Unforgettable moments in a cancelled plan – part 1

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“You’re late.” The bartender called to her, “Christ, kid, you live upstairs and you can’t make it on time?”

“I know, Tate, you look like you can barely keep up.” She replied, sauntering over to stand in front of me.

“Ready for another?”

“Not sure, but I was told if I don’t I have to leave.” I explained thinking about living in the building at least explained the bare legs and skimpy dress.

“That’s because Tate’s antisocial and doesn’t like people hanging around. Me?” She cocked her head and flashed a flirty little smile, “I’m very social.”

“That’s good to know.”

“Well, not to everyone, just people I like.” She tapped the beer, “One more, or maybe you’re ready for something…” her emerald gaze locked onto me, “A little sweeter?”

Damn, was she really hitting on me? No, don’t be stupid she was working me to spend money on a slow night.

“What do you recommend?” I played along.

“How about a green eyed slut?”

“A…excuse me?”

“Midori with a shot of tequila.” She grinned, “What did you think I meant?”

“Um, I…never heard of that before.”

“Not many have.” She picked up my bottle, “It’s named after me.”

The look on my face made her laugh; “Not really, well, okay, maybe sometimes, want one?”

“The drink or the slut?” I asked, and then wanted to smack myself, but she laughed again

“I like that!” she nodded approvingly, “That’s better, older guys should be confident, not nervous like the boys.”

“Is that so?”

“It is,” she turned away and grabbed another beer, placed it in front of me, “On the house.”

“Thank you.” I took a small swallow worrying about my ability to get home.

“So…” She said resting her arms on the bar, giving me a look down her dress. I could see a lot of white skin, but no bra and I wondered if there was padding built in, Emily, had owned a couple…shit why was I thinking about her scrawny vanilla ass, when this was in front of me?

“So.” I repeated.

“How long have you been divorced?”

“What makes you think I’m divorced?”

“Well, let’s see,” she raised one slender, red tipped finger, “You’re driving a beamer.”

“And that means?”

“And you’re here in this not so posh establishment and you’re dressed like you’re trying to fit in here. Not dressed like a guy who drives that car for sure. But…” she paused and made a show of thinking, “A guy does usually dress and act like the type to drive that car, maybe cause his wifey wants him to. Now wifey’s gone and you’re having a little mid life, being a rebellious kid saying, yeah, look at me now, bitch.”

“That’s…” I whistled, “Pretty damn close. All that from my car and clothes?”

“That and the pale spot around your finger,” she tapped my left hand, “Wore a ring for a long time and just took it off didn’t you?”

“You’re pretty good.”

“At a lot of things.” She said, another saucy smile playing about her lips.

“No offense, but you’re…pretty precocious.” I told her.

“Oh, that’s a ten dollar way to say for a girl my age.” The smile turned into a smirk, “Patronizing is another fun word, try not to do it, okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” I bowed my head, “My apologies.”

“That’s better,” she gave her long hair a dramatic toss that made me laugh.

She laughed as well and for a moment we sat there smiling at each other and it felt damn good to be chatting away with this pretty girl.

“But you’re right.” She told me, “See, my daddy owns this gold mine,” she grinned and gestured around the nearly empty bar, “And after my mom passed he had to bring me here so he could work. I was ten, sitting on that little stool over there, “she pointed behind the bar, “And would grab him beers and help clean up so as I got older I started listening to people and watching them.”

“Ah, a student of human nature.” I lifted the beer, gave her a toast and this time chugged away on it. I was having too good of a time to worry about getting home. I’d call a damn cab if need be. I was feeling reckless and enjoying it.

“Bartenders could teach us some things.” She said, “So, I’m right?”

“You are.” I nodded, “This,” I gestured at my t-shirt and tapped the beer, “Is me; this is how I like to be. I wasn’t this way for a long time; it’s good to be back.”

