Revealing truth behind Aunt’s nick name – part 3

Auntie whipped the bra off and my jaw dropped at the sight of her tits. Even though I’d seen them in the video it was a far cry from being two feet away from them. Her nipples were hard and pointing directly at me and her tan lines were even slimmer than in the video. I started to reach for them, but she shook her head.

“You can touch it tomorrow. Right now, you just look, got it?”


“Nope. Auntie has rules and you’ll play by them. Now, let me show you how I used to make some pretty good money.” She giggled, “Dancing anyway.”

Auntie placed her hands on my chest and I gasped when her tits were inches from my face. I stared at her nipples, longing to lick and suck them, but kept my head on the pillow. Auntie smiled down at me then began grinding her hips, sliding her now wet panties across my cock. I gasped as she moved faster and faster, her hips moving forward and backwards then switching to a circular motion that caused me to whimper again.

“Yeah, you like that?” She whispered, staring down at me, “Nikki maddy used to get paid a hundred dollars to get guys off like this. I would make them cum right in their expensive suits! For an extra twenty five I’d let them suck my tits!”

“Oh, damn.” I groaned, raising my hands, then starting to put them back down.

“On my hips.” She told me, “Put them on my hips and keep them there.”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak as she gyrated wildly on top of me, her slick panties working up and down my equally wet shaft. I placed my hands on her soft hips as she started twirling them in hard fast circles. Auntie’s ass was in the air, causing her pussy to press harder on my cock and even in my semi delirious state of lust it amazed me the way she was moving her hips.

Auntie was beginning to moan as well, “Oh, honey that cock is so big and so hard! I can’t wait to have it in my mouth and my pussy.” She moaned, “Maybe even my ass if you’re good enough to me.”

I whimpered and moved my hips into hers thrusting my cock along her pussy. My legs were trembling as my cock strained to cum from the limited contact.

“Like that idea? You like the thought of using all of your slutty aunts’ holes? Fucking her like a whore? You can baby! Auntie will let you! All you have to do is be a man and take me!”

“Oh please.” I whimpered again and didn’t care how pathetic I sounded. “Please make me cum Auntie, oh please!”

“I love it!” Auntie exclaimed, then digging her fingers into my chest, moving her hips up and back, sliding the length of my cock along her wet panties. “Damn this is a tease! You better be good to me tomorrow night!”

“I will!” I cried out, “I promise I will, please…oh!”

I gasped as she somehow began moving faster, her pussy rapidly caressing my straining cock. I squeezed her hips and lifting mine whimpered and thrust as hard as I could.

“Cum for me!” she demanded, “Cum for your aunt! Blow that big fucking load! Come on, Henry, show me how…”

“Oh, fuck!” I cried out loudly as my cock exploded.

“Yes! There it is!” Auntie moaned.

A long stream of cum squirted from my cock spraying my stomach and was quickly followed by several smaller spurts. I could feel my cock twitching against her pussy as her hips continued to move, coaxing more cum each time she pushed against me. I lay there moaning like an idiot as I made a sticky mess all over myself, cumming just from her grinding on me.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Auntie started to make high pitched yelping sounds then throwing her head back released a long squeal and began bucking her hips wildly into me. The thought my aunt was cumming on me sent a thrill through me and I started pumping my hips as hard as I could. Auntie and I both moaned as we ground our hips together and she came from her wild gyrations.

I sighed with relief when the last few drops dribbled from my spent cock, then groaned as Auntie continued to move, smearing some of the cum over my sensitive head. She released a long soft whimper and with a smile rubbed her cum smeared panties into what was now becoming a raw nerve.

“Stop!” I begged, “Please stop!”

“Hmm I do like you begging.” She smiled down at me, “Maybe I will make you work for it some tomorrow.”

“A…anything you want.” I whispered, staring at her amazing tits.

“I love that.” She sighed, “I didn’t expect to cum. I rarely did for those assholes, but faked it. That was not fake, though. I can’t wait until I cum in your face. So how did you like your first lap dance?”

“I…damn.” I let out a long deep breath.

“Since you were good, here; one quick suck on each.”

One at a time, Auntie lowered her nipples to my mouth and I gave each one an eager suck. Swinging her leg from me, Auntie slid off the bed and looked down at her cum drenched panties.

“I think I’ll use these to rub my clit when I get upstairs.”

“You…you’re not staying?” I asked.

“Nope.” Auntie told me. “Last thing we need is your mother finding out I’m down here.”

“But what about…”

“They have an event to go to at your father’s company tomorrow. Your mother is going straight there and they aren’t coming home until at least ten o’clock.”

