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Hey everyone, today I’m here with an interesting story “Sophia had better plans “

[This story was written for a dear friend with a huge heart and tits to match. It is posted with her permission and deals with her favorite pastime, breast play. If you are into this too, please read on. If you are looking for something with more plot and storyline, this one probably isn’t for you. CT]

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Sophia’s cup of coffee sat on the small table before her next to an opened book. She had already read the page three times and had given up on it. Her mind was just not into the romantic novel. The small coffeehouse was nearly empty this early in the morning and she usually enjoyed being the only customer.

Today; however, Sophia’s mood was black. She had been planning this day all month. Her husband was out of town and her son away for the weekend with friends. She had been coming here regularly and had caught the eye of a dark haired waiter. 

They had talked a lot and joked around about having sex on several occasions and lately their conversations had become so thick with innuendo and double entendre that she had decided to do something about it. She had planned on meeting him here today and when he made his usual joking pickup line, she was going to take him up on it. 

One could never be positive, but she suspected he would be more than happy to take her to the hotel down the street and spend the day fucking her brains out. She had been fantasizing about it for the last two weeks and she was so horny she didn’t know what to do.

Sophia was happily married, but she had a great love of sex and her poor husband could not satisfy it. She was very discreet, but enjoyed sex with younger men and the odd fling with the right woman. She was older now, but still attractive, and her large tits never failed to catch the interest of men and women alike. 

Today she wore a black scoop neck sweater with rhinestones. It was tight across her bust and cut low enough that an observer could just see the top of her pink push up bra. She had made an early appointment at the salon and her hair was freshly colored and styled. She had taken extra care with her make up and chosen her fashionable black jeans. And all for nothing, she thought bitterly.

It turned out that Rob, her planned companion for the day, had taken the weekend off to go to some concert at Jones Beach. She had toyed with the idea of driving up, but she didn’t have a ticket, was unlikely to find him in such a crowd, and even if she did she wouldn’t have time to seduce him and get back home in time for her husband’s traditional late call, not to mention she hadn’t driven anywhere in quite a while.

She took a sip of her coffee to find it had gotten cold and tasted awful. That’s the last straw, she thought. She slammed her book closed, tossed a dollar on the table and started to rise when she saw a woman walking into the café part of the shop.

The woman’s auburn hair was thick and long, and she wore it over her left shoulder, held by a black bow. Sophia really liked a woman with a full head of hair and she eased back into her seat. It was a long shot, but maybe today wouldn’t be wasted after all. She had nothing else to do, so she decided to take a few minutes and see what would happen, if anything.

She watched the woman get a cup of coffee and take a seat at a small corner table. The redhead was dressed in a jade green business dress and was out of place among the Beatniks and Goths who usually frequented the place. 

Sophia racked her brain, but the closest place this woman could have come from was an office building that was several blocks away. She glanced at her watch, wondering if maybe she had lost track of time, but it was still too early for lunch. The woman’s face was pretty and she had nice legs and a good figure. Her chest was large for her size, which Sophia found exciting.

Sophia was still staring at her when the woman looked up. Their eyes met and held for a long time, before the redhead smiled shyly and blushed. She quickly looked back down at her book, but Sophia kept her eyes on the woman and was rewarded furtive glances the attractive woman threw her way.

Very interesting, she thought, but how to proceed from here? Sophia enjoyed both being seduced and pursuing someone. In this case she realized she would have to make the moves. First, because she didn’t have time to get to know the woman and let her make the first move. Second, because the shy smile and quiet demeanor led her to believe that this woman never would make the first move on anyone. That brings me back to what to do now, she thought.

Sophia put her own book in her bag and sauntered towards the bookstore part of the shop. Her route carried her close to the woman’s table. The woman glanced up as she approached and Sophia felt a thrill when she realized the redhead’s eyes were glued to her breasts. She changed her course and moved to the side of the table opposite the woman. 

Sophia leaned on the table; purposefully keeping her arms below her ample breasts, she knew at this angle the girl would have a magnificent view of her cleavage. Sophia had planned to make some comment on the book the woman was reading, but the way the girl’s green eyes were drinking in her breasts gave her a better idea.

“Hi, my name’s Sophia,”

“Umm… Hello, Isla, nice to meet you” she said in a quiet voice. She tried to return her eyes to her book, but they just kept rising to Sophia’s chest.

“I haven’t seen you here before,”

Sophia had better plans – 01 will continue in the next page.

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