Revealing truth behind Aunt’s nick name – part 3

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“Two hundred for a fuck and tell you what some of those guys were a pretty good time on top of it.” She sighed, her breath hot on my chest. “Hard to call it works sometimes. But that’s not the reason, that was years ago.”

“Then I guess I don’t know.”

“You don’t? Then I guess I haven’t been trying hard enough.”

Her leg shifted further onto mine and I cringed as she was now inches from my throbbing cock. She remained silent for a moment then reached out and moved the mouse on the laptop.

“Let’s see what you were watching.” The screen came up to mom’s e-mails from her and she grunted. “And why are we in your mom’s e-mails?”


“Maybe you were looking for that video your mother was yelling about so loudly I could hear her from over their head?” she laughed, “The vents in this house are something! I know if I heard them, you did.”

“Auntie, please I…”

“Let’s see.” She moved the mouse over her email and opened it, quickly clicking on the video.

“Ah yes. Good old Chad, he was a lot of fun!” she purred in my ear, “What a cock that boy has! He played along pretty good too, didn’t he?”


I stopped when she pressed her finger to my lips. “Shh, let’s watch.”

I lay there confused and scared. At this point I was screwed. Auntie knew I knew and she was probably going to discover my hard work any minute now. My mind raced with what that meant. Either she was going to make fun of me for the rest of my life or maybe she was…

“Hmm I can just taste that cock now,” she whispered. “Feel it dripping down my throat.”

“Oh, man.” I moaned as she pressed her tits against me.

“If only there was a nice young hard cock here right now that I could get my hands on.”

Moving quickly, I shut the laptop and closed my eyes and tried to tell myself I was dreaming.

“Aww, it was getting to the part where he fucked me!”

“Auntie, I…really don’t know what you want and…”

“After that video you still don’t?” pressing her lips to my ear, she purred, “Honey, I want you.”

“N…no, you…you’re screwing with me, I…oh!”

Aunty slid her thigh up and across my swollen cock and as I groaned began working it back and forth.

“Not wearing any underwear and hard as a rock.” She said in my ear, “You were jerking off to your aunt fucking her nephew weren’t you?”

“I…I’m sorry auntie.” I moaned as her legs pressed harder against my cock.

“Why? I’m not. In fact I’m glad you want me, but I always knew you did.”

“You…you did?”

“Honey, you don’t think I felt that hard cock next to me? You don’t think I knew you went to the bathroom to jack off? Better yet, I was awake that night. You rubbed one out in your shorts next to me. I wanted you bad Henry, but you were too young so I just left it at teasing you. But now?”

She slid her hand under the sheet and I gasped when she grabbed my cock.

“Now you’re a man and,” she squeezed my cock causing me to moan pathetically, “One who has nothing to be ashamed of!” she pumped my cock, “Nothing at all.”

“Auntie, please…” I moaned, “Please don’t tease me.”

“Tease you? Honey I’m not going to tease you. My poor nephew is all worked up and only a bad auntie would leave him that way.”

Letting my cock go, she tossed the sheet back, the lap top rolled off and almost went off the bed, but all I cared about was staring at Aunties hand when it wrapped around my shaft. Her long slender fingers with their red nails looked incredible and as she pumped it she gave me a squeeze causing more pre cum to squirt from the tip.

“No worries, my beautiful nephew, your Auntie maddy will take care of this hard cock.” She slid her palm over the sensitive head and rubbed it back and forth.

“Yeah, let’s get this nice big dick all wet now.” She said softly, pumping it again.

She was moving her hand slowly, making me feel every inch of my cock beneath her touch. My shaft was now glistening with my sticky pre cum, but her hand felt even better than before.

“So you know I’m not lying, you saw that video. I played that out with several young men. Made them call me Auntie if they wanted me to fuck and suck them. Called them my nephew when they licked my pussy and shoved their sweet hard cocks into my dripping pussy. Told them to take their Auntie, to fuck me like the nasty whore I am.”

“Oh, my God!” I moaned as she began stroking me faster.

“I am a dirty whore aren’t I, Henry? Thinking about my nephew like that. But you’re a bad boy because you wanted me to think that way, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” My hands were by my sides and I clutched the sheets as she continued to tease me with her hand. “Oh yes!”

“I like that.” She flicked her tongue across my ear, causing me to shiver. “I like that little whimper in your voice, Henry. But see the problem is that’s a little boy noise. You’re a man now.”


“Don’t be. I expected you to be scared when I finally showed you I want you, so I’ll let it slide. Tonight you can be a nervous little boy getting a hand job from his caring Aunt who doesn’t want him to go to bed horny.”

“H…hand job?”

“I’m going to jerk this nice cock until you cum for me. Until you show Auntie the nice big load you have for her.”

“Oh.” I groaned,

“Why did you want more than that?” she asked, her tongue again teasing around my ear.


“What did you want, my bad little nephew?”

“I…oh” I lost my train of thought when Auntie’s hand slipped down my cock and massaged my swollen balls.

“Did you want your slutty aunt to suck your cock for you? To give you a nice blow job? The kind your little girlfriends haven’t learned how to give yet? You want your Aunt Maddy to let you cum in her mouth? Take every drop for you?”

“Y…yes.” I groaned as she resumed stroking my quivering cock.

“Then what? You want Auntie to spread her legs and let you lick her pussy? Teach you how to really make a woman cum?”

“I…I want to suck on your tits.” I moaned.

“Ohh, I like that! See I’ll want more of that tomorrow night!”


“Hmm-mm!” she nodded as she slowed her stroking, causing my hips to start to thrust in desperation. I needed to cum so bad!

“Yes honey. Tomorrow your slutty aunt will give you anything you want, but you have to be a man, not a boy!”

“W…what do you mean?”

“What I mean is tonight you’re nervous and that’s okay. So I’ll give you a little treat, I’ll take care of you the way a young boy takes care of himself, but tomorrow I’ll give you a chance to be a man and treat me like the nasty pig I am.”

“Treat you…”

“Oh, yeah Henry, tomorrow night if you want me, you’ll take me. I’ll help you along, but I don’t want to be with a boy, I want to be with a man! Think you can fuck your horny aunt the way a real man can?”

“I…I want to!”

“And I want you too!” Auntie released my cock and as I whimpered, she laughed, “None of that tomorrow night! That’s why I’m going to give you a little ice breaker tonight, show you I’ll be anything you want me to be!”

Auntie backed down the bed, then swung her long leg over my hips, sat up, straddling me. Grabbing my cock she pressed it against her crotch and rocked her hips. I moaned at the feeling of the silky material against my shaft and she sighed, “Hmm that is hard, teasing myself right now.”

She rocked her hips faster releasing my cock; she slid up so that it was pinned between my stomach and her crotch. She remained still and I moved my hips, moaning at how hot her pussy was even through the material. Sitting up straight, Aunty reached back and unhooked her bra. My eyes widened as she slid the straps from her shoulders and was holding the cups pinned to her tits.

“How about a little motivation for my sexy nephew to cum nice and hard for his Auntie maddy?”

“Please.” I gasped as she pumped her hips hard into my cock.

“Please…?” she raised her eyebrows.

“Auntie, can I please see your tits?”

“Oh, you naughty boy!” she laughed, “But your mommy did teach you manners.”

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