When I had tub time with best friend’s mom – 02

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“But I think you owe me something first, Thomas.”


“Good attitude.” She laughed, “See you interrupted me when I was ready to cum and I think you should take care of me.”

She reached out and ran her long nails lightly down my stomach, “Remember honey, the woman always comes first. You do that and you’ll get very good things in return, trust me.” She pointed at the floor, “Get on your knees.”

I did as she asked; sinking to my knees next to the tub and leaning back, Nova lifted her legs to where they were before, one along the edge of the tub and the other along the wall, her foot resting on the mirror. Taking my hand, Nova pulled it beneath the water and placed it around the vibrator.

“Work that into my pussy, nice and slow.” She said, and then moaned as I pushed it inside her, “Hmm-mm just like that.

Nova sighed and let her head fall back against the cushion built into that end of the tub and began moaning softly each time I eased the toy into her. I went slowly as she had asked and stared down into the water, transfixed by the sight of the toy disappearing into her pink pussy.

“Haven’t done this before, have you?”

“No.” I said softly, moving the toy a little faster.

“That’s nice, just like that, now all the way in.” I buried the toy inside her and could feel the heat of her pussy against my hand even through the warm water. “Now put your thumb on my clit and rub it nice and easy and ohhh, yeah!”

Nova’s moan caused my cock to jump as I placed my thumb on her hard clit and rubbed it in slow circles

“There’s a button on the bottom of the toy.” She said, her eyes half open and her lips parted. “Turn it on.”

I found the button with my index finger and when I pushed it I could hear the vibrator hum even from inside her.

“Yes!” Nova moaned and thrust her hips into my hand. “Stroke that pussy, honey, make it purr!”

I was leaning over and Nova’s heaving breasts were only inches away from me. I lowered my head, my lips parted, ready to suck that gorgeous pink nipple into my mouth. Instead Nova grabbed the back of my head and turned my face and met my lips with her own. I groaned as her full soft lips pressed hard into mine and heard her moan in her throat as I eagerly returned her kiss.

Nova’s tongue pushed against my lips and I parted them allowing her into my mouth. As her tongue slid across mine a surreal feeling came over me. I couldn’t believe I was kneeling naked on the floor using a vibrator on Stephenson’s mom while making out with her. Nova’s fingers tightened in my hair and her tongue was swirling wildly in my mouth, running along my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I pushed my tongue past hers and into her mouth and moaned when she closed her lips and gently sucked on it. I fought to keep my thumb moving slowly and managed to use my other fingers to start sliding the vibrator in and out a couple of inches. Nova let her head fall back onto the tub and I quickly fastened my lips to the soft skin of her neck.

“Oh that feels nice,” she whispered, her hand running caressing my back, “That’s it honey, take your time, be good to me and I’ll be good to you!”

She proved her point by reaching over the tub and grabbing hold of my cock causing me to moan into her neck.

“This cock is going to feel so fucking good in my pussy!” she moaned as my lips continued to slide up and down her neck, “Your best friend’s mom’s a nasty little slut isn’t she?”

I started to answer, but was cut off by Nova arching her back, pushing her tits up even higher and shoving my face into the right one, “Go ahead suck that tit!” She demanded.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I eagerly took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard before swirling my tongue around her hard nub. I slid my free hand over and played with her other nipple, rolling it between my fingers.

“You bad boy!” she gasped when I moved my thumb faster, “Hmm, my good little bad boy, damn you’re taking care of me!”

I leaned over and sucked on her other nipple, eager to keep pleasing her. Nova had my cock in her hand, but was barely moving her hand, only lightly caressing my aching flesh. It was a tease, but probably for the best as I would most likely cum in no time if she really stroked it.

“Faster,” she moaned, “Move your thumb faster!”

I pressed harder against her clit and could feel the toy vibrating inside her pussy. I buried it to the hilt and moved my thumb in faster circles.

“Fuck!” Nova cried out, bringing her leg down, splashing water over the two of us.

She slipped her other leg back in and clamped them around my hand. She crossed her ankles and she thrust her hips up and down into my hand. She was holding my face to her nipple and releasing my cock, grabbing my wrist, squeezing it hard and moving it back and forth, helping me to stroke her pussy. She was moaning loudly and I could see her face in the mirror. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she breathed heavily.

I squeezed her nipple harder and did the best I could to pump the toy into her with her legs closed. Nova was making little yelping noises and arching her back released a long drawn out moan, “Ooh…a little more, don’t stop, honey! I…I’m right there, I….fuck yeah!”

Nova shocked me by releasing a long loud wail and her hips bucked wildly into my hand. She squealed again and again, crying out in pleasure as she came against my hand. I could feel her pussy pushing against the toy as it contracted in the throes of her orgasm and she pressed my face harder to her breast.

“Yes, oh yes!” she moaned as she thrashed in the tub causing more water to splash onto me.

Nova’s body went limp and with a long sigh she opened her legs and whispered, “Take it out.”

I pulled the toy from her pussy and from beneath the water. Still holding my wrist, Nova guided the toy to her face and looking me in the eye sucked it into her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking the toy all the way down to where I was holding it and slipping her tongue out along my hand.

“Holy shit.” I moaned as I watched her work the toy with her amazing mouth.

She released it with a loud slurping sound and sliding her legs under her, got onto her knees in the tub.

“Well, honey you made me come nice and hard so how about you stand up and I’ll show you what good boys get.”

I practically jumped to my feet and moaned when she immediately grabbed my cock. On her knees she was the perfect height, her mouth just over my cock and as she held it she once again slapped it hard against her big soft tits.

Releasing my cock she grabbed her tits and wrapped them around it, moved up and down.

“Oh, damn.” I moaned as I watched my cock slide between her full breasts

“You like titty fucking me, Thomas?” She asked, “You like how your big hard dick looks between them?”

“Oh, yeah.”

She stopped moving and said, “Go ahead, fuck them.”

I moved my hips thrusting my cock between her tits and Nova added to the thrill by lowering her head and flicking her tongue out, giving my sensitive head a quick lick each time. I moaned each time her soft wet tongue caressed my swollen head and she smiled up at me through her now sticky lips, “You want my mouth don’t you?”

“Yes, oh please.”

“Yeah, you want your best friend’s mother to suck your pretty cock?”

“I’d love her too.” It dawned on me she kept mentioning she was my friend’s mother and that it turned her on. That made the twinges of guilt I felt about Stephenson fade away. After all, if she was fine with it, why shouldn’t I be?


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