Flings with neighbor’s attractive daughter – 02

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“But I want to play!” I said, all but stamping my foot.

“I love it when you’re bratty.” He flipped my lower lip. which I had pushed out at him. “Try and see, I’ll be right back.”

I nodded and watched as he worked his way through the crowd towards the back of the club. Reaching into my purse, I removed my cell, planning to call the agency. Maybe they would have a red-head available. I had just found the number when I heard a voice behind me.

“Mrs. Wilson?”

I turned around and felt as if someone had hit me in the stomach. Standing in front of me was Carla whom we were supposed to be looking out for. So much for this being a good idea, I thought.

“It is you!” Carla exclaimed excitedly. “I was sitting over in the corner and saw you dancing!”

Oh, for the love of God, could this get any more embarrassing? I was trying to come up with an answer when I took a good look at her. My eyes widened, and whatever words were forming in my mind, vanished. Carla’s normally long, straight blond hair had been teased out, giving her a wild appearance. Her perfect full lips were coated in a deep pink. Her large blue eyes, so similar to Kate’s, were accentuated by heavy eye shadow as well as mascara.

Unlike Kate who had looked so young, Carla looked much older than her barely legal status. My eyes dropped down to see what she was wearing. My jaw almost dropped with it. Carla was sporting a one-piece black dress that was so tight it appeared painted on, her smallish tits propped up well. I swallowed hard at the sight of her nipples poking through the material. Somewhere in my mind, it occurred to me I was staring, but I was completely mesmerized by the sight in front of me.

Carla’s parents had moved in ten years ago and their daughter had always dressed like a tomboy. Not necessarily unflattering, but almost always jeans and tops or an occasional sundress that went to her knees. I certainly had no idea she’d had a body like this! Unable to help it, my eyes worked their way down.

The dress ended so far up her thigh that if she sat down and opened her legs, whoever was across from her was going to get one hell of a show. I had no doubt that if she dropped something, it was staying on the floor or the guys behind her would be very happy.

Carla was tall. Her long, slender legs looked damn good ending in a pair of black stiletto heels with straps around the ankles. Fuck me shoes if I’d ever seen them.

“Mrs. Wilson?”

I jerked my eyes back to her face. After giving her a nervous smile, I said, “Wow, Carla. I didn’t recognize you! You usually dress kind of—”

She nodded. “Plain. I like to be comfortable, but when I come to a place like this I like to, you know”—she winked—”show off.”

Getting control of myself, I decided to turn the tables on her. “I thought you said earlier today you were staying home tonight? I know you’re eighteen, but with your parents away, you’re supposed to let us know when you—”

“Guess you like to show off, too,” Carla interrupted, making a show of looking me up and down. I watched as her eyes seemed to linger for a moment on my tits. Laughing, she declared, “You look hot, Mrs. Wilson.” The smile left her face. Looking me in the eye, she added, “Damn hot.”

“Oh, thanks.” I could feel my cheeks burning, not all of it from embarrassment. The way she had said that and how hot she looked—

Knock it off. This is a girl we used to babysit when she was a kid. In fact we were still sitting in a way. She wasn’t checking me out, and God knows I shouldn’t be looking at her, but as she had said, damn!

“So how come you guys are here?” she asked. “Doesn’t seem like your kind of crowd.”

There was a slight smile on her lips. I felt my stomach turn again. The last thing we needed was her running her mouth to her parents that we were here. Carla wouldn’t know, but they might figure it out, especially if they had ever noticed the occasional young girl coming and going late at night from our house.

“We thought it would be fun.” I gestured towards the floor. “People our age are just kind of dull, and you kids have so much fun. We figured we would come try it out for ourselves.”

“Oh, so Mr. Wilson is here? I didn’t see him.”

“Oh, yes!” I said quickly. “I wouldn’t come here alone.”

She gave me another sly smile. “I figured you were or you would be dancing with him, not that pretty girl.”

I stood there hoping my face wasn’t betraying my dismay. This was getting worse by the minute. If Carla had been watching, then she saw how hot Kate and I had been getting. Her parents were old-fashioned and she had always given me the impression that she was a little sheltered, and my little dance had been pretty blatant. Still, I decided to try to play it off.

“Tom doesn’t really like to dance. I certainly don’t feel comfortable dancing with a young guy, and you know it’s always okay for girls to dance.”

