Intruder made Adam and his mom do weird activities – 04

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I slid my cock from inside her and standing, mom stepped around me and putting her hands on my chest shoved me down into the chair. As soon as I was sitting, I cried out as I was bending over, mom put her head in my lap and sucked on me.

“Oh, shit, that’s hot.” Lydia groaned, his hand busy on his cock.

Mom released my cock and licked her lips, laughed, “Bad boy, you taste like your mother!”

Putting her back to me, mom leaned backwards. Bracing her hands on the arms of the chair, she placed her back against my chest. Raising her legs, she put one foot on each of my knees and reached between our legs, grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy.

She let her weight go and we both cried out as she impaled herself on my cock. I pumped my hips and relaxed against my back, mom started yelping again with each hard thrust.

Mom’s head was resting on my shoulder and reaching up; she grabbed my hair and turned my face to hers. She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me and shoving her tongue into my mouth. I eagerly accepted it and moaned as she raised herself up and down, driving down harder on my cock.

Grabbing my hand, she brought it around her waist and placed it between her legs. Holy shit, I thought as my fingers found her hard clit and rubbed it, what kind of movies had she been watching?

“Yeah, rub that clit; I want to cum on my son’s cock!” She purred.

“Fucking wild cat you got there!” Lydia laughed, “Jesus, your mother’s fucking hot, isn’t she?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “Ride that cock!” I said in my mother’s ear, “Oh, mom you feel so fucking good!”

“Hmm,” she cooed, “Keep rubbing and I’ll keep riding!”

I pressed harder against her clit and moved my fingers as fast as I could. I put my other arm around her and found her right nipple playing with it. Mom was moaning in my ear and thrusting herself harder onto my cock.

“Yes, yes!” she cried, “A little faster, a little more, Oh baby!!” Mom howled those last words and her pussy squeezed my cock hard as she went off like a rocket.

Mom stopped moving and taking my cue I started fucking her, thrusting my cock as hard as I could into her convulsing pussy. Mom moaned and arching her back paused, before slamming herself back down on me.

Again she screamed and this time it was my cock that received that hot sticky wave of my fluid as my mother came. She slumped against me gasping and wrapping my arms around her waist I fucked her as hard as I could.

“Oh, fuck!” Mom moaned, “That’s it, fucking give it to me!”

“Get off him.” Lydia called out, “You know how you really want your son to take you!”

Mom lifted herself off of my cock and with a groan of effort slipped off of the chair. As she stood in front of it, I saw her sway and felt a sense of accomplishment at the fact I had made her cum so hard she could barely stand. Reaching down, she grabbed my hand and pulled.

I came to my feet, feeling my own legs threatening to give out. Mom put her back to me and climbed onto the chair. This time she put her knees on the arms, spreading herself wide open and putting her forearms across the top of the chair rested her head on them. Turning to look back at me, she asked, “What are you waiting for? Come fuck me, take me on my knees, like the slut I am!”

“Oh my God.” I whispered, in awe at the sight of mom’s amazing ass and pussy pointing at me.

I could see her pussy dripping down her glistening thighs and took in her little pink rosebud as well. Mom’s hair was plastered to her sweaty back and I can’t remember ever seeing anything so hot, even in the movies.

“Go on,” Lydia panted, “Fuck her!”

I looked over to see he was now standing there with his cock in his hand stroking it, but making no move to come any closer. Doing my best to ignore him, I stepped forward and grabbed mom’s hips, entering her in one long thrust.

“Oh, fuck that’s deep!” She called out.

I stayed there with my cock buried inside her, enjoying the feeling of her hot pussy embracing every inch of my hard flesh. I eased it out to the tip, then plunging it back inside started fucking her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Mom screamed as I hammered away on her pussy.

“That’s a good boy!” Lydia yelled, “Take your mother’s pussy! That’s your pussy isn’t it?”

“Yes!” I moaned in agreement as I continued my assault on my mother.

“It is a baby!” Mom joined in, “Anytime you want it! Anyway you want it! Your mommy’s pussy is all yours!”

“Pull her fucking hair! Really give it to her!”

I grabbed the end of mom’s sweat soaked hair and pulled back hard on it. Mom yelped and lifting her head from the chair arched her back. That caused my cock to enter her at a different angle and mom screamed, “Oh my fucking god! Oh, baby you’re fucking your mother so hard and I fucking love it!”

“That’s it, just fuck her now!” Lydia moaned, “As hard as you can! Fuck her until you cum!”

That wasn’t going to be much longer as my already tired legs were starting to shake and I could feel my balls gathering for release. Letting mom’s hair go, I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them open to better enjoy the view of my cock tearing into her pussy. My eyes fixed on her asshole and sliding my hand over, I drove a finger into it.

Mom cried out in surprise and Lydia moaned,”Fuck, even I didn’t think of that.”

I moaned at the sensation of feeling my cock sliding along my finger through the thin skin between mom’s ass and pussy and Mom’s squeals of delight were telling me she loved it as well. Mom rose up and bracing her hands on the back of the chair, rocked back and forth, shoving my cock even deeper into her.

I was fucking her so hard my balls were slapping against her pussy and she was now wailing continuously as I hammered away on her hot little box. I cried out as she contracted her pussy and ass around my cock, milking it as I fucked her.

I gasped at the feeling of the cum flowing up through my cock and began moaning in between each thrust. The moans turned to whimpers and after several more savage pumps, I cried out and withdrew my cock.

“Hold it!” Lydia called out.

