Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan – part 2

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She kicked her dress away, then spun around leaving me eye level with her stomach and her lace clad pussy. I kissed her stomach and she giggled when I flicked my tongue around the silver pendant dangling from her navel. My hands found her tits and my tongue headed south, teasing across the top of her thong.

“Is this what you’re looking for?”

She put her booted foot up onto the edge of the pool table and slipping her thong to the side showed me her pussy.

“Oh my God.” I breathed as I stared at her smooth pink slit, inches from my face.

“Go ahead, honey.” She said, “Give me a kiss.”

I didn’t have to be told twice, still playing with her nipples; I put my face between her thighs and fastened my lips to hers.

“Oh, yeah.” She moaned as my tongue found her clit.

I moaned at the sweet scent of her pussy and the texture of her quivering flesh beneath my tongue.

“Stay still.” She worked her hips, sliding my tongue up and down the length of her hot little box.

She moaned softly, her fingers running through my hair, then dropped her leg and tugged on my shoulders. Disappointed, I followed her lead and stood back up, she kissed me and I felt a thrill of excitement as she put her hands between us and unsnapped my jeans. Even with the music I heard my zipper opening.

She was working her nipples across my chest as our tongues danced across one another and I moaned into her mouth when her hand entered my boxers and her slender fingers wrapped around my cock.

“Hmm,” she cooed as she stroked it, “Very nice, all for me, baby?”

“Oh, yeah.” I told her, “Anything you want.”

“Hmm, I like that.” She told me, placing her lips to my ear she said, “What I want is to suck this nice hard cock until you cum in my mouth. How’s that sound, Marcus?”

“Um, like I said whatever you want.” I told her. Holy shit; girls had changed in the last ten years, either that or I had never looked in the right places.

Zoey turned to the side and I let her guide me in a circle and with another shove she sent me against the pool table. The rail hitting the backs of my thighs hurt, but that was forgotten when Zoey dropped to her knees and ripped my pants and underwear down my thighs. Grabbing my cock she gave it a hard squeeze that sent a stream of pre cum oozing down my shaft and with no hesitation took me into her mouth.

“Damn!” I groaned as she took my cock down her warm wet mouth until her lips were wrapped around the base of my shaft.

“Hmm,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back as she worked her tongue around my cock.

She shook her head back and forth and I moaned at the sensation. Her eyes found mine and giving me a wink, she slipped her tongue out, licking my balls with my cock buried in her throat.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, “That’s…wow.”

I sounded like a fool and she giggled around my cock telling me she might have thought so too, but that didn’t stop her from bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm. She was now taking me about halfway down each time and I relaxed against the pool table letting myself fully enjoy this little wildcat blowing me.

I put my hand in her hair and she moaned her approval as I gently guided her mouth along my shaft. She popped my cock from her mouth with a loud sucking sound and smiling up at me, rubbed it along her face,

“How’s your nice big dick look in my pretty face, baby?”

“Damn good.”

“Yeah, I bet your boring wife didn’t suck your cock like this, did she?”

“Hell no.” With Emily I was lucky if she’d go down on me once a month for a couple of minutes before more ‘lovemaking’

“Her loss, because this cock is delicious!” she displayed her approval by deep throating me so quickly I gasped.

She released my cock once more and to my surprise spit on it. She stroked my cock, making it even slicker with her spit, then lowering her mouth allowed a long strand of drool to ooze down my shaft. She then engulfed my cock once more and bobbed her head but this time the incredible sensation was enhanced by loud slurping sounds.

I put my other hand on her back, caressing her smooth skin as she gave me the best blow job I’d had since I’d been her age. She had her fingers around my cock and was following the wet trail of her mouth, jerking me off as she sucked me and my knees were beginning to get weak.

Zoey slid me from her mouth and once again fixing her eyes on me made a show of running her tongue up and down my shaft.

“God, that looks good.” I told her, trying to keep myself from thinking about how close I was to cumming.

“Taste’s good.” She giggled.

“So do you.”

“You’ll get a good long taste of me soon enough.” She said around fluttering her tongue along the sensitive underside of the head of my cock. “But I figured I’d be a good girl and take care of this nice dick you’ve been wasting on some boring old bitch.”

“Amen to that.” I laughed, then released another surprised moan when she ducked her head and sucked my balls into her mouth.

I tried to hold back on the moaning so as not to sound like…well like a guy her age, but I couldn’t help it. Zoey worked one ball at a time into her mouth, sucking and licking, before releasing them and bathing my sac with her tongue. She was gently stroking my cock and I swear I was so hard I was ready to pop just from her minimal touch.

“You ready baby?” She asked, “Are you ready to give me a nice hot load?”

“Please.” Was all I could come out with.

“Don’t have to beg, honey. I’m not wifey; I’m the kind of girl you can tell what you want.” She ran her tongue up my cock and stopped at the tip, “Tell me what you want, Marcus, say it.”

“I…” I took a deep breath. “I want you to…”

“To…?” she stuck her tongue into the slit of my dick and pulled a trail of precum back with it.

“I want you to suck my cock you little green eyed slut.”

“Love it!” She laughed, “Have to earn that nickname, don’t I?”

“Then earn it.” I told her.

“Yes sir.” She kissed my cock. “I’m going to suck you off, honey, I want every drop.”

She took me into her mouth and as she had done before bobbed her head in a steady pace. I was breathing hard as I watched the mind blowing sight of my cock sliding in and out of those perfect lips. Her red lipstick was smeared on my shaft and she was letting her spit dribble down my cock and slurping it up again.

Now this was a blow job, a nasty, sloppy, sexy blow job from a girl who knew sex was fun not a damn chore. I tore my gaze from her mouth in an effort to hold off a little more and looked down her smooth back, her ass looked amazing and those damn fuck me boots added an extra thrill. Zoey moved her head faster and I moaned, my hips twitching.

Zoey stopped and standing up pushed my chest, “Get up on the table,” she told me.

I sat on the table and she pushed me again. “Further and lay back.”

I scooted my ass back on the table and lay back on the hard slate as Zoey pulled my pants further down. My legs were dangling off the table and standing between them. Zoey wrapped her tits around my cock and moved up and down. I groaned in pleasure and with an evil smile she drooled onto her tits, letting her spit lubricate them.

I thrust my hips and she moaned, “That’s it fuck my tits, these nice young tits you were staring at.”

I pumped my hips and lowered her head. She began flicking her tongue across the tip of my cock each time it poked through her soft breasts. I gasped when she sucked the head into her mouth and released her tits; she put her hands on either side of my hips and began sucking me like it was a competition.

“Oh, fuck.” I called out as she repeatedly took me down to my balls.

Zoey’s eyes bored into mine and were bright with lust as she continued her incredible hands free blow job. Losing control I thrust my hips into her descending mouth and she moaned her approval. My balls tightened and I cried out like an idiot in a bad porn, when unable to hold back, I exploded in her mouth.

“Hmm-mm!” She moaned, her eyes still on mine as she sucked my erupting cock.

She was making a noise that was a mixture of a gurgle and a squeal each time I sent a spurt of cum into her mouth. She slurped up to my tip and opening her mouth let a long stream of cum spill out down my shaft and onto my balls. Pausing to lick her lips, Zoey lowered her head and proceeded to lick every drop of cum from me.

When she was done she smacked her lips, “Damn I love sucking cock.”

“I loved you sucking it.”

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