Intruder made Adam and his mom do weird activities – 03

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I tensed up at the sound of his voice and mom said softly, “Just me, baby, just focus on me. You’re doing just fine.” She returned to kissing me and I gasped when her tongue darted out and pushed against my lips. I parted them and Mom sighed as her tongue entered my mouth and caressed mine.

She was now rocking front to back, grinding her hips in my lap and even through her thong and my shorts I could feel the heat between her legs. Her hard nipples were poking into my chest and she was now moaning softly as her tongue played against mine.

“Yeah, work him up, mom! Bet it isn’t the first time he’s been hard on you!”

Mom’s hands had slipped between us and were rubbing my chest again and I felt a sense of the surreal come over me as my mother gave me the equivalent of a lap dance while some guy with a gun watched.

“Grab her ass!”

His tone was firmer than before and recalling his words that he was done playing, I dropped my hand down mom’s back until I was cupping the cheeks of her ass. Mom gasped when I gave them a hard squeeze and so did I at how firm her ass really was. She ground harder into my lap and I had no doubt she could feel how hard I was. We were both sweating and it added to the sensation of our now slick chests rubbing together.

“Okay, enough making out, Adam, tell your mother you want to suck her tits.”

Mom sat back on my lap, and once again cupped her breasts. I stared longingly at them, but couldn’t move.

“Let’s go Adam!” I was aware of movement and saw him get up. Coming over, he pushed the lamp off the end table and sat on it, so he was only a couple of feet to our left. “Say it!”

“Mom….can I…”

“I said tell her, don’t ask her!” he said forcefully. “You’re taking your mother, not asking permission!”

Just like the movies, I told myself, but remained silent. I jumped as I leaned over, Lydia swung his hand and slapped mom’s ass, hard. She cried out and I immediately blurted, “Mom, put your fucking tit in my mouth!”

“Oh, perfect!” he laughed.

“Yes, baby!” Mom said softly and leaning forward pushed her right tit into my face.

Feeling like a drowning man going down for the last time, I opened my mouth and quickly sucked her hard pink nipple into it.

“Oh, yes.” Mom purred and started rocking again.

“You like your son sucking your tits, you little slut?”

“Oh, yes!” she moaned as I swirled my tongue around her hard nub, “I love my baby, sucking my tits! I want him to have anything he wants!”

I switched and as I sucked on her other nipple, Mom wrapped her arms around me and played with my hair.

“Tongue it; I want to see your tongue on that nipple.”

I obediently opened my mouth and despite my nervousness, made a show of tracing a slow wet circle around mom’s swollen flesh.

“Yeah, that looks good.” Lydia said softly, “The two of you look hot together, shit I jerked off watching at the pool today and this is even better!”

Mom grabbed my wrist and brought my hand to her other breast. I rolled her nipple between my fingertips and her moan sent a shiver through me. Either she was one hell of an actress or…

“Pinch it! Make her squeal!”

I shook my head around her nipple, but when Lydia raised his hand to slap her ass again, I gave her a hard pinch. Mom yelped, and with a laugh he said, “Do it again.” I did as he said and she yelped louder this time. I took that nipple gently into my mouth and started playing with the other. Without him asking I gave it a light pinch, but mom yelped as if I had done it much harder.

“You getting nice and wet mommy?” he asked, “You all worked up grinding on your son’s cock?”

“Yes,” she moaned as I continued to work her nipples.

“Is he hard on his mommy?”

“Oh, very hard.” She purred, causing me to blush.

“Hey Adam, right? Are you nice and hard for your slut mother?”

“Yeah,” I moaned around her nipple as she started moving her hips in circles around my trapped cock.

“So you got your hot mother almost naked and willing to do anything you want. What do you want her to do, Adam?”

I knew what he wanted me to say because the image of my mother on her knees at the pool surged into my mind. I envisioned the mother son fantasy movies I had watched and thought of those sons getting blow jobs from their horny mothers. But they were actors, not real blood and…

“Answer me, what do you want mommy to do for you?”

I leaned away from her nipples and looked up into her face, saw she was as flushed as I was and her red hair was beginning to stick to her sweat slicked cheeks. Again she gave me a wink, “Go ahead, baby, tell mommy what you want.”

