Flings with neighbor’s attractive daughter – 03

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“I think Tom has too many clothes on,” I said, grabbing his shirt.

“Oh, let me!” Carla laughed, and as Tom raised his arms, eagerly peeled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side

“Hmmm,” Carla purred as she ran her hands up and down his chest. “Damn, you’re hot!”

“And you’re perfect!” Tom exclaimed, and wrapping his arms around her waist, drew her into a hard kiss.

Carla yelped in surprise, but then moaned as his mouth devoured hers. I pushed my dress down over my hips and kicked it aside. Now wearing just my red thong, I stepped up behind Carla and moving her hair began kissing her back as I fondled her firm little ass. She cooed delightedly and started grinding her ass back into my hands.

I began trailing my lips down the smooth creamy skin of her back. Sinking to my knees behind her, I started sucking on the cheek of her ass. Carla moaned and I looked up to see she was now leaning into Tom who was still sucking on her nipple.

She was looking over her shoulder at me and grabbing her hips, I turned her so she was now facing Tom. Giving Tom a playful push, I said, “Why don’t you sit down for us, baby?”

Tom sat on the edge of the bed, and knowing from experience what I wanted, drew Carla down with him so she was now bent over in my face. I spread her cheeks open and with no hesitation plunged my tongue into her little pink rosebud. Carla squealed then called out,

“Oh, I like that! Elsa, you’re a dirty girl!”

I laughed then started swirling my tongue around the edges of her puckered hole, before pushing it inside. Carla moaned, wiggling her ass in my face. As I tongued her ass, deliberately teasing myself with the knowledge her deliciously young pussy was just inches from my mouth, I turned my head slightly and looked into the mirror over my bureau. Tom and I had many sexy guests in this room over the years and the mirror was positioned perfectly to be able to watch all the action on the bed.

Right now, Carla’s hands were on his shoulders while he continued to move his mouth from one nipple to the other. His large hands were around her thin waist and I was treated to the sight of myself on my knees behind her, my face buried in her tight little rear. I eased my tongue back and grabbed Carla’s arm just above her elbow. I tugged down on it and said,

“Why so shy, honey? Why don’t you see how excited Tom is to be playing with those pretty tits of yours?”

Carla quickly dropped her hand down onto Tom’s bulging crotch and groaned, “Damn, that’s hard!”

“All for you,” Tom told her. “Well, and my hot wife,” he added with a wink in the mirror.

“Nice save,” I told him while watching Carla rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“I want to suck on it!” she said looking up into his eyes. “Can I please suck your cock, Tom?”

“Trust me; you don’t have to say please!”

“My parents raised me to be a good girl!” she giggled, then cried out. I slid my hand up between her legs, and slipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. “Yes!” she moaned, her hips rocking back into my fingers.

“Oh, Carla,” I whispered as my fingers pushed deep inside of her hot and incredibly tight young slit.

“Faster, please, faster!” she whimpered.

“Why don’t you show me how you suck Tom’s cock, and if he likes it, I’ll go as fast as you want?”

Carla needed no coaxing and as I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of her juicy little slit, she unzipped Tom’s jeans. I smiled at her discovery. “No underwear? You were at the club like that? You guys are even nastier than I thought you’d be!”

“I think we’re feeling that way about you right about now,” Tom said softly, as he lifted his hips off the bed.

Carla pulled his jeans down over his hips and down to the floor and I licked my lips at the sight of Tom’s long thick cock springing free.

“It’s so big!” Carla cooed.

Quickly taking it in her hand, she began pumping it slowly and I felt a surge of heat flow through me at the look of pure lust on Carla’s face. Her tongue ran slowly over her lips and I held my breath as she lowered her head. Tom moaned softly as her full soft lips wrapped around the tip of his cock and it disappeared between them. I heard Carla moan in her throat and Tom gasped as with no warning she began sucking his cock fast and hard. My eyes widened at how well she was taking him deep into her throat and I recalled her saying if her parents only knew half of what she did.