“Yeah, you like loud music and ripped jeans and…” she spread her arms, “Shithole bars?”

“I do,” I looked around, “I like the ambiance.”

“That’s all you like?” She raised her eyebrows and leaned over the bar again.

“I like…the view.” I gave her a wink that caused her smile to widen. “And the company.”

“Good, that’s what I’m here for, to add to the ambiance.” She looked over at one of the biker types who had wandered over, “Hey, Jack.”

“Zoey,” he looked at me pointedly, then back at her, “Friend of yours?”

“Yeah, we’re cool Jack,” she sighed, “Jeez a girl can’t talk to the clientele?”

“Just checking.” He smiled, showing off a set of teeth that would drive a dentist to madness, “You know we look out for you.”

“I do and I appreciate it,” she tapped the bar, “But that doesn’t mean you don’t owe your tab.”

“That’s her Daddy’s girl.” He laughed and put a twenty on the bar, “I’m heading out, take it easy kid.”

“You too.” She took the money as he walked away and said, “I could tell the way you were looking around you were wondering why none of these creepy looking guys were harassing me.” She waved at a couple of others as they passed the bar on their way out, “Some of these guys are like uncles to me.”

“That’s nice.” I said taking in the size of the men still shooting pool who were now the only ones left in the bar. “Hard to get a date though.”

“I don’t date here, silly.” She laughed, “But I do make a friend from time to time.”

“You seem friendly.”

“I like what I like.” She replied and turned and grabbed two bottles from the shelf behind her and a small glass. I watched her pour the green Midori into the glass then add a shot of Cuervo.

Turning back to me she raised the glass and I said, “That green matches your eyes perfectly.”

“Of course it does,” she replied, “That’s why it’s called a green eyed slut.” She downed the drink easily and made a show of licking the edge of the glass, “Sweet.” She whispered.

“Is that what you like?” I tried to keep the conversation going, I had no thought this was more than harmless flirting, but it was the most alive I’d felt in a long time. “Sweet?”

“I like sweets.” She said, “But what I really like is…”

“Hey Zoey, can you come figure this out?”

I looked to the right to see the bartender staring in frustration at the keno machine and wanted to smack him.

“Be right there.” She told him, then leaning over she beckoned me with her finger.

I leaned closer and placing her lips close to my ear she whispered, “What I really like is older men” She punctuated that statement by a quick flick of her tongue across my ear before pushing away from the bar and yelling,

“For the love of God, Tate, what is so hard about that thing?”

I didn’t know about the Keno machine, but right now there was a hard thing between my legs and sad to say this was the first time I’d been hard except for looking at porn in months. I watched her amazing ass swing, I swear more so than before, as she made her way over to Tate and releasing a long breath wondered if she were just fucking with me.

My cell rang, causing me to jump and seeing it was Kev I answered,

“Hey, man where are you?” Fact was I couldn’t care less at this point, but now that Zoey had wandered off I saw it was after nine and wondered what was up with him.

“Hey, Marcus, I’m sorry. I got roped into taking my daughter clothes shopping. It went from one store to the entire mall, you know how it gets.”

“Well, uh…are you still coming?”

Darryl paused, “Sure I can, that is if you want me to?”

I didn’t but felt I couldn’t say that so played along hopeful he would say it was too late. “Do you still want to? I understand if you want to cancel.”

There was a long pause that I filled by watching Zoey reaching up to rearrange the bottles of liquor on the top shelf. Her dress was riding up and my eyes lingered on the smooth backs of her thighs.

“I mean if you want me to come I will.” He spoke in my ear, “I feel bad, after all you’re there because of me and don’t know anyone.”

I was still watching Zoey who looked over her shoulder and when she saw me looking, dropped a pen and bent over to pick it up, the dress rose high enough to expose her lower ass cheeks and a patch of black string between them.

“No, don’t worry about it.” I said softly. “I’m fine, I’ll um, finish my drink and go.”

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