Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan – part 1

This Story is part of Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan Series

My thumbs found her nipples and she released a moan that made my cock jump. Zoey grabbed the bottom of my shirt and I released her tits long enough for her to strip it off me. She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her tits into my chest, working her body against me. I slipped my arms around her slender waist and crushed her to me, causing her to giggle.

She kissed me again and this time I was ready for the force of her lips and returned the kiss with equal passion. The song ended, but immediately kicked on again.

“I love this song” she whispered, then spinning within my embrace planted her ass into my crotch and ground back into me.

She pulled my hands to her breasts and I fondled them as she worked her body into mine.

“It’s my favorite to fuck to.” She added as she leaned her head against my shoulder.

“Going to be my favorite from now on,” I told her then fastened my lips to the soft white skin of her exposed neck.

“Hmm: she sighed and slowed her grinding down to a sensuous tease.

Her long hair and the soft skin of her back felt amazing and her skin tasted faintly of vanilla. Her ass had me working up to the point my cock was dripping down my leg and as I cupped her heavy tits, my fingers teasing her nipples I thought thank God Darryl had stiffed me tonight.

Zoey took my hands and easing them away stepped forward and pushed her dress down over her hips, shimmied out of it. At the sight of her amazing ass, I dropped to my knees, put my hands on her soft hips and buried my face between her cheeks.

“Oh you bad boy!” She laughed, but shook her ass playfully in my face, “You like that ass, baby?”

“It’s fucking perfect!” I punctuated that statement by kissing each cheek, “You’re perfect!”

“You haven’t even seen the best part yet!”

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