Revealing truth behind Aunt’s nick name – part 2

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“Ohh, is she a pretty someone?”

Auntie stepped up between my legs and I swallowed nervously. “No, just a guy from school.”

“A guy?” What about that cute little cheerleader you were seeing.” She gave me a wink, “She was a sexy little thing, nice legs in that picture sent to me by her.”

“Yeah, uh, well we broke up.”

“Aww, my handsome nephew is all alone?” she shook her head, “Honey, you are too good looking to be sitting home and…” glancing into the other room to see where dad was, she leaned over, placing her hands on the couch behind me, “Playing with your cock.”

Her tits were directly in my face as she leaned over and she’d whispered that last part directly in my ear. Hearing her say cock in her phone sex voice, and the sight of her perfect breasts almost spilling out of her top, had me beginning to sweat.

“No, honey, you should be out there playing with the girls.” Auntie put her knees on the couch so she was now kneeling over me. “They don’t all have to be serious, Henry. Find some girls who just want to have fun and go for it.”

She tapped my cheek with her finger, “Always be nice to them and never kiss and tell. Brag and they’ll get pissed off, but keep it quiet and they’ll give you more. Got it?”

“Y…yes Auntie.” I stammered.

“Besides, it’s more fun to be the only one who knows.” With a nasty little giggle that had my cock swelling as if I’d never gotten off minutes ago, she added, “Dirty little secrets are more fun when they stay secret.”

“Okay, um,” I looked away from her tits. “Could, uh you maybe, move?”

“You don’t like me close to you?” she widened her big brown eyes and pushed her lips into a pout, “You too old to be close to your Auntie?”

“No, I…oh.”

Auntie let her weight go so she was now straddling my thighs and had slid forward enough that her tits were pressed against my chest. More noticeable was her pussy which was now pushing down onto my hard cock. I felt my face flush and began to panic. There was no way she couldn’t feel my hard pressed against her.

“You okay, Henry? You look flushed.”

“, yeah I’m feeling kind of hot.”

“Me too.” She winked, “Then again I’m always running hot so to speak.”

She put her arms around my neck and slid closer. That caused her pussy to slide against my cock and it took everything I had not to moan at the contact. Auntie’s dark eyes were looking into mine and she had a slight smile on her face.

It dawned on me she knew she was teasing me and was enjoying it. My first thought was that it was pretty twisted, but seeing I had just blown a load to her and was hard as a rock again for her, I guess I was no better.

Auntie leaned forward, “I did miss you, honey. Missed all the fun we had and all the fun we could have had.”

Could have had? What did she…?

My thoughts trailed off when Auntie kissed me on the lips. It was just a soft brief peck, but directly on my lips. My cock was throbbing against her and I sat there totally helpless. I had no idea what to say or do. Unfortunately I had no need to as I heard the living room door open and mom exclaim.

“What the hell is this?”

Auntie had leaned back away from me at the sound of the door and had gotten her feet on the floor, but was still hugging me closely. Rolling her eyes, Auntie calmly stood up and turned to face mom who had stormed over to us, her brown eyes blazing.

“Get the hell off my son!” Mom shouted at her.

“I’m off your son.” Auntie remained calm, “What, I can’t give my nephew a hug?”

“You were all over him and look at you!” Mom pointed at her open robe, “You’re barely fucking dressed!”

“It’s my bathing suit.” Auntie put her hands out, “Shall I swim in jeans and a t-shirt?”

“It’s inappropriate in a house with a young boy!”

“He’s eighteen, not eight.” Auntie declared, “And I’m his aunt, not some cute girl at the beach, he’s not checking me out.”

“Yeah mom.” I lied through my teeth, “Aunties was just giving me a hug and like she said, she’s my aunt.”

An aunt that had caused a raging hard on that I was careful to keep my hand over until mom’s anger sufficiently shrank the bulge in my shorts.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Dad came into the room.

“This slut was all but giving our son a damn lap dance!”

“Come on Stella!” Dad shook his head, “Do you hear yourself?”

“Look at her? Her tits were just about slapping him in the face and she may as well be in a thong!”

“Like you’d know what a thong is.” Auntie smirked.

“She’s wearing a robe, Stella.” Dad said as he walked over to us.

When he reached mom’s side he looked at auntie and frowned, “Um, well okay, a uh, open robe.”

I held back a laugh as my father’s eyes lingered on auntie’s body for a few moments, before looking away.

‘That, um, is a little much Madison.”

“Not enough is more like it.” Mom pointed out.

“Fine.” Auntie tied her robe tightly, “I will go out and find a one piece bathing suit at a store for old ladies. Would that be okay?”

“What would be okay is if you kept your slutty hands off my son.” Mom demanded.

“Really, Stella?” Auntie waved disgustedly at her, “You really think I would tease my nephew?”

“You’d tease our father if you could.” Mom said.

“Damn, mom!” I gasped.

“I don’t have to take this.” Auntie began to walk towards the stairs that led up to her room. “I’ll pack and be gone in a half hour.”

“Madison, you’re going to stay.” Dad told her. “We’re all going to calm down then talk later.”

“Let her go.” Mom said.

Auntie gave her a dirty look then headed up the stairs.

The doorbell rang and dad said, “Foods here.”

“Whatever, I’m not hungry!” Mom turned and left the room, heading for their bedroom.

“Shit.” Tossing a couple of twenties on the coffee table, dad said, “Henry, pay for the food and help yourself; I have to go talk to your mother.”

He followed mom and jumped off the couch. I quickly paid for the food, letting the driver keep the six dollars so I wouldn’t have to wait for him to dig out change. I put the bags on the dining room table and ran down into my room. What dad never realized when he’d converted half the basement into my room was I could hear anything that went on from any room on the first floor through the vents that helped heat the house.

Of course I had learned the hard way not to listen at night under my parent’s room. I might have a thing for my aunt, but hearing mom moan and yelp when dad was fucking her wasn’t anything I needed to hear. I went over to the corner and stood on my weight bench.

“I’m telling you, I saw her through the window before I walked in and she looked like she was trying to make out with him!” Mom yelled.

“Stella, she was just being affectionate. It’s not her fault she looks like that.”

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