Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan – part 1

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Hi guys I’m here with a wonderful story Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan, cancelled plans lead to an unforgettable night for Marcus.

“Hey, buddy, are you ready for another one?”

I glanced up from my phone to see the bartender indicating the empty bottle of Bud in front of me.

“Not sure yet.”

The beer was my third in the hour I’d been here and I didn’t want to drive home with a buzz. The Brass Rail wasn’t in the best part of town and I was sure the cops were always close by and looking for reasons to pull people over.

“Well if you’re done, you need to leave.” He informed me, “Bar policy, you’re not drinking, you’re not staying.”

“I can see my seat would be in high demand.” I made a show of looking up and down the bar which had far more empty stools than full ones.

“You got me there.” The bartender laughed, “But the boss can show up anytime, and you know how it is.”

I nodded and looking back at my phone saw it was nine. Darryl had told me to get here for eight to meet him. I’d called twice, but he wasn’t answering and I was getting pissed off. I debated paying my tab and leaving, but what the hell, Darryl was the only friend who had kept in touch with me since Emily and I had called it quits months ago.

Not surprising seeing Darryl wasn’t Emily’s friend, or one of our mutual friends, but my friend.

How he was still my friend, I didn’t know. During the ten years of my ill fated marriage to Emily. I’d been forced to keep him at arm’s length because Darryl wasn’t the type of person Emily liked to spend time with. Like me, well the former me, Kev never cared about image, he cared about being himself and it showed in everything from how he dressed to what he ate and how he acted.

To many that was refreshing, a professor at a prestigious university dressing in jeans and heavy metal t-shirts when not in a classroom-and occasionally when in one-and living on fast food and faster women.

But to Emily that wasn’t how men of our ‘caliber’ as she put it, should act. Sadly I’d done what many men before and many after me would do, I fell for the power of the pussy and dressed and acted the way she wanted me to.

“Umm…” The bartender cleared his throat.

“Sorry,” I tapped the bottle, “I’ll have another.”

With a practiced ease, he turned away from me, pulled another bud from the cooler beneath the back of the bar, opened it and completed his three sixty by putting it down in front of me and grabbing the empty.

Picking it up, I stared at the bottle and grinned. That’s right, you stuck up, bitch, I’m drinking beer, not a shitty tasting wine from some rich asshole vineyard, but the down to earth beverage of every man. I took a long swallow of the beer and pictured Emily scrunching her face up in disgust like she did to everything ‘not good enough’ for her.

I swore that it made the beer taste better and I chugged more than half of it before putting it down. As immature as that reaction was, it put me in a better mood than I had been in the weeks since our divorce had been finalized. I stared at the row of bottles along the shelves in front of me, wondering what I could do a shot of that would give me another visual of Emily’s disapproval.

The bar was mirrored and taking in my reflection I noted my appearance itself would be enough to get that look of disdain I now realized was her permanent expression. The biggest offense to her would be that I’d let the gray come back into my still thick hair, returning it to its salt and pepper state it had been in since my mid thirties.

Darryl had always ragged on me, saying only girls and pretty boys colored their hair and deep down I agreed, but deferred to the preference of the person I thought meant most to me.

My hair wasn’t the only thing showing off my return to reality, as there was just as much salt showing in the neatly trimmed beard I had let come back after years of going clean shaven. If Emily was here and could get past my wanton display of the natural gray of a guy on the wrong side of fifty, my ensemble would be enough to send her into a seizure.

Although I still-and always would-dress professionally in the classroom; whenever I wasn’t in it, I’d return to pre Emily, who cares as long as I’m comfortable, attire. A black Slipknot T-shirt worn untucked over black jeans that were about as faded and scarred as I felt these last few months.

A pair of black snakeskin boots, the last reminder of the days when I owned one of those ‘horrible’ motorcycles completed my un-professor-like appearance and left me looking like…like a guy who could care less what others thought of him.

I winked at my scruffy reflection and tipping the beer downed the rest of it. I closed my eyes at the head rush and told myself to settle down. Post divorce malaise, mid life crisis, or a spiteful good time aside, I was, at the end of the day, a professor, not a frat boy and DUI’s were frowned upon at work.

I glanced around the bar and my grin spread into a smile, if there was even a chance in hell I could get Emily into a dive like this she would probably faint at the sight of the scruffy Hell’s Angel’s wannabe’s that were lounging around the place.

The tables, chairs and bar itself didn’t look any more appealing than the clientele. Everything was cracked, chipped and scarred. I had to hold back a laugh when I looked over at the pool table and saw two of the sticks were duct taped in the middle.

The row of glasses in front of the bottles of liquor had a film of dust on them and I doubted the bartender would rinse them if someone wanted one. Then again, anyone who asked for a glass in this place would probably be in the wrong place.

It dawned on me this was why Darryl had told me to meet him here, this was a carbon copy of any bar we’d hung around in not just in our youth, but right up until I’d met her highness. I was to call again and see what the hell was taking him so long when a smoky voice spoke;

“Hey, want to share the joke?”

I turned to see a young woman standing behind me. Where she’d come from I wasn’t sure, but I certainly didn’t mind her being there. She looked to be early twenties with long dark curly hair and a pair of piercing green eyes so bright I wondered if they were contacts.

Despite the cold February night she was wearing a short red one piece dress that hugged every curve, and damn, what a set of curves! The dress was low cut and tight enough that her ample breasts looked as if they were ready to pop out of it. Her skin was fair and the deep red of the dress was a sexy contrast to her creamy skin.

Not wanting to stare, I dropped my eyes downward. The hem of the dress didn’t extend much past her ass and her long legs were bare, another surprise in this weather. Those shapely legs ended in a pair of black knee high boots with heels that had to be five inches, fuck me boots as Darryl would say.

“Cat got your tongue, sweetie?”

“Oh, jeez I’m sorry!” I replied feeling my face heat up. Fifty two and blushing in front of a girl less than half my age, smooth, Marcus, real smooth “I was just um,…”

“Checking me out.” She finished, “You need to work on being a little more subtle.”

“Sorry,” I laughed, “You, well you’re a little out of place here.”

“Not really.” She shrugged, causing her tits to jiggle fetchingly. “Seems you’re the only one looking.”

I looked past her and was surprised to see the couple of goons down the end of the bar weren’t checking her out as I thought they would be. God only knew I wouldn’t mind a look at her ass in that dress.

I turned my head to where three other guys were hanging around the worn out pool table and none of them were taking any notice of her. Strange, I would have thought she would have to be worried in a place like this, but it’s as if she weren’t there, unless she was a regular.


“You said that already,” She smiled, exposing a set of white teeth as perfect as the rest of her. That smile was enhanced by a pair of full lips painted the same deep red as the dress “And as for out of place? That BMW you have out there says the same for you.”

“How do you know that’s my…” I paused, then laughed, “Right who else would it belong to?”

“Not many new faces here.” She replied then walked past me to the other end of the bar.

I frowned in disappointment, hoping she would have sat next to me, but why the hell would she? I was a lot older than her, looked like crap at the moment and had made a fool of myself. But at least her walking away gave me a chance to check out her ass and it was even better than I’d imagined.

The tight dress hugged a well rounded ass that swayed deliciously as she walked and was as low in the back as the front, exposing a large colorful tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder.

“Hey Zoey!” Two guys called out in unison from a table near the bathroom, they were younger and cleaner cut than the rest of the crowd, URI was nearby and I pegged them for students.

“Hey boys!” She gave them a friendly wave and I expected her to head over to them, but instead she turned the corner of the bar, swung the gate back and walked behind it.

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