A confession about interesting hotel experience – 03

A confession about interesting hotel experience – 03 continues….

“Yes, I’m sure, he parked it there because he doesn’t want it to be seen by anyone.”

That was a Merc EQB SUV, a £50,000 car. How did he afford that on his wages, his salary must be about the same as Shellie’s’. I wondered if his wife had money, or was it family money?

Never mind, I had things to do.

I looked at Shellie and said. “Don’t you dare phone him.” She quickly reached into her handbag and gave me her phone. Was that because she didn’t trust herself? Or wanted to show me she was apologetic? I put it in my pocket, I had other things to do.

I went to the back of my Land Rover and got out some tools. I’ve got a Land Rover, you’ve got to carry tools. I paused a little while while I sent a pre prepared email from my phone. I made my way to the back of his car, just in case there’s any CCTV cameras working. Not that it bothered me, I’d just get probation or a fine for criminal damage.

My snips cut all the tyre valves off and the Stanley knife left a slash in each tyre sidewall. They were run flats, they wouldn’t go down, but the car wouldn’t be safe to drive and all the tyres would have to be replaced. The next thing was the two pound ball pein hammer struck the windscreen and it was right on the driver’s eye line. It was better than I expected, the crack went several ways, and the car alarm went off.

I got back to the Land Rover. “Can we go home now?” Please?”

“In a little while. I’ve not finished here yet.”


I didn’t bother to answer her as the front doors of the hotel opened. Harold came rushing out dragging his suitcase. His phone nestled in the crook of his shoulder, whilst he tried to turn the car alarm off. I managed to snap a picture of him, the hotel name was visible. I sent that to his wife as well. My windows were down so I could hear him talking on the phone.

“Sweetheart, it’s not what it looks like. I would never cheat on you. I’m just going into the hotel. I’m on a course you know that.” He paused. “No, I was just helping her.” He got in his car, then he realized the state of the windscreen. He got out of the car, he was still on the phone. “Sweetheart, that’s not me, I didn’t do that.” Then his phone pinged, he looked at the screen and I heard him say.

“Oh fuck.” I wonder if it was the picture of him groping Shellie’s tit or the pair of them walking into the hotel with his arm round Shellie’s waist. Although taken from the back it was obviously them and something I hadn’t planned was the mirror behind the reception desk showing their faces. Or was it him leaving the hotel he said he was just entering. Never mind the damage was done.

Now it’s time to go.

I started the car and drove out of the car park. Shellie just sat there crying. She tried to talk to me several times but failed. I kept hearing her whispering, ‘I’m sorry’. I saw her gather herself together, she turned to look at me and said. “Sweetheart, can we stop and talk about this?”

I was in no mood to talk, but it would have to happen. She hadn’t noticed where we were. “Not whilst I’m driving. The next motorway stop.”

That was when she looked out and realized we were heading South down the M5 not North towards home. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“Your parents.”

“Please no, this would destroy them. You love them, you wouldn’t do that to them.”

I glanced across at her and growled. “I didn’t.”

She burst into tears again.

I had no intention, but she didn’t know that. I said to her, “Did you think that that would be part of the fallout with you taking Harold as a lover.”

“We planned it so carefully, I would never get caught, it was only going to be the once, you would never know, you wouldn’t get hurt, it was just for the experience.” All the excuses and reasons came rattling out through the tears, I wonder if these were the excuses Dee had used to convince her. Probably.

Just a thought, was Dee Harold’s pimp, finding him lovers and arranging it all for him? That would be an interesting revelation at the Bank, I might have to suggest that, even if it wasn’t true.

“By ‘we’ I assume you mean you and Dee.” I saw her nod her head out of the corner of my eye. “I was asking you what you thought would happen if you got caught? Dee hasn’t put her marriage at risk this time.

“The next services are just over a mile away, I will give you half an hour there to convince me not to take you to your Mum and Dad’s.”

She started to speak. I held my hand up. She just sat there looking out of the window.

We got to the service station, I parked the car and told her to find a quiet corner whilst I went and got some drinks. I got to the booth with two teas. She doesn’t like tea much, but she hates motorway stop tea. She took a sip, that pulled her up, her face grimaced, she was expecting a latte. She gave me a look that said ‘okay, I deserved that’.

She sat there until I said. “You have 27 minutes left.” Again actually, the time didn’t matter. The words did.

“I know I made a promise at the altar. And although I haven’t broken it, I’ve come so close as to not make any difference. I have lied to you, hidden things from you and disrespected my wedding vows to you. So, I don’t know if you will believe me, but I promise I will never do it again. Let’s just say once nearly bitten twice shy. I will never see Dee again. I will leave the bank, if they don’t sack me.”

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