White women’s revenge made the black moan – 2

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“Why are you giving me these?” I asked, looking down and seeing her pink panties… even as my pussy betrayed me once again.

“You really are a silly nigger,” she said, shaking her head as if I was some insipid child. “They’re to wear over your head so you can both lick my cunt juice and smell my sweet scent when you get yourself off.”

I was once again speechless. Both shocked by her words and by my own hunger to do exactly as she’d just said.

When I didn’t respond, she added, “I just finished rubbing one out only for you, nigger. So go home and enjoy my gift.”

And like she always did, she immediately turned away and walked out, leaving me bewildered, speechless and horny.

I headed out and once home, did exactly as she’d instructed, looking up some interracial porn (where I learned that white woman dominating black woman porn was impossible to find… although there were tons of black women dominating white girl porn… which made me wonder why I was in the minority). I turned on a lesbian porn movie, got undressed, and put her panties to my nose while I slowly fucked myself with my vibrator.

Yet, I also wanted to taste her pussy juice, so again obeying her, I put the pink panties over my head, the wet crotch resting on my nose and over my lips.

The scent was much stronger than in the bag, much more intoxicating as I closed my eyes, listening to the video where the woman ordered, “Lick my asshole,” and began licking the wet crotch while furiously fucking myself…to three orgasms as I lapped up every speck of cum I could.

As usual, as I lay there in the afterglow of euphoria, I cursed myself.

Why can’t I control myself?

Why can’t I stand up for myself?

All my life I’ve fought against racism and sexism, and yet here I was getting off while wearing a white bitch’s panties over my head.

Fuck! This had to end.

Week 7:

I was in for another shock the following Sunday when Rihanna was working the front line (that wasn’t weird… it happened sometimes when we were understaffed), no, she was wearing an employee’s uniform that was way too tight on her large chest and way too short… barely covering her ass. If she were my employee I would be giving her shit, yet she was my boss, so instead I just asked, “What’s going on?”

She looked embarrassed, but answered, “Kelly called in sick and the only outfit in the closet was hers.”

I could have asked why she didn’t just stay in her manager outfit, like we always did in these situations… but I knew the answer… Kelly had made her do it.

Rihanna had also asked me on Friday to stay and help with inventory Sunday evening after closing.

I was surprised by two things when I arrived in the back to start inventory after closing up.

One: Rihanna was still in Kelly’s uniform.

Two: Kelly was in the office with a clipboard in her hand… in a nice blouse, jeans and heels.

Rihanna was acting as if it weren’t at all strange for the employee who had called in sick a few hours ago to be at work, or that she was still wearing a uniform that was a few sizes too small; both baffled me, yet I didn’t say anything.

Rihanna spoke to me in her usual tone, as she explained the rules of weekly inventory. “There is a counter and a recorder and the recorder is in charge.”

I instantly thought it strange that there would be someone in charge of what looked like a two person team job. But again, I didn’t say anything.

“And Kelly is the recorder,” Rihanna added.

I couldn’t resist and I asked, “Why Kelly?”

Rihanna immediately explained, “Kelly has been coming in to assist the past few weeks and I really appreciate her coming in tonight to assist when she isn’t feeling well.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, even though it was obvious Kelly was feeling just fine.

I won’t bore you with the details, but for the next two hours Kelly bossed us both around. When Kelly scolded us for incorrect counts, I gave Rihanna a look but she just whispered to me when Kelly wasn’t in hearing range, “I know she is a bit much, but I’m trying to get her to buy into the collaborative approach as I try to encourage her to take ownership for her behavior.”

“She doesn’t seem to be getting better, just bossier,” I pointed out.

Rihanna defended her explaining, “You can’t blame her. She’s a product of her environment and we have an opportunity to try to change her.”

I pondered the obvious. Rihanna was sexually submissive to Kelly. Yet Rihanna spoke with such confidence that if I hadn’t seen what I had a couple months ago… was it that long ago? … I would have bought her explanation hook, line and sinker.

“I guess,” I said, deciding that Rihanna was now in her own world of denial and I knew from experience… like a drug addict… Rihanna would have to accept her addiction on her own before I would have a chance of helping end her downward spiral.

Half an hour later, Rihanna said, “You can get going. I know you have school in the morning.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “We’re almost done.”