Like they did in the movies I squeezed the base of my cock, moaning at the effort to hold back my cum. Mom had slipped off of the chair onto her knees and grabbed my cock from me, pointed it at her face and opened her mouth.

I released my cock and cried out as a tremendous spurt of cum erupted onto my mother’s waiting tongue. Mom jerked my cock, and the next spurt struck her on the cheek, then her chin. Mom turned her face so I would get that side as well.

I stood there, moaning and watching, as my mother used my spurting cock to paint her face. I heard a gasp and turned to see Lydia pumping his cock fast and hard. He cried out and a long thick spurt of cum shot from the tip of his cock and to my dismay went far enough to strike the side of Mom’s face.

Mom either didn’t notice or chose not to react to it and a second spurt struck her neck. I was helpless to say anything as she was still stroking my own spurting cock, which she had now pointed lower to spray her tits.

I released a whimper as the last of my load oozed from my spent cock. Mom quickly leaned forward and taking it in her mouth caused me to cry out as she sucked hard enough to get a couple of more drops from me.

Next to us, Lydia moaned and almost fell back into his chair as the last of his cum splattered onto the floor near the chair. Exhausted I sank to my knees next to mom and stared at her sweating, cum covered face. Seeing Lydia’s cum on her cheek and shoulder sent a surge of anger through me and I snapped,

“You fucking asshole! How dare you?”

I started to try to get up, but mom grabbed my shoulder and leaned over and said in my ear, “If that’s the worst that happens, it’s okay, Adam.”

“I…I didn’t mean to.” Lydia said, causing me to look at him in surprise. “I really just wanted to watch.” Looking directly at mom, he added, “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well take your sorry ass out of my house, you got what you wanted, you twisted fuck, now go!”

And she didn’t want me to start up? Lydia stared at us and stood; pulled his pants up over his still dripping cock. To my relief he backed away from us towards the door.

“I’m going, but lady, you have to be kidding to say I’m the twisted fuck. The two of you went at it like porn stars. I was just an excuse for you sickos’ to have at it.”

He had continued to back away and was now next to the front door. Reaching behind him to grab the handle, Lydia laughed, “Hey, you should be thanking me; I gave you the chance to break the ice!”

Opening the door he stepped through it and slammed it shut behind him. The second he left I should have felt a sense of relief, but instead my body started to shake and I felt as if I were going to pass out. Mom asked, “Adam, are you okay?”

“I…Oh, my god, mom!” I exclaimed, “What the hell did we just do?”

Mom didn’t answer right away, instead her eyes stared into mine and she seemed to be waiting for me to say more, when I didn’t she said softly, “We did what we had to.”

She reached over and grabbed my shirt from the floor, started to wipe cum from her face. I noticed her hand was shaking and putting mine on her shoulder I asked, “What about you, mom, are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded then gave me a tired smile, “Hell two orgasms and fucked by a guy half your age is many women’s idea of a good time.”

“But not if it’s their son.” I said, “Jesus, mom, what about dad?”


“And,” I continued, my voice cracking, “What about us?”

“First of all, we are not going to tell your father. I told you that when we started.” She rolled her eyes, “I think you know why.”


“Adam, neither of us got hurt. The whacko even said he was sorry about cumming on me, there is no reason for dad to know, all it will do is freak him out.”

“Okay.” I nodded, “I guess you’re right, but we, I mean…I…”

“Adam, it’s okay.” Tossing the shirt away, she slid over and put her arms around me. I was aware of her tits pressing into me and the fact we were totally naked. It hadn’t bothered me a few minutes ago, but now that it was over I felt like it should. Still, it felt good to have her arms around me and I hugged her back tightly.

“Listen, baby.” She said in my ear. “We did what he wanted so he wouldn’t do worse. You and I just went through a tough experience and you were amazing during it, but now you’re scared and that’s okay, but don’t worry about what we did, it’s why we’re okay now and like I told you, we were just acting out…”

“Mom,” I paused, then went ahead with what was really bothering me, “Were you acting?”

Mom kept her arms on my shoulders, but eased back until she was looking at me. “What do you mean?”

“You know, I mean I know we had to, but you were really into it and some of the things you did he didn’t ask for and you seemed calm and…” I shrugged, “You still seem calm, you even made a joke about it. So were you acting?”

Mom gave me an odd smile, “Were you?”

“Huh?” I asked, caught off guard.

“Were you acting baby? Because you sure didn’t need much coaxing once we got going and at the end you couldn’t fuck me fast enough.” I started to blush and she made it worse with her next question. “So, do you really watch incest porn?”

“I…um…” I couldn’t keep looking at her and turned my head and whispered, “Yes, but it didn’t mean I wanted to do that, I…it was just kind of…”

“I watch it too.” Mom said.

I turned back to look at her and started to speak, but she put her finger to my lips

“Adam, like I said this was a bizarre situation and maybe we were so caught up in doing what we had to do that adrenalin took over and we got into it, or maybe this perv was right and we wanted each other. One way or another, there is a lot to talk about, but we’re both exhausted and not thinking straight so this is what I want you to do.”

Pointing down the wall she said, “I want you to go take a long hot shower and go to bed.”

“Mom, no way can I sleep! I…”

“You’re coming off one hell of an emotional rush, you’d be surprised. Now do as I ask, if nothing else lay there and rest your body. I’m going to,” she frowned at the puddle of Lydia’s cum on the floor. “Clean up and do the same thing.”

“I’ll clean up,” I told her.

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