“I don’t know, you guys were getting pretty close.” Carla tilted her head, her smile growing. I frowned. I had the distinct feeling she was mocking me. Starting to sweat, I wondered how long it took Tom to take a leak.

“Well, I—” I tried to come up with something, but she cut me off again, this time with a laugh.

“That’s okay. I know what you were doing.”

“You do?”

Uh-oh, I thought. Carla drove that feeling home when she leaned closer and whispered, “You were getting Mr. Wilson all worked up, weren’t you?”

The twist in my stomach turned into a sharp stab. I didn’t even try to speak as Carla continued speaking softly. “You were all over her. I saw you kiss her neck and she was into it!” Carla laughed. “Looked like you were, too. When I first saw you, I thought you were alone and trying to pick her up!”

I could feel her hot breath on my neck and became aware of her breasts touching mine as she leaned in close. As if they had a will of their own, my nipples stiffened despite the awkwardness of the situation. A sense of relief flowed through me when she eased away from me. That relief was short-lived as she leaned against the bar and continued to stare at me with that mocking smile.

“I…” I gave her a sheepish grin. “Kind of yeah. Like I said, we were looking for something a little different tonight.”

“Oh, is that what you’re looking for tonight?” Still wearing that Cheshire cat smile, Carla pointed her slender pink-tipped finger and asked, “Just something different?” She added a wink to the smile. “Or something you’ve done before?”

I looked away from her and two words slammed through my mind. She knows. Or, she at least suspected, but how? Not everyone thought the way we did, unless maybe she just thought I was bi? She was now looking at me, the smile gone, but an expectant look on her face. My eyes trailed over her shoulder, and then I saw Tom approaching. He slowed up just before he reached us, giving Carla an appraising look from behind. When he looked up, he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I shook my head, but as he came up directly behind Carla, he said,

“Hey babe, who’s your sexy friend?”

Carla’s face lit up. Turning to face him, she exclaimed, “Hi, Mr. Wilson!”

If not for our current predicament, the look on Tom’s face would have been comical. His smile fell and his eyes widened. All in all, his face declared nothing short of ‘Oh, shit,’ and I had no doubt our clever little neighbor would notice.

“Carla?” he replied weakly. “Wow, uh, I wouldn’t think this would be your type of place.”

Carla laughed. “Hey, that’s funny; I was just telling Mrs. Wilson the same thing about you guys!”

“Right.” He nodded and looked at me.

“I told Carla how we thought maybe we would see how the younger crowd has fun and stop in for a while.”

“So, Mr. Wilson, you like watching your wife dance with pretty young girls?”

Tom’s eyes narrowed. Instead of answering the question, he asked, “Carla, do your parents know you came here and”—he gestured at her body—”dressed like that?”

“Nope.” She giggled. “My parents have no idea about where I go or what I do.” She looked back at me with a wink. “Trust me; they would shit if they knew what I did on the weekends, especially”—she placed her hand on my arm, whispering—”when they go on their summer trips.” A nasty smile appeared on her face, “Sneaking out of my grandparent’s house is really easy.” This was followed by another giggle, “Not as easy as being left alone though.”

Tom nodded. “That’s right! They’re gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so—”

“Well, here I am!” Carla laughed, spreading her arms out wide and doing a quick turn between us, as if showing herself off.

As she turned from him, Tom looked at me and mouthed, “Oh, my God.”

I shook my head, mouthing back, “Don’t even think about it!”

He quickly nodded, but his eyes were fixed on Carla’s ass as she finished her turn and face me, asking, “Hey, can I call you Elsa? I mean, I am eighteen, and we are out at a club.”

“Sure,” I said. “But I really doubt your parents would—”

She rolled her eyes. “Ignorance is bliss.” Surprising me by taking my hand, she said, “Hey Elsa, wanna dance with me?”

“Oh, no, we were just leaving,” I said quickly, ignoring the dismayed look on Tom’s face.

“Awww, come on!” she pleaded. “Just one song!”

“You know, Carla, I don’t think that would be uh…proper.”

“This place isn’t proper. It’s about fun!” She laughed. “Besides, you weren’t caring properly about that redhead!”

“I didn’t know that redhead,” I pointed out. “Besides…” I stepped away from Tom and beckoned her closer to me.

She eagerly stepped up to me. Lowering my voice, I said, “Besides, you were right. I wanted to get Tom going. A little treat for him, and now we’re going to head home.”

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