Revealing truth behind Aunt’s nick name – part 4

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“Don’t question me and don’t whine.” Auntie told me. “Do as I ask and be a man about it.” She smiled down at me, “When the woman comes first and the way she wants her lover is always well rewarded.” She giggled, “Especially when it’s her naughty nephew.”

She was still playing with one of her nipples and I watched her red nails toy with her pink nub while placing my thumb against her hard button. Auntie sighed and reached down; grabbed my free hand and brought it to her lips. She sucked two of my fingers into her mouth and my already throbbing cock jumped between my legs when she swirled her tongue around them.

Removing my fingers she placed my hand against her breast. Taking my wet fingers, I began to roll her hard nipple between them and closing her eyes, she moaned softly. Her hips were rocking, driving my plunging fingers harder inside her. Auntie moaned louder and was now pushing on my shoulder with her foot, her entire body now rocking back and forth.

Wanting to do something with my now free mouth I kissed her flat stomach and playfully flicked her silver pendent with my tongue. Auntie’s hand was still in my hair, but was now running her fingers through it.

“Yeah, just like that, honey!” she moaned, “Rub that clit! Make me come so I can suck on that nice big dick of yours!”

That caused my thumb to rub faster as I pressed it to her clit as hard as I dared. Auntie was breathing hard and her face was flushed. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted to allow her now continuous moans. Her toes dug into my shoulder and her pussy tightened around my fingers.

“Just like that!” she groaned, “Just a little more! Oh, you’re going to make your Aunt cum aren’t you? You…Oh fuck!”

Auntie cried out so loud I jumped in surprise. Her pussy contracted around my thrusting fingers and she drove her hips hard into my hand. Her fingers tightened in my hair, pulling it, but I didn’t care. I was too busy watching her head fall back and her mouth open wide to emit a long loud squeal. It was the type of sound I thought women only made for show in dirty movies, but this was real and she sure as well wasn’t faking.

Auntie’s pussy was convulsing around my fingers, her warm sticky juices squirting out around my fingers as her hips bucked and she cried out again and again. My fingers were still busy on her nipples and I continued to kiss and lick her soft stomach, enjoying the feeling of knowing I had just made a much older, experienced woman come hard. The fact she was my aunt added an extra dirty thrill to that thought.

Auntie’s pussy quivered around my fingers once more as she released another loud squeal, then with a long sigh, she let her leg fall from my shoulder and placed her arms around me, letting her body lean against me.

“Oh, honey, I needed that! Don’t worry you’ll be tasting plenty of your Aunt’s pussy this week.”

This week? I hadn’t even thought about beyond right now. Aunty was due to stay five more days, would I get to fuck her every one of them? My attention came back to the present when Aunty moved back and my fingers slid from inside her with a wet sucking sound. I quickly placed them in my mouth and Auntie laughed when I sucked on them.

“Hmm, you know I don’t think it’s fair that you’re doing all the tasting.”

Aunty dropped to her knees between my legs and grabbing my jeans tugged them down to my feet. I lifted me legs allowing her to pull them off and as she tossed them to the said she said,

“Look how hard you are for your aunt.” She gave the tip of my cock a playful kiss sending a shudder through me. “Is all this for Auntie maddy?”

“All of it!” I told her, “Auntie, please don’t tease me.”

“If you don’t want to be teased, tell me what you want.”

“Auntie would you…”

“Don’t ask me, tell me.” She said, running her long nails along the length of my shaft, “My nephews a man now, he should start acting like one.

Taking a deep breath I uttered the words I’d fantasized about for years. “Auntie sucks my cock.”

“This cock?” Aunty ran her tongue teasingly up the side of my shaft, “You want me to suck my nephew’s cock?”

“You want to suck my cock” I told her, my legs trembling with excitement as she placed her lips just over my swollen tip. “You’re a dirty slut who wants to blow her nephew, so just go ahead and do what you’re best at.”

