with cum, or to know that her pussy lips were openly inviting more –Her desire surged between her legs, and she was getting hot again with Michael between her legs.

“He is right… I do want this…” Her eyes found Michael’s, his regal cock held firm in his slow-stroking hand. Angela looked up into the eyes of the foreman she once despised, and spread her legs wider for him.

“Finally!” The foreman exclaimed, praising the helpless woman while grabbing her hips again, “Took you long enough to come around.” He drugged her towards him on the bed. With his knees he spread her legs further and planted his arms like stakes on either side. Angela breathed harder as her eyes followed him mounting her.

He stroked his great member down her mound, the precum trailing to her whitewashed pussy. He brushed his cock up and down her gooey slit – she moaned softly, heart pounding so fast in her chest, not from fear but from want.

The head of Michael’s cock caught the entrance of her saturated pussy. The tip slipped in. With a gasp Angela gripped either side of his chest, her body forgetting how tired it was. He looked down on her, into her upturned eyes, and with a triumphant smirk he thrust himself completely in.

Angela’s pussy already overflowed with cum. It had been slowly trickling down her ass ever since Michael turned her onto her back, though most had remained spreading inside her belly.

But as the foreman thrust himself into her, the sea of spunk inside her squelched and gushed out of her tight hole around his invading member that reached further than the others. There was no room for the other men’s inferior cum. As he bottomed out inside her, their loads flooded over her pussy lips like an overfilled cup. He began pumping the remains of his competition out of Angela’s saturated pussy in broad, filling strokes.

“Mmmmhh!” Angela tried to move her hips to meet his thrusts, but he was too strong – her rocking pussy was pinned to the bed every time he plowed into her. But the sensation was too much for Angela – the loud smucking and sucking slurping from her pussy, the sounds of his magnificent cock stunting its competitor’s chances as their cum oozed hotly and uselessly down her pussy lips, made her moan like nothing before.

He was taking her for himself, Angela realized, this man mounting her so forcefully, his build dominating her small frame. He jutted his hips like a piston, a machine built for one purpose, the purpose now being fulfilled inside Angela’s gripping, slopping cunt. The other men looked on as their leader took her body, and Angela looked into the fiery eyes that were taking her mind.

“Oh God Michael!” She cried with abandon, her heart fluttering, “Yes!” Angela bucked against him, but was pounded into the bed with a slam. Her clit screamed with delight.

He growled above her, grinding his pelvis into hers. He palmed one of Angela’s heaving tits, fingers gripping her taut flesh that soon might swell with milk. He took her nipple between his fingers, tweaking and pulling the hard pink nub as if to illustrate this dangerous possibility to the squirming woman below him.

“Yes!” Angela arched her back, pressing her breasts into his possessing hand as much as she could. She gasped as he pinched the sensitive nub hard. It made Angela hot – hot to think that he was taking her body for that one purpose, to plant his seed deep and watch it grow…

“Ughhhh!” Angela didn’t want to get pregnant, but she couldn’t help herself – she was turned on by the idea of this man cumming deep inside her fertile cunt. Impregnating her. No – Breeding her.

Michael, face dripping with sweat from his hard beat, growled above her. “I’m gonna breed you tonight, Angela.” It wasn’t a question, Angela knew. It was a fact.

At that moment, Angela wouldn’t resist herself any longer. They wouldn’t let her plead or beg or escape – they all wanted her, so they all took her like Michael was taking her now. They took her like animals, like she was an animal. An animal in heat, an animal to breed. Angela knew that she was their plaything, their pet, their bitch in heat.

“Ahhh! Fuck me harder, Michael!” Angela screamed, as if her whole body had been waiting all night to say it, “Fucking breed me!!”

RAAHH!” Michael moved faster than Angela could imagine – he pulled out of her sopping cunt and threw her onto her belly. In an instant he mounted her cunt from behind, slamming against her deliciously sore ass. Angela gasped lustily and tried to rise to her knees, but only got halfway there.

“Ah, ah, ah – AHH!” Angela couldn’t get up – he held her down with his weight, his toned muscles working along her slick back as he fucked her faster and harder. Every thrust pushed her down, inch by inch, down till her belly ground into the silky sheets and her hips were pinned to the cum-soaked mattress.

His hot breath billowed into her ear and down her neck. His taunts were lost in his wolfish growls. He seized her wrists and held them in one hand pinned above her head. His chest pressed her hard, mashing her breasts into the silky sheets with every lunge. He even trapped her legs, having spread them apart to open her pussy up even further to his assault.

Graph! Scream for your breeding, Angela!” Michael barked.

“Oh god – oh god – ohhh go-AHHH!” Angela lifted her head from the bed in her cry, the only part of herself she could move.

Angela Martin made it to her breeding season – 02 will continue in the next page.

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