The embrace and the love making

This is a romantic yet cumming story, the loving embrace.

So long far apart, fate then had brought them together.

She sat innocently just a few feet away upon the soft bed. Her bare legs dangled over the edge, barely touching the floor. She laid backwards on her elbows, her attention intent upon the man who stood before her. Her eyes flickered across his features and a small grin touched her lips. Tall and sleek, his body toned as if sculpted from the smoothest of stones, and blasphemously covered with shirt and jeans in her mind. She ascended to her delicate feet; so graceful and intent that she barely touched the unworthy ground as she glided towards him.

He stood in her doorway, awed at the mere sight of her. Long brunette hair framed her lovely face, and flowed down her form like fine silk. Her eyes glittered with a mischievous light, a flame of desire lit within her. Clad with a thin shirt accentuating her lovely breasts and tiny green shorts whose length was only to her uppermost thigh, his mind thought it sacrilege for her form to be covered at all. With her elfish form, her mere steps fell like a sacred dance to his eyes. And her swaying movements brought her to him.

Her shining eyes connected with his. She raised her hand and touched his cheek, her delicate fingers breezing lightly across his skin. His own hand returned the caress with a delicate touch, as if touching the most fragile and beautiful flower. Leaning into his hand with closed eyes, she pressed her soft form against his.

The yielding pressure of her breasts upon his chest each time she took a breath was enhanced as she wrapped her arms lightly around his neck. Their warmth, mixing from their two touching bodies, condensed into one form between their embracing souls.

As their chests rose and fell with their warm breaths, their minds ignited into passionate flame. His hands drifted down her form, letting his fingers play with the hem of her soft shirt. Her hands glided up and down, feeling every feature of her lover with an increasingly adventurous path. He looked deeply into her eyes, and she returned the gaze just the same. The other feelings, the chill air surrounding their hugging bodies, the meaningless noise of the world beyond, the constant worries and thoughts about life to be trudged through, all were consumed by the flame of their mutual desires.

Slowly, he pulled at her shirt, sliding the soft material across her softer skin. It slid up her toned belly, across her sensual ribs, to press briefly against the base of her firm breasts. With a wolfish look on his face, her shirt fluttered to the ground beside her, leaving only her dark lacy bra for him to gaze upon, a deep red rose between the two intricately detailed cloths covering her.

Meant to keep her breasts protected, her bra only served to intensify her lover’s hunger, just as she wanted. She naturally arched, jutting out her chest and presenting her prize for him to take. Within moments, her bra slid off her young form onto the ground next to her bare feet, letting her lover take in the sight of her supple, inviting flesh.

Smiling back at him, she wished to rid him of his binding attire just as he had done for her. But unlike his slow and sensual approach, she succumbed to more ravenous, more direct tactics. Leaving his shirt to himself, she dropped to her knees, letting her eager hands pry open his belt.

Her hungry stare met his lusting gaze as his jeans fell away. Clad only in boxers, his manhood clearly reached towards her sensual lips behind the thin material. With the furious motions of a lust-driven woman, she tore away the barrier and brought her warm lips to his yearning cock.

He quickly tore off his sweaty shirt, and groaned as her lips kissed his manhood. Her first taste tantalized her tongue. The second enslaved her. A little kiss on the tip of his engorged member soon turned to a gentle sucking. She could only guess by the moans that escaped his lips whenever her tongue grazed his engorged head how it must have felt. With a devious grin, she suddenly took his entire length into her hungry mouth while she watched with upturned eyes his reaction.

He let her take in his pulsing manhood with a deep groan. Hot and humid, his cock was trapped behind her sultry lips, subjected to her whims. The head of his manhood rested at the entrance of her ever-swallowing throat, which continually threatened to pull him further in.

Strands of her saliva oozed over his long shaft, collecting all across his hardening length. Her gentle lips held onto him, kissing against his taut flesh, bidding him to stay within her while her teeth raked sensually along his length. His breath came in ragged pants as she sucked and licked her captured prize within her deliciously hot mouth.

An impish thought came to her mind while her prey remained dazed from her thorough technique. Like a snake, her tongue traced the soft underside of his manhood, feeling along every inch of his scorching member. Slithering to the top of his manhood, she methodically stroked every engorged vein and artery, tasting every inch. His breath caught as her long tongue entwined around him, wrapping his stiff manhood with a new level of pleasure.

He could barely stand up to her expert treatment anymore. Barely able to do anything but groan and gasp, he looked down upon her, watching her head bob slightly as her tongue continued writing about his member. Her hand slid up and down his inner thigh, coaxing his pleasures to greater heights. As her lusty eyes examined his now fiery eyes, she realized that he will surely have no mercy on her. The very thought soaked her panties with her erotic juices.

Teasingly, she slowly slid her head back, releasing his cock from her mouth only after raking its entire length with her teeth. With a little pop his manhood escaped, bobbing up and down rigidly, dripping with juices both hers and his own. Without any hesitation, she stood up and pressed her hot body against him again, her chest on his and her hips teasingly jutting away from his pleasured, saliva-covered cock.

She looked deeply into his wanting eyes, seeing her own reflection in their passionate depths. Her bare breasts pressed firmly against him as they held each other, skin on skin; a primal urge to mate then gripped them, which neither he nor she could resist.

Down onto the fur carpet they went, slowly, as if sinking down through water rather than air. He supported himself over her vulnerable body, while she arched her back, presenting her breasts to him again, imploring him to feel her, touch her. But his eyes traveled down her shimmering skin towards her small green shorts, the only stitch of clothing left on her naturally beautiful form. Her hands rubbed unconsciously up and down his arms, coaxing him, urging him to free her from her restraints.

Like lightning, his hands tore away her colorful protection with ease. Now exposed, her panties copied her bygone bra: thin, delicately woven cloth, decorated in lace designs, with a black rose at the top. Her grin widened, and before her partner could fully appreciate her little panties, her fingers slipped under the thin hem and slid down towards and past her thighs, presenting herself to his wandering eyes.

He felt his mouth water at the sight of her sex. Smooth shaven skin, as if a hair had never grown upon her. Its deeply pink petals folded outward, advertising for potential pollinators, which drew all his attention, and lusts. Her musky scent met him; the deep, powerful scent of yearning and need. Her delicate folds shone with her feminine moisture, like dew upon her petals. From within, more trickled down her sexual flower like the sweetest nectar. Breathing her in deeply, he could not resist his thirst any longer.

She gasped and looked heavenward as her lover’s tongue caressed her wanting sex. The tip just barely traced over her pink lips, tantalizing her senses. Spiraling slowly, his warm tongue swirled deeper between her petals, savoring her sweet addictive taste.

Eyes fluttering closed, she unconsciously nudged herself against him, forcing his tongue to slip further into her pleased sex. Her hands tore at the carpet as her lover’s tongue slithered further between her moist nether lips, and her hips bucked as his steamy breath breezed over her excited clit.

His hands caressed her sides, feeling the arching of her back as she strained to keep herself on the earth. A light brush of his hand by her breasts released a lusty gasp, followed by her guiding his explorative touch to them and begging him to feel them with a little whimper.

He complied with her lusts, taking hold of her soft globes in each eager hand. His fingers pressed lightly into her flesh, and his palms calmly rested upon her hardened nipples. Another whimper of need escaped her lips, and he rewarded her begging by rubbing his hands across her firm breasts in small, intense circles. It drew out her lusty moans, and her back arched even further, pressing her breasts into her lover’s caring hands.

The embrace and the love making will continue in the next page.

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