Well a lot of what she did must be to suck cock, because she was talking Tom well over half way down with each quick suck and the look on his face was a cross between surprise and ecstasy. I could hear Carla noisily slurping on his cock and when I saw how wet he was from her mouth; my hand strayed between my legs and began rubbing my clit through my thong.

“Damn, that feels good!” As Tom put his hand on the back of her head, he said, laughing, “But slow down a little, trust me. “It’s not going anywhere, and Elsa wants a good show.”

He pointed to the mirror and I saw Carla turn her head slightly. I gave her a wink and then moaned as seeing me slowly eased Tom’s cock from her mouth, “How do I look sucking your husband’s cock?”

“You are a nasty little thing,” I replied, then leaning forward, took my eyes from her and plunged my tongue into the beautiful pink pussy that was winking out at me from between her thighs, Carla moaned loudly as I got my first taste of our horny little friend. I sucked hard, causing her to gasp and my eyes rolled back in my head as my mouth filled with her sticky juices.

“Don’t forget about me,” Tom told her.

I tangled my head just enough so that I could see the mirror while still probing Carla’s sweet snatch and watched her take his cock back into her mouth. This time she slowly bobbed her head and I started rubbing my clit harder when I saw her looking up at Tom with those big blue eyes as she blew him. I eased my tongue from inside her and took my time sliding it down through the soft folds of her pussy, heading for her clit. Carla whimpered around Tom’s cock and her hips twitched as I stopped and ran my tongue teasingly across the skin just below her swollen pink nub.

I gave that pink button a soft kiss causing another moan to come out around Tom’s thick cock and then gently took it between my lips. Carla whimpered and I started sucking on it while pumping my fingers more quickly in and out of her pussy. Carla started rocking her hips and I could feel her thighs starting to tremble against my face.

She had removed Tom’s cock from her mouth and was now running her pink tongue up and down his shaft. She was moaning from the effects of my tongue and her eyes were now closed. There was a look of bliss on her face as she took him back into her mouth that caused me to remove my face from between her legs and crawl around her so I was now kneeling next to her.

Carla whimpered in disappointment, but when she saw me reach out and begin to massage Tom’s balls, she smiled. “Are you going to share with me?”

“I would love to.” Pressing down on the small of her back, I urged her to sink to her knees. “And don’t you worry, Carla, you are going to cum so many times tonight you’ll lose track!”

“All I care about right now is Tom coming.” She winked as she lowered herself to the floor next to me. “Right in my mouth!”

She punctuated that remark by taking him deep and sliding her tongue out and working her mouth slowly back up, her protruding tongue pressed against his shaft. She removed his cock, and then with another lust-inspiring giggle, pointed his cock at my face. Tom was staring excitedly at me and sliding my tongue out shoved it into the slit of his dick. I pulled it back, taking a trail of pre-cum with me, and as he watched, slurped it back up.

“So hot,” Carla whispered, then yelped in surprise as I leaned over and shoved my tongue between her lips.

Overcoming her surprise, she eagerly sucked on my tongue and I thought she really was a nasty little thing. I slid my tongue from her mouth and after tracing a teasing circle around the head of his cock, took my husband deep into my hot wet mouth. Tom sighed as I took him all the way down to his balls and showing off for Carla eased my tongue out and started licking them.

“Wow.” She shook her head. “You can really suck cock!”

I winked at her then closing my eyes released a soft sigh of my own as I took my time enjoying Tom’s long thick cock. I began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm and as I did could feel Carla’s eyes on me. A moment later more than her eyes were on me and I moaned around Tom’s hard flesh as Carla’s fingers found my right nipple. I heard Tom moan louder and opened my eyes to see that Carla was massaging his balls as she played with my nipple. Sliding Tom’s cock for my mouth, I said, “I guess you have watched a few videos!”

Carla nodded and with a nasty smile leaned forward and began flicking her tongue along the head of Tom’s cock. She was looking at me expectantly and with a nasty smile of my own, I began licking the other side.

“Oh, fuck,” Tom groaned as he placed his hands on the backs of our heads.

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