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“Please, Adam, like I said, she is a woman and honestly I like the idea of other guys wanting what I have. So, don’t worry about it. It might be a little awkward for you with your friends, but you can deal with it.”

“Yeah, well she’s being really affectionate lately too, and…” I sighed, “She’s making me a little uncomfortable.”

Dad turned so that he was standing directly in front of me and with an odd look on his face, asked, “How so? What do you mean uncomfortable?”

Shit, what an idiot! What was I supposed to do, tell my father my mother was getting me horny?

“Adam?” He was looking at me and seemed excited for some reason.

“Oh, well, uh…she’s kind of like hanging on me and the ways she’s dressing.”

“I still don’t see what you’re getting at.” He shook his head.

“Dad, she was on her knees and you said you knew what it looked like.” I put my head down feeling like a moron.

“I was just kidding about that!” Dad laughed, “I knew nothing was happening.”

“But…it just wasn’t proper I guess.” I looked back up at him. “She crawled over to me, like…”


“I felt like I was in some type of weird sick movie.” I heard my voice crack and was surprised that I was starting to get upset. Looking away as I spoke, I added, “I felt like she was messing with me.”

Dad stared at me for a moment then nodded as if in resignation, “Okay, well seeing you’re thinking like that I’ll fess up; I was watching out the window and mom saw me and was putting on a show for me. She wasn’t trying to make you feel weird.”

“Oh.” I said, instantly feeling better.

“And as far as being affectionate goes, your mom is lonely when I’m gone, plus she misses you wanting to be close to her, so just let her get close to you okay? It makes her feel good.” He smiled, “Can you do that for me? Be good to your mother when I’m not around?”

“Sure.” I told him with a smile. “I’ll take good care of her.”

“Good,” he said with a wink, “That’s what I was hoping you’d say.”


I opened my eyes at the sound of someone yelling. I sat up quickly in the recliner then rolled my eyes when I realized it was only the TV. I dozed off during the Sox game and the announcer had begun yelling when one of the Indian’s hit a two run bomb over the green monster. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes until I could make out the score.

“Six to nothing?” I sighed and slumping back in the comfortable chair wished I’d stayed asleep.

I picked up the remote and pointed it at the TV preparing to change the channel when Mom said from behind me, “Hey I wanted to watch some of that?”

“Why bother?” I asked, but replaced the remote on the arm of the chair, “They’re losing.”

“Don’t be a fair weather fan.” Mom chided, “And how come you’re not on the couch?”

She had walked around in front of me and I saw immediately why I had not picked the couch. Mom was wearing a short red robe that barely went down past her ass, leaving her long legs bare. The robe was tied tightly around her waist, but the chest was open far enough to show almost as much of her tits as the bikini did this morning.

When I had come into the living room I had headed for the couch, but recalling how she had been hanging all over me lately had chosen the chair. I had definitely made the right choice. There was no way in hell I needed to have her that close to me dressed like that.

“I figured I would let you stretch out if you wanted too.” I told her.

Mom stepped in front of me, blocking the TV and placing her hands on the arms of the chair, leaned over. My eyes widened as I thought for a second her tits were going to fall out, but I saw a hint of black lace. I was still confronted with way more cleavage than was comfortable, but a bra was always a plus, especially these days.

“Aww, but baby, I wanted to sit in the chair tonight.”

She gave me the pout and as I stared at her, I took in how soft and smooth her features were even without make up and how her long red hair looked down and lying across the robe. My eyes focused on those perfect lips and I had to say, mother or not, she really was beautiful.

“I’ll move.” I said, “You can have the chair.”

I made to get up, hoping she would stand up and get her tits out of my line of sight, but instead she gave me a huge smile, “Hey, how about we both sit here!”

Mom turned around and before I could react, sat down in my lap. Turning to the side, she draped her long legs over the side of the chair and put her arm around my shoulders and laughed, “How’s this!”

“Mom!” I exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

“Sitting on your lap silly,” looking up into my face, she smiled, “It’s only fair, how many years did you sit in my lap?”

“Yeah, but I was a kid.” I told her, trying to ignore the way her robe had ridden up to show her lush thighs.

“So, for tonight I can be your little girl.” Mom put on the pout, but more disconcerting was the way she started wiggling in my lap.

I was wearing a thin pair of running shorts and her ass was grinding directly on my cock. Her hair was in my face and I could smell her raspberry scented shampoo. I turned my head away and stared at her long legs, which she was now playfully kicking back and forth.

Turning from her legs, I made the mistake of looking straight down and was now confronted with a glimpse of her black lace covered tits. Even to my dismay my cock started to swell. I wondered why the hell she would be wearing a bra like that at night.