“You want her to suck your cock don’t you? Want her to get on her knees and use that nasty mouth on you.”

“Yes.” I said simply.

“Not good enough, tell her!”

“Mom, I want you to…”

“Better!” he snarled.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock!” I snapped, my nerves lending force to my words.

“I’d love to.” Mom said with a convincing smile. She slid off of my lap and stood in front of me, before making a show of slowly dropping to her knees. “I’ve been dying to suck my son’s cock.”

“Bet you have, you pig!”

Mom placed her hands on my chest and tongued my nipple. Another shiver went through me and I moaned when her right hand dropped into my lap and squeezed my aching cock through my shorts.


“Oh, yes.” She purred, “Nice and hard for your mother, aren’t you baby?”

I looked into her blue eyes as she tongued my nipple. I could feel her soft tits against my stomach and moaned, “Oh, yes.”

“Then let’s see it! Get his pants off and suck that cock!”

Mom lowered her head, her tongue trailing down my stomach. As she licked and sucked the skin just above my waist band, she deftly unsnapped my shorts and pulled my zipper down. My body was trembling as she reached around to my sides and pushed my shorts and underwear down.

“Lift up.”

I lifted my hips and mom quickly tugged my pants down past my knees. My swollen cock sprang free and Lydia exclaimed, “Fuck, he is hard!”

Even though he should have been my main concern, I was more caught up in mom’s reaction to my cock. Her blue eyes not only widened, but she ran the tip of her tongue across her lips and whispered, “Oh, goddamn.” I looked down and felt a sick thrill go through me at the sight of my fairly sizable cock, hard and dripping inches from my mother’s face.

“You like that cock, mom” he mocked, “You want to taste your son?”

“I…” Mom started to reach for my cock, and then stopped. “If he tells me to.”

“Wow, have you played this game before?” He clapped his hands again, “You heard her, Adam.”

I avoided looking at him and staring down at my dick positioned in front of my mother, I lost all form of control, “Mom, put my cock in your mouth.”

“Stroke it first.” He told her, “I want to see you play with it.” He looked over at me, “That okay, Adam? Wouldn’t it be better if mommy teases you a little?”

My answer turned into a groan when Mom grabbed my cock at the base and gave it a squeeze. I moaned again as a thick stream of pre cum squirted out and mom stroked me. My hips jerked when she reached the sensitive head and rubbed her palm across it, getting a handful of my sticky fluid.

She worked her now slick hand up and down and at this point I was barely aware of our perverted captor sitting next to me, all I could focus on was the sight of mom’s slender fingers wrapped around my thick, glistening shaft.

Mom brought her other hand up and I whimpered as she massaged my balls while stroking me. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and were wide and bright. There was a look on her face just like the women in those movies, a look of desire.

“How’s your boy’s hard cock feel?”

“Amazing,” she said quietly.

“It’s a nice big one isn’t it? Bet it’s harder than your husband’s.” He laughed, “How’s that feeling Adam? You like getting a hand job from mom?”

“I…Oh!” I moaned loudly as sitting up, Mom let my cock go, but grabbing her tits, wrapped them around it

“Your slutty mother is into this!” Lydia shook his head, “I didn’t even think of that! Go ahead and tit fuck her.”

Mom had already started to bounce causing my hard cock to slide between her soft tits. I moaned and thrust my hips watching her tits get wet from my oozing cock. Mom lowered her head and the next time my cock slid through, flicked her tongue across the head.

“Oh!” I moaned, causing a laugh from beside me.

I thrust my hips hard and parting her lips, mom let the head of my cock slide between them. I gasped at the sensation of her soft lips and strained to push harder, to get it further into her mouth.

“Tell her, Adam.”

“Oh, please suck my cock!” I whined, “Please don’t tease me, mom.”

“Man, the two of you can’t even pretend anymore can you?”

Mom released her tits and once again grabbed the base of my cock, slowly teased her tongue around the head before opening her mouth and taking me deep into it. I cried out at the incredible feeling of her warm wet mouth as she engulfed my cock. I gasped at the feeling of her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft, then again at the feeling of her tongue sliding out across my balls.

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