Reaching down, Auntie scooped cum up with her fingernails and sucked them into her mouth.

“Oh, that’s good.” She purred, “I’ll bet a nice mouthful will be better though. Now tomorrow I have a couple of things to do in the morning, but when you get home from school I will be here on your bed waiting for you.”

Picking up her black shirt, she slipped it on and began buttoning it. “One of the stops is for something fun to wear for you. Now remember, no questioning me, no giving me “I don’t know Auntie” you’re coming home to fuck me tomorrow and that’s that. Understood?”

“Y…yes Auntie.”

“Good.” Leaning over she gave me a long soft kiss that caused my dripping cock to jump as her soft lips slid across mine. Removing her lips she smiled and as she turned away said, ‘Sweet Dreams Henry”

Slumping back onto my pillow I stared at the puddle of cum on my stomach and sighed, “Yeah, sweet dreams.”


“Shit!” I swore as I slammed on my brakes. I’d been trying to make the light, but the car in front of me had decided not to risk it.

I sat back and took a deep breath. To say today had dragged would be a serious understatement. Knowing that my-as she called herself-slutty aunt was waiting at home for me on my bed ready to fuck her nephews brains out-had caused my five hour day to seem like ten. I’d spent all day feeling as if I were in a dream, was this really going to happen? Had my aunt really dry fucked me into blowing a load all over myself?

The answer to the second one was yes which hopefully meant the first one was going to happen and soon. After Aunty had left I’d wiped my stomach off and lay there with my mind racing about everything she had promised me. I’d gotten so worked up, I grabbed the bra she had left behind and jerked off into it, shooting off all over the black material.

Once I’d fallen asleep my dreams were full of Aunty performing every sexual act she’d promised me and fucking me in every position. I woke up hard several times, but held off from jerking off anymore. I wanted to be ready for today. Aunty was at breakfast and as we sat there with mom and dad, chatted away as if nothing had happened.

At one point dad had remarked how much fun it had been playing games last night and sliding her foot up the leg of my jeans under the table, she had given me a wink and said she looked forward to more family fun.

I’d spent half the day squirming in my seat in class, my cock hard and dripping down my leg. Making the day longer was the fact that with finals over, all we were doing was sitting around reading, then at the end of the day listening to the dean tell us all about our bright future after graduation.

Right now all I was thinking of was the immediate future which was going to feature my appropriately named Aunt maddy sucking my cock and letting me return the favor to her pussy. I knew if I said that to anyone out loud they would buy me a ticket to the Jerry Springer show, but as Auntie had said, dirty secrets were best kept secret. I’d already gotten a taste of that when Jack asked me who the hot cougar was who teased him and his friends.

I’d said it was my aunt and he had gone on about how fucking hot she was and it was a goddamn lucky guy who was getting a piece of that. I shrugged and said he was right, but inside felt a thrill knowing I’d had her grinding on my cock last night and there was a lot more fun to be had. When the final bell rang I literally ran out the door and across the parking lot, jumping in my car and peeling out as if the devil himself had been after me.

The light changed and I gunned the motor, driving around the slow poke in front of me and took the turn onto my street with squealing tires. I pulled into the driveway, relieved to see only the black Camry that Auntie was renting in the driveway. I raced into the house and as I approached the door that led down into my room I forced myself to slow down and try not to act like an idiot.

The word act stuck in my mind. Auntie had said several times last night she wanted me to be a man and take her. She made it seem as if she liked to be called slutty names and be treated like those names. I took a deep breath and thought of all the porn I’d watched. I wasn’t sure I could talk to her that way, but then again up until last night I doubted I would ever get her tits in my mouth.

I reached my door to find a note on it that read, “Lock the door behind you and make sure you take this note with you!”

It was really going to happen! Balling up the note I shoved it in my pocket and opened the door, thumbed the lock before closing it behind me. The lights were off, but I could see the flickering of candles and as I made my way down the stairs could feel my knees trembling. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I came around into my room and stopped in my tracks when I saw Auntie sitting on my bed.

“Damn.” I whispered.

Auntie was wearing a long dark blue robe that was open to expose a matching bra and a thong that was little more than string over her hips and a patch of blue material over her pussy. The ensemble also included a pair of sheer blue thigh high stockings.

“You like?” Auntie stood up and turned around giving me a quick glimpse of her ass through the sheer robe. The thong was pretty much string in the back leaving the firm well shaped cheeks of her ass exposed.

“I…I like.”

“Good.” She said, turning to face me again. “I bought this just for my naughty nephew.”

“You look amazing.” I told her to step closer to the bed.

Revealing truth behind Aunt’s nick name – part 3 will continue in the next page.

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