A confession about interesting hotel experience – 01

Another in the ‘Hotel Confrontation’ series – A confession about interesting hotel experience. This comes in 2 parts and this is a confrontation story and do not expect much. This is for readers who want to know what’s the reason.

A couple in their early 40s followed my wife and her boyfriend, not her lover, yet, into the hotel. That was lucky for me, I followed them in. I would be hidden from my wife and her boyfriend. I thought back to what the receptionist had said when I chatted to her earlier.

My wife, Shellie and her prospective lover, Harold were both carrying small bags each and he had his arm around her waist, they were smartly dressed trying to look like a married couple. Although she seems to want to pull away from him. Shellie seemed to be looking up into the big mirror behind the reception desk.

However, the couple behind them were different, the man had a large suitcase and an armful of dress and suit bags. She had a small overnight bag and they were dressed in practical traveling clothes but looked like they had enough luggage for a good weekend. They were married.

I managed to get a few photographs of my wife and Harold in the mirror.

I watched as Harold did the business of booking in. The receptionist looked at me, I nodded, she smiled back at me. I think she was enjoying herself. I could just see what was going on. I heard some cursing. I saw Shellie pull away from Harold and as she turned away from him. The receptionist said something to her which made her stop, and the receptionist handed my wife the envelope I had given her.

After a while the couple in front of me looked at one another and there was unspoken communication between them, and the gentleman gave a loud ‘harrumph’. Then things seemed to happen, my wife rushed out the door dragging her little suitcase with her. The receptionist passed over the other envelope I had given her to Harold.

With that I turned and walked towards the door.

Well, here is the story of how we got here and what happened afterwards.

It started at my wife Shellie’s Christmas company party. We were there with her friend Dee and her husband Frank. I didn’t particularly like Dee, but Frank was okay. We’d chat, he seemed all right, but we had nothing in common. He played golf and cricket. My main interests were old cars, DIY and gardening. Dee and Shellie have known each other since senior school. They managed to get a job in the same bank but on the commercial side, not the public side.

Frank and I were returning with drinks, I got just behind Shellie when I heard her say. “I wouldn’t mind his slippers by my bed.”

I looked across the room and they were looking at Harold Gault. He started in the bank a couple of months ago. Initially that was all the girls could talk about. He was certainly good looking, just over six foot, about 12 stone, blond wavy hair nicely styled, he had a bit of the Greek Adonis thing going on. He was talking to the Bank’s bosses, he looked comfortable, confident even though he was the same level as Shellie and Dee. There was a pretty young blonde standing beside him, he had his arm around her waist.

I had talked to him in the past, he had a certain confidence, bordering on arrogance. It was like with Frank, he seemed okay, but we had nothing in common.

“What’s wrong with my slippers by your bed then?” I asked.

Frank spoke up. “And I’m not sure the blonde he’s with would like him putting his slippers beside your bed, who is she?”

Dee piped up. “That’s his wife, Mary, they’ve been married five years and have a little boy, Phillp, two, I think. She’s got a bit of a problem.” She seemed to know quite a lot but didn’t expand on the ‘problem’.

I looked at Shellie and I had my unhappy face on. In a serious tone of voice, I said. “If you want somebody else’s slippers by your bed, divorce me first.” With that I walked away to the toilet.

I didn’t need to go to the toilet, I was just showing my displeasure.

When I got back Shellie apologized. “It’s just a saying sweetheart, I wouldn’t cheat on you.”

“If I find his or anyone else’s slippers have been anywhere near a bed you’ve been in, I will divorce you.”

Dee looked at me. “Rob, don’t be like that.”

Shellie looked down. “I wouldn’t do that to you sweetheart, I love you.” She took a sip of a drink then looked down into her lap and looked all contrite.

Dee giggled. “I’m sure Rob would forgive you for a slip up.”

I glared at Dee, she saw it and I just said “Ppft.”

Frank said pretty much the same thing to Dee, but her response was completely different. She laughed at Frank and said. “You wouldn’t divorce me sweetheart, you love me too much, you’d forgive me for one ‘mistake’ wouldn’t you?”

I had never heard Frank swear. “Don’t fucking try it, you might not like the result.”

A flash passed across Dee’s face, then she slapped Frank playfully on the arm and said. “I won’t, but you still wouldn’t divorce me, you love me.”

I don’t know Frank well, but from his demeanor, I hope she doesn’t make a ‘mistake’.

That was when I realized why I didn’t like her, she took everybody, including her husband who obviously loved her, for granted.

The conversation bothered me a little bit. Shellie tended to follow what Dee did, not all the time, but enough to concern me. I told Shellie I was unhappy with her following Dee’s sometimes dubious advice. I told her she had a mind of her own, but Dee seemed to have a way of persuading her. I had warned about it, to be her own woman.

Things seemed to calm down a bit after that although I did notice both Dee and Shellie kept on stealing glances at Harold. But Dee’s face had a look of lust. She even went and asked Harold for a dance when Frank popped to the loo. It would look like Harold asked Dee, and it was a slow one.

As it was Shellie’s company party, I drove. She drove when it was my company’s function. We shared things like that. We dropped Dee and Frank off at their house and carried on home. The rest of our journey was very cold and quiet.

I said in a quiet voice “I think Dee is going to try and have an affair with Harold, that’ll show disrespect to her marriage and to Harold’s wife. If you help her, I will have serious doubts about our marriage and future, because it shows the same disrespect.” She didn’t answer me.

Things got better over the weekend and returned to not such an icy stage. There were several text messages to Shellie from Dee, she had a special message tone. It was that giggling frog thing. When we went to bed on Saturday night I dug through the bottom of my wardrobe and found an old pair of slippers. I purposely placed them on her side of the bed, she saw the joke and the hint. She laughed then we made love.

Things returned to normal after that, but I kept an eye on things, how she dressed. What time she got in. I did the things I knew she liked to show her I loved her and to show her what she would be missing if she cheated or helped a cheater. There was no more said about Harold.

I wasn’t worried so much about her cheating but helping Dee cheat. I would remind her in subtle ways every now and again about the results if I found her helping Dee cheat on Frank. I pointed out how celebrities seem to get married and divorced with no regard and hold the value of their vows cheap. I told her stories I’d heard and some that I’d made up about husbands or wives finding their partners cheating and let her know that if she ever did that, I would leave her, I would disappear. I would just be gone.

I was out with the lads from work, not a place we usually frequent but one of the lads fancied the barmaid. I saw Dee and she was with Harold, they looked very cozy. I told Shellie about it when I got home. She quickly pointed out that they worked together. I had taken a photo. I showed it to Shellie. You don’t go to pubs at 10 at night dressed like Dee if it was for work, she came back instantly that they were friends as well, almost as if she had pre planned answers.

“And does Frank know about this ‘friendship’; or is he away playing golf?” I knew he often went away on golfing weekends.

A confession about interesting hotel experience – 01 will continue in the next page.

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