Where that had come from I had no idea, but the effect on Aunty was immediate and more than worth it. Parting her lips she took my cock deep into her mouth and I moaned just as much at the sight of my dick buried in my aunt’s face as from how damn good it felt. Her big brown eyes locked onto mine, Aunty opened wider and pushed her lips down to the base of my shaft.

“Oh my God!” I gasped at the sensation of having my entire cock in my aunt’s warm wet mouth.

“Hmm,” Aunty purred, the vibration causing another pleasurable shiver to run through me.

She shook her head back and forth, first slowly then picking up speed. I moaned loudly at the feeling of her tongue working my shaft back and forth. Her hair was drifting in front of her face and gathering it in her hand she lifted it, offering it to me. I took her hair in my hand and placed it on the back of her head.

Auntie winked and I groaned when she slipped her tongue out and tongued my balls with my cock buried in her mouth.

“Oh, shit.” I whimpered.

Aunty began bobbing her head in a slow rhythm and I released a long sigh while watching my aunt blow me. Her lips were wrapped tightly around my shaft leaving deep red smudges along my hard flesh and her tongue was pressed against me, caressing my cock.

She removed her hand from me and placed her palm down on my thighs and started sucking me fast and hard. I gasped as she effortlessly took me down to my balls each time her mouth descended and moaned continuously as my aunt demonstrated her oral skills by giving her nephew a hands free blow job.

Aunty was moaning as well. Each time she took my cock down to my balls she would sigh and her eyes would roll back. My legs were already shaking and although she had only had me in her mouth for a couple of minutes I was getting close. I whimpered in frustration as although I was eager to cum I wanted to enjoy a lot more of my aunt’s mouth than this.

Sensing my frustration, Aunty pulled my cock from her mouth and I moaned at the long trail of spit that trailed from her mouth to my cock.

“Aww, you’re going to cum already?” she asked, “I want to enjoy this beautiful cock. Is it okay if I tease a little?”

“Yes.” I told her, “Lick it up and down, show me how much you like playing with my cock.”

“Hmm, you’re a natural!” she giggled, “Must have got that from my side of the family.”

Placing her tongue into the slit of my cock she eased her head back, taking a trail of pre cum with it. Auntie made a show of slurping it back up, rubbing my cock along the side of her face.

“How’s your big dick look in Auntie’s face?”

“Damn good.”

“Yes it does,” she sighed and switched off, rubbing it along the other side, “God you’re fucking hard! This is why I like fucking boys your age! Guys my age don’t get this hard!”

Her face was now glistening from my cock and rising up on her knees, she released it. “I bet I know another place where this big cock would look good. Cupping her breasts, Auntie wrapped them around my cock and moved up and down, sliding me between her soft tits.

“That does look good!”

“It does, but it needs to be wetter.” Auntie opened her mouth and let a long line of spit drool from her mouth and onto my cock. Pressing her tits tighter around me she started moving faster and I groaned at the improved sensation her now wet breasts provided.

“Damn you’re a pig.” I told her as she let another string of spit drop onto my cock.

“Ohh, I like that!” she cooed, “I’m your pig, honey. Well at least for now. I think I’ll be Mandy’s pig tomorrow.”

The thought of Auntie licking that amazing blonde’s pussy caused my cock to twitch and she laughed, “Like that thought? Maybe I won’t shower and when I come back here I’ll kiss you so you can taste her.”

“You did earn your name didn’t you?” I asked in between moans as she began moving faster around my cock.

“You don’t know the half of it, Henry, but you’ll learn as time goes on your slutty aunt has no limits. But for now…” she stopped moving, “Go ahead, fuck your aunt’s tits.”

I moved my hips, pushing my cock through her large tits and marveling at the sight. Auntie added to the thrill by lowering her head and flicking her tongue out, catching the tip of my cock each time it thrust up at her. She lowered herself back to her knees and opened her mouth so my cock was now plunging into it.

“Oh, yeah!” I groaned as I fucked her mouth, “Oh fuck this is just like the movies!”

Auntie laughed around my cock and I felt myself begin to blush. Noticing my embarrassment she said, “It’s okay, honey; we’re here to have fun, now how about you really fuck your nasty aunt’s mouth?”

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