Holly’s lie is out now

Holly had been lying for three months now.

To her parents, of all people. Holly didn’t lie about most things when it came to talking with her mother and father. She told her parents when she missed curfew because of a late night party where the kids were evacuating the scene smelling of booze and pot. Holly’s parents forgave her.

Holly told her parents when she ran the family car into a tree by the pure accidental happening of receiving a text message while driving, replying to said text message, and doing her make-up when she was supposed to be turning. Holly’s parents forgave her again.

Holly told her parents the reason she got a D in Chemistry was because she knocked her Bunsen burner over when her teacher interrupted her nap, and it just so happened to set half the classroom ablaze. Holly’s parents forgave her even that time, at least after she stopped smelling like sulfur.

Her parents forgave their youthful brunette daughter because she was so honest with them all those times. They thought that Holly, being head of the girl’s basketball team, member of the honors society, and prom queen candidate, could never do wrong.

But if she did, accidentally of course, they knew she would tell them about it immediately and honestly. To think that their little girl, though filled with teenage hormones and submerged inside the world of high school politics, would lie to them was simply impossible. It never occurred to them in the slightest.

But, Holly HAD been lying about one little tiny thing. Well, not little… or tiny… or even one thing even. But Holly was lying to her parents about the certain subject of her boyfriend, David.

Her parents thought that the limit of their relationship was perpetually stuck at hand-holding in the halls and note-passing in class. How naïve they were, for Holly and David engaged in more than just middle-school romance , which was fitting, you see, because they were well past that stage in more ways than one. Both were seniors in their high school, and their activities together reflected it.

No, they didn’t know that their daughter regularly wore her lowest-cut tight shirts and smallest skirts just for him. No, they didn’t realize that she snuck out sometimes late at night to lock lips with him at the park. No, they didn’t believe that she had been giving him head after school in his car eagerly, or that he reciprocated on her with an expert tongue.

No, Holly’s parents didn’t know that their daughter was so involved with her boyfriend, because she didn’t tell them any of that. She reasoned that she told them about every other little thing that she did enough that she deserved a little secrecy in one aspect of her life.

Secrecy… The idea brought Holly’s hand down her panties every time. They always were so wet from thinking how bad she was being when she wrapped her lips around David’s impressive member, or how naughty it was when his slithering tongue tasted up along her wanting slit made her whole body quiver.

Holly knew she was really lying to her parents every time she bid them goodbye in the morning with a big innocent smile on her face while those lewd, secret images flickered in front of her eyes. But that turned her on so much! And now she committed an even greater lie as she waved to her parents as they drove off on a weekend trip.

You see, Holly had just told them her biggest lie yet. Her parents were under the impression that their perfectly innocent daughter was going to be studying all weekend, for a big Biology test was coming up, and she wanted to be completely prepared to take it, all of it.

As she told them that the current chapter was describing sexual reproduction and how hard it was for her to remember the parts of male anatomy (no doubt due to her purity on such a subject), she unconsciously rubbed her thighs together.

Her mother nodded and smiled, not saying anything. On the other hand, her dad said in his jovial manner, “Heh, just make sure you don’t study too much of that stuff, Holly. It’s not like it’s going to be used anywhere soon.”

Holly grinned, simply saying, “Don’t worry Dad, it’s not like it is a hands-on lab assignment.” They all laughed, even while Holly’s hand stroked up and down her leg in a great effort of resistance. She hugged her mother and father goodbye, bidding them to have a good time, because she surely would be.

Holly watched their car pull out of the driveway. “Too slow…” she thought as her hand finally found permission to slide between her legs. As they drove off into the distance, they couldn’t have seen their daughter slip down onto the couch, unbutton her tight jeans, and slip her eager hand down her smooth pink panties.

Needless to say, they were soaked from her seemingly innocent dialog with her parents. True, she did have some Biology homework involving male anatomy, but school had nothing to do with it this time…

She played her fingers down either side of her wet slit meditatively as she thought of her real plans for the weekend. She and David had been getting increasingly bold as of late with their hormone-driven excursions. One time they were almost late to school because Holly couldn’t hear the five-minute bell over the sounds of David’s grunts as he filled her mouth with his hot spunk. She licked her lips as she remembered the taste, rubbing her palm down the length of her slit.

Though they both loved kissing and licking and grinding, they both wanted more. No, I needed more. Holly groaned as her pussy twitched, recalling telling him that her parents wouldn’t be home for the weekend. He responded with a sensual kiss and whispered all the things he was going to do to her when the weekend came while his fingers rubbed through her thin panties.

So Holly made the plans, and they went perfectly. Her parents were gone, David would be there any minute, and she was already getting ready for him as her finger slid into her waiting hole. It was tight, even with only her slender fingers inside. Though a part of her thought how impossible it would be to fit David’s manhood into her tight virgin pussy, her lusty thoughts of his cock sliding into her hot waiting pussy turned her on even more.

Lost in her sexy thoughts, she was surprised when the doorbell rang quite suddenly. Her eyes flew open and she jerked her hand away from her slick pink pussy. Quickly she buttoned her tight jeans and got up, wondering why her parents would come back. What if they found David?

What if they caught him and he confessed everything to them?? Her lie would be discovered, and she would be in so much trouble!!! She hurried to the door, hiding one hand behind her since it was still slick with her juices, and opened it as innocently as she could.

Just as she was ready to make up another set of half-truths, she saw who it was. David stood there, smiling at her. Before she could react, he already had his hands around her waist, kissing her deeply in the doorway. The sudden fear of her parents returning instantly gave way to relief, then to carnal excitement. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her pert breasts against his chest as she kissed him back even more passionately than he began.

Holly’s lie is out now will continue in the next page.

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