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Mia kicked off her boots and crawled onto the bed, pushing her breasts against Luna’s chest and riding her down onto her back. Her lips found Luna’s and her tongue forced its way into her mouth. Mia had always been a tiger in bed, but only reacting to Luna’s moves.

Now she was raping Luna’s mouth, and the fierceness of the assault took the smaller woman’s breath away. Mia’s hands worked at the buttons to Luna’s poet’s shirt and soon her bra was revealed. Luna was caught up in the intenseness and responded, sucking at Mia’s probing tongue. She did not protest and in fact helped get the shirt off, but she went stiff as a board when she felt Mia’s fingers on the closure of her bra.

Luna hated her tits. They were ugly in her opinion and she never took off her bra during sex. She shuddered at even the thought of her lover seeing them and was careful to shower when Mia was still asleep. She realized with a sinking feeling that Mia had anticipated this too, for her bra was a front closure and she was helpless to stop her lover from undoing it. Mia’s tongue down her throat prevented her from protesting and she cringed when she felt the fragile garment pulled free of her body.

Mia broke the kiss and pushed herself up on her arms, gazing down at Luna’s tits. Luna held her breath, waiting for the look of disgust she just knew was coming. Mia’s green eyes sparkled in the light.

“You little fibber, they’re beautiful,” Mia breathed and lowered her head to kiss one. Luna was really unsure as to how sensitive her breasts would be, she had never let anyone do this to them before. Mia’s lips were soft and loving and when her tongue curled around a nipple Luna gasped. Her hands were warm and gently kneaded the tit she wasn’t sucking. Luna was biting her tongue to keep from moaning. She was not about to let this get to her. There was no way she would let Mia win and show she was enjoying it.

For her part Mia seemed bound and determined to wring a moan from Luna. She licked, sucked and fondled Luna’s boobs, concentrating on the nipples and areolas. The sensation went from mildly pleasurable to very pleasurable, to white hot jolts with every swipe of the warm tongue.

Luna tasted blood and realized she was chewing her lip, a small gasp escaped when Mia gently nipped her left nipple. Mia moved to her right nipple and loved it with her tongue until it was a hard pebble in her mouth. Luna felt her suck hard, pulling the nip away from the aureole and then gently chewing on it. A low moan escaped her lips then, it felt too incredible to remain silent any longer.

Mia pulled her head up and grinned triumphantly. Luna frowned and was about to make a biting comment when her lover’s head dipped again and began to trail kisses down Luna’s belly. Luna squirmed, she knew that Mia could send her into orbit when she wanted too. The redhead’s hands gripped her thighs and slowly slid upwards. Luna had never felt anything as sensual as those soft hands on the stockings that she wore. She groaned and parted her thighs.

Luna had no intention of fighting her battle here, she had already learned that short of forcing her to stop there was no way she could keep from coming once Mia’s mouth was in contact with her pussy. Her soft lips, and amazingly talented tongue were only part of it. She genuinely loved to eat Luna’s pussy, and that made it so much more erotic for Luna. Mia was also very intuitive and had quickly, more quickly than Luna had really been comfortable with, learned to react to every signal Luna’s body sent, no matter how small.

Luna actually hoped Mia did bring her off that way, she wouldn’t feel bad about that. Mia’s fingers slipped across the cool satin of her panties and tugged them down. Luna raised her hips to make it easier for her lover, and the small bundle of damp satin joined her bra and shirt on the floor.

Luna was expecting Mia to remove her skirt as well, but the redhead just pushed it up, bunching it around her waist and dipped her head between Luna’s thighs. Luna watched her and regretted that decision almost immediately. She loved to watch her lover, the rapt expression on Mia’s face was always such a turn on, but the sight that greeted her was so incongruous, so totally alien to what she normally saw, that it left her more uncomfortable than a whore in church as her grandmother used to say.

The first thing that impressed itself upon her was her breasts. She could see them and she wasn’t used to that, nor happy with it. Her breasts were small and not firm with half dollar sized areolas and small buttons for nipples. Compared to Mia’s large, full breasts her tits looked even smaller than the b-cup she wore.

The Champagne colored cincher, with its heavy boning, delicate lace and long garters was partially hidden by the bunched up blue skirt. Her white stockings made her legs look paler than the rest of her skin, and she still wasn’t used to seeing her feet in five-inch heels. She looked feminine. The whole display was profoundly disturbing to her. Not only because it was not what she was used to, but because it was also mildly erotic to her.

If the visual stimulation was mildly erotic, Mia’s tongue and lips were on another plane of excitement. The redhead’s tongue traced along the puffy outer lips of Luna’s sex, teasing her, building up the tension that she knew would end only with a powerful orgasm. When her lover’s tongue dipped in between the wet folds to caress her inner labia Luna moaned. Mia’s tongue found her clit and began to tease it with very soft flicks. Luna’s hips undulated and she tried to relax, trying to allow herself to orgasm quickly. Mia had other ideas and pulled away from Luna’s soaked pussy when the first quivers of her thighs announced she was close.

“Bitch,” Luna hissed.

“Oh no,” Mia said as she stood and unbuttoned her jeans, “tonight you’re the bitch,”

Luna was about to reply, but Mia’s jeans slipped over her hips and what Luna saw left her speechless. Instead of the dainty garterbelt and sexy panties she always wore, Mia had a strap buckled around her trim waist. Luna had three and often wore one under her jeans, and compared to the large thick dildos she had, the thin, pink, five inch vibe on Mia’s was almost comical.

“No fucking way!” Luna blurted out. Mia smiled at her as she stepped out of her jeans and stroked the vibe.

“This has gone far enough!”

“Shut the fuck up! You’re my bitch and you are getting fucked tonight, period!”

If the sight of Mia wearing a strapon was shocking, the words were even more so. In the time they had been together she had heard Mia curse all of three times. The quiet woman was not comfortable with it and Luna had even forced herself to tone down her own sailor’s vocabulary because she knew Mia was embarrassed by it. This was also the first time she had ever heard the redhead raise her voice.

Mia was soft spoken and hated loud noises. The tone was what really got to her though; it was strong, confident and commanding. Mia had never used such a tone with her before and Luna had come to believe she was incapable of doing so.

Luna was not able to voice another protest as Mia climbed back on the bed and scooted between her thighs. Luna saw the determination in Mia’s face and resigned herself to this humiliation. She loved Mia too much to stop her, if this was what she truly wanted.

Mia carefully placed the vibe at Luna’s slick entrance and tried to get it in. For her part, Luna had never been penetrated by a woman and it had been a long time since her first and only time with a man. She gritted her teeth in anticipation of the pain she knew was coming. Mia went very slowly, and very carefully, coaxing her and coaching her. When the tip slipped into her tight channel Luna grimaced and Mia stopped instantly.

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