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She told Dee that she would not help her cheat on her husband and warned her if she carried on, it would ruin her marriage and Frank would leave her. Although she had laughed at the slippers comment at the Christmas party, Frank did not laugh back, he was deadly serious. Dee told her it was only intended to be the one-time thing. It was good but she wasn’t going to risk it anymore. And if Harold’s wife found out she would divorce him. So, he wasn’t keen for a rerun either. It appears Harold’s father-in-law was distrustful of Harold and there was a prenuptial agreement.

Things settled down in the house for a few months. One lunchtime I had gone to the local newsagents and got a car magazine and went into a coffee shop to have a quick read away from the noise of the office when I saw one of the young lads from our office, Martin, come in with one of the ladies from sales.

She was a bit older than him and looked good. He was a good-looking lad himself but had always thought him a bit naive. They got their drinks and sat in the booth behind me. I heard her apologize for the mix up at the weekend, but her husband had got suspicious, and she had had to call off the Saturday night.

She told him there would be no late night working for a while. She said how careful she had to be about the clothes she wore and her time with him. She told him her husband picked up on the clothes she wore to work, and that she felt guilty, so she was having more sex with her husband to put him off. It wasn’t very good with her husband. Martin was better, he filled her needs better than her husband ever did.

I bumped into Martin when he was alone by the printer, well I made a point of it. I told him what I’d heard. I warned him to be careful, but it was none of my business. He told me that she told him her husband was abusive and she couldn’t leave him because of the children.

Once I started the conversation, he went on about the problems they had getting together and what they did to hide their meeting from the husband. He let it all out, it was almost as if he was glad to get it off his chest, he had to keep it under his hat with his workmates, but as I had found out it didn’t matter. I warned him that although the company didn’t care as long as it didn’t affect their work, if the husband found out it would cause shit to hit the fan. It gave me a sort of cheater’s guide.

I started getting worried when I saw Shellie ‘s phone. It had Dee’s icon but not the annoying frog sound. Why had she changed it? After my chat with Martin I was forewarned what to look for. I watched how she dressed, made up, everything. Nothing changed in fact there was no variation.

Always the same style of skirt and the same set of blouses. Similar shoes. In the past it changed with the weather, but now it was studiously all the same. She was never late from work without a phone call. When she did go out with the girls from the office she never stayed late and often asked me to pick her up. That was something I generally offered to do but this time she made sure I did it. This had been going on for the last five weeks or so. Something wasn’t right. However the sex was good, that was another worrying thing. Although I wasn’t complaining too much about that.

I tried to look at her phone, but she had changed her passcode. I asked her about that, she told me somebody at work had seen her put hers in, so she changed it and forgot to tell me. She told me there and then what it was. It would be too suspicious to check her phone in front of her. She often left it on charge overnight, so that was when I checked it. Nothing obvious.

The hairs were standing up on the back of my neck, it got worse at their bank summer BBQ. Frank wasn’t there, he was off playing golf for the weekend. So, Dee hung around with us all the time. I had decided that we would get a taxi home, so I appeared to drink a bit more than normal and spent a lot of time going to the toilet. I got them to think I was a little drunk so they would let their guard down. It worked.

I went to get more drinks, there was no queue at the bar, so I was back much quicker than I had been before. When I went back Shellie and Dee had moved to a quiet section of the garden. Why did they do that? As I walked up quietly behind them they were looking at Harold and I heard Dee say.

“Look it’s all arranged, it’s foolproof you can’t get caught. We’ve put everything in place, care with dressing and timings, and from what you tell me the sex side as well. I have even got you down for the symposium, the fact you won’t turn up and I will make an excuse for you is simple. I have arranged the travel and I have booked a room in the symposium hotel under your name in case Rob checks. Anyway, it’s only the once.”

“I’m still not sure. I will know and Rob will see the guilt.”

“You can’t get caught, what’s the harm? Just give him lots of sex, men are easy.”

“I still don’t know if I want to take the risk?”

“Shuss, he’ll be back soon, we can talk about it at work. When I get the real hotel details I will tell you, remember nothing electronic.”

There were no names, and they could have been talking about almost anything, but after what I’d seen I guessed it was an assignation with Harold. I just had to wait.

After the taxi dropped Dee home and carried on to our place I said to Shellie. “I saw you looking at Harold. If I find his slippers have been anywhere near a bed you have slept in, I will leave you. As I said I would just be gone.”

All of a sudden, I wasn’t so drunk. She looked at me. She knew exactly what I meant. She didn’t say anything. Just looked out of the window.

I showed her I was pleased for her when she came home telling me about the symposium she would attend representing the bank. When I asked her what the symposium was about as she seemed a bit flustered, ‘Banking in the 2030s’. That sounded made-up. Anyway, I sounded enthusiastic just in case my thinking was wrong and there was nothing going on.

I checked, there was such a symposium and in the hotel she told me. So why was she flustered?

The symposium was on a Friday but to save the nightmare drive early on Friday she was going down Thursday afternoon and staying in the hotel that the symposium was being held in. At least that was the plan I was told. And with the traffic in the area on a Friday morning it was the logical thing to do. But I think the room in that hotel would remain unused whilst Shellie met Harold elsewhere. To hook up with him in the same hotel as a lot of banking people, some of which she worked with would be stupid, and neither her nor Dee were that.

We rarely spent time apart so I suggested I accompany her and we could stay over for the weekend at the hotel, make a break of it, we had done that in the past once or twice. She got all flustered at that and said she’d be tired after the symposium and would want to be at home with her husband and in her own bed with him.

The assignment hotel couldn’t be too far away as she still had to be at the symposium by eight o’clock, if she actually went. So, I started looking for reasonable hotels not far from the symposium. Bugger. There were quite a few.

I still wasn’t certain this was an assignation and I had decided Shellie needed to make her own decisions whether to destroy our marriage or not, she’d had enough warnings.

I loved her and I would give her one last chance and then see how she intended to rebuild the trust. I felt she was being led by Dee, and again I had warned her about that.

Then a week before the symposium something aroused my suspicions even more. The Bank had an office party in a local watering hole to celebrate a new contract. I offered to pick them up when they finished, as I normally do. It would have looked odd if they refused my offer. They did try but not very hard. I had insisted.

I got there early and stood quietly in the corner, there was music and some dancing. I saw Harold lead Shellie on to the dance floor and halfway through the song into a corner, she appeared to stagger. I got my phone out. I had a look around, I don’t think anyone was paying any attention to them, well Dee was watching, but she was the only one I could see. Then I saw it, Harold copped a feel of Shellie’s right boob. I expected a good slap, but nothing happened. I took photos. Then they kissed, it wasn’t a passionate kiss, just lips touching, I got that on photo as well.

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