“Okay,” I agreed, feeling I should stay and protect her, but sensing she was past saving.

Rihanna went to the office and I went to grab my purse. I was startled when Kelly came up behind me and asked, “Leaving?”

“Yeah, I have school tomorrow,” I answered, trying to remain civil and casual.

“Me too, but Janey needs a good ass fucking first,” she smiled.

“Excuse me?” I questioned, even though I had heard her.

“She loves getting her fat ass pounded. I assume all slut niggers do,” she shrugged.

“Kelly, your lack of education and poor upbringing is astonishing,” I said, even though if truth be told I did like a good hard ass fucking.

“Trust me, my upbringing wasn’t poor, it was actually quite rich, unlike yours,” she retorted, spinning my meaning around to suit her purposes.

I hated her pretentious prima donna white-is-better-than-black attitude and snapped, “Look here, bitch. You’re just a spoiled rich white girl who knows nothing about the real world.”

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She slapped me in the face and snapped, “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again, nigger. You are black trash. You are a submissive nigger who will eventually do whatever I order you to do just to taste my white cunt… just like your formerly feminist nigger boss.”

I was so stunned by the slap, I was speechless.

“I’m not even sure you deserve the present I brought you,” she said, as she pulled a pair of pink panties out of her pocket and shoved them in my open mouth. “If you ever want my wet panties again you will bring them to me at my school tomorrow, washed, rinsed, and fluff dried.”

She then walked away again, as usual leaving me baffled and bewildered… and frustratingly horny.

I pulled the panties out of my mouth, her sweet taste and scent already tantalizing me with its one of a kind frustrating perfection. No matter how much I denied it. I was completely consumed by this white bitch: her beauty, her persona, her dominance.


Once in my car, it was dark out and the only other two cars in the parking lot were Rihanna and Kelly’s. Horny as hell, I slid my finger inside my pantyhose and skirt and began frigging myself even as I moved the wet panties to my nose and lips.

I closed my eyes, my orgasm escalating quickly, and just allowed the pleasure to consume me. I hadn’t been fingering myself for even a minute when I shoved the panties’ crotch into my mouth and imagined me becoming Kelly’s slut.

As I came, in record time, I screamed, the panties falling out of my mouth, “Yes, Ms. Kelly.”

I was still coming, the orgasm like a never ending wave, when there was a knock on my window.

I quickly jerked my hand out of my fevered cunt and saw that not only was Kelly smiling at me, but her phone was aimed at me… she was filming my masturbation.

Oh fuck.



I reluctantly rolled down my window and asked, trying to look strong in my obvious moment of weakness, “What?”

Kelly was smiling from ear to ear, as she said, “I just came to give you my school address for tomorrow, when I walked into…” she paused for a moment, before adding, looking amused and disgusted, “…this.”

I felt completely mortified.

My weakness.

At her smug knowing.

In reality I had allowed myself into a predicament I wouldn’t easily be able to get out of.

“It isn’t what it looks like,” I protested, as I struggled to come up with a reasonable explanation for what she’d caught me doing.

Being caught masturbating was one thing.

Being caught with her pink panties in my mouth was another.

Being caught screaming her name only added to the humiliation.

“It looks like you got so turned on by the idea of licking and smelling my used panties you couldn’t even wait to get home and fuck yourself like a nigger bimbo as you pretended you were my nigger slave,” she replied, almost all of it frustratingly true. “That’s what it looked like. And your innocent explanation is…?” She pantomimed extending a microphone to me for my response.

“I got to go,” I said, humiliated and needing to get out of there right then and there.

She smiled, “You know what, keep my panties. I’m sure I can get nigger Janey to buy me some more. She bought those for me anyway… or perhaps for you.”

She then strutted away, once again leaving me a complete mess. I drove home, desperately trying to think of a plan to get out of this situation that I was getting into way too deep.

On the glimmer of a bright side… I didn’t have to go to her school to return her panties, even though I had originally had no intention of doing it.

The next day I pondered quitting… yet I needed the money.

That night, I had one of my black buddies come over and fuck me, depositing a load deep in my cunt. Ten minutes after he was gone, my white boy toy came over and I had him eat my cream pie… trying to regain some racial power… even asking him if he likes eating my black cunt that was filled with black dominant cum. He was clearly humiliated, but he did it… compelled to obey me.

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