That thought turned into wondering if her panties, if she was even wearing any, would match. The thought my mother’s bare pussy could be pressing into my lap caused my cock to grow more rapidly and I swallowed hard as I wondered if it were smooth or if she would have a nice red fiery bush.

Mom brought me out of my improper musings when she slid further down and her ass rubbed across my now noticeably hard cock. I had to bite back a moan at the contact and hoped to hell she couldn’t feel it.

Mom was smiling at me, but had been since she had come over. I returned the smile as best I could and as I thought of how to tell her to get the hell off me I turned to the side and my eyes widened. The window on that side of the parlor was open with the blinds up. There was a three family house next door and anyone looking this way would be able to see right in the room.

My parents were friendly with all three couples that lived there and if they looked over what they would see is my half dressed mother sitting on her son’s lap like a playful girlfriend.

Even though my father didn’t seem bothered by mom’s weird behavior, I didn’t need the neighbors wondering if there was something a little strange going on when dad wasn’t around.

“Mom, people can see in the window!” I told her.

Mom peered over and shrugged, “Yeah, so what?”

“You’re half dressed and…” I stopped myself from pointing out that she appeared to be all over her son.

“I’m wearing a lot more than when I’m swimming.”

Well that was true, I thought dryly.

“Besides, the Morrison’s go out every Friday night, Bill and Nancy on the second floor went away for the weekend and the third floor can’t see in here.” She gestured to the other side of the room that faced the street. “The blinds are down where anyone could see from the street.”

“Yeah, but still…” I glanced back out the open window and froze when I saw a tall figure looking over the fence from the yard next door.

Because the light was on inside and it was dark outside I couldn’t make out any details except to see over the fence they had to be pretty tall and their shoulders were wide, telling me it was a guy; a pretty big guy. They were facing the window and I had no doubt had been staring into it.

“Mom, let me up!” I exclaimed, sitting up so fast, I almost dumped her off my lap.

Mom gave a startled yelp and as I surged to my feet, she managed to get hers on the floor. She staggered slightly, catching my arm for balance and yelled, “Adam, what’s the matter with you?”

“There’s…” I pointed out the window, but saw the figure had gone. “There was someone next door, staring at us!”

Mom walked closer to the window, pulling her robe tighter around her as she did. Leaning over she shut the lamp off on the end table so she could see better and looked out the window. “I don’t see anyone Adam.”

“They were there, staring over the fence.” Walking over to the door, I slipped my sneakers on, “I’m going to go out back and look around.”

“Don’t bother, it was probably Jimmy from the third floor, he’s a nosebag. Wouldn’t be surprised if he were that peeping Tom people said they saw last summer.” She turned away from the window and to my relief pulled the blind down before turning the lamp back on.

“I don’t think so mom. That fence back there is five feet and it was only up to this guy’s chest, Jimmy’s five seven if he’s lucky.” I grabbed the doorknob, “I’ll be right back.”

“Adam, don’t worry about it.” She said, and then patted the chair, “Come back and sit down,” she sighed, “If you don’t want me sitting on your lap, just say so, don’t make up an excuse to get up.”

“No, it’s…” I paused, confused, I really hadn’t wanted her there, but now I didn’t want to make her feel bad. “I saw someone mom, I swear and dad’s not home and who knows? Maybe it’s someone who’s been watching us.”

Mom gave me an odd look, and then pursed her lips as if she were thinking hard about something. After a minute, she nodded and said, “Okay, go ahead, but I know there’s no one there.”

“I’ll be right back.”

I opened the door and after closing it behind me, took a few steps around towards the back yard. I stopped when I remembered the sensor light was out in the back and quickly went back into the house to grab the flashlight.

When I opened the door, mom was on the phone with her back to me and I heard her say, “Not going to happen this way.” She paused, “So do it the other way we talked about.”

Mom must have heard me walking past her, as she turned around, her eyes wide, and stammered, “Uh, hey Merlinl. Hold on okay?” pulling the phone from her ear, she asked, “I thought you were going out back.”

“I want the flashlight.” I walked into the dining room and pulled open the drawer in the hutch and pulled out the flashlight. As I turned it on to make sure it worked, I asked, “Who are you talking to?”

“Merlin from next door,” she placed her hand over the phone, “We were talking about how she’s planning a party for Roger.”


I walked past her and headed for the door, heard her call out, “Hey Adam, they’re not coming home tonight and the reason she called was she couldn’t remember if she locked the back door, can you check for her?”

“Yeah, sure,” I answered while going back outside.

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