Sophia had better plans – 02

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Sophia had better plans – part 02 continues..

Sophia lifted one hand from the bed and guided it between their bodies, until she could cup her pussy through her jeans. She rubbed herself through her jeans, while Isla continued to massage her breasts. The girl’s hands were still moving slowly and sensuously, the caresses loving, but not urgent. In contrast, Sophia’s hand worked fast and hard, almost demanding that she move this along despite her intentions.

Sophia was caught in a whirlwind of competing needs and desires. The long month of anticipation had driven her to the edge and she wanted release, but the girl’s soft hands, gentle touch and loving demeanor made her want to take her time. Sophia felt the tightening in her belly, the tensing of the muscles in her thighs and ass. She knew she had to stop this instant or she was going to explode.

The girl seemed to sense her need and her indecision, and solved the dilemma for the older woman. She craned her neck up and removed her hand from Sophia’s left breast. Before Sophia could comprehend what she was doing the redhead’s lips captured her aching nipple and her tongue lashed it through her bra. It was not so much the change in sensation as it was the visual stimulation that sent Sophia into her orgasm.

The girl’s soft face, pursed lips and the hollowing of her cheeks as she sucked were incredibly erotic and it was too much. Sophia sighed through her orgasm, reveling in each delightful contraction in her belly and its accompanying wave of pleasure.

Sophia felt her knees get weak and her arms give out, she collapsed on the smaller woman. The girl made no protest, nor did she even attempt to move. Throughout Sophia’s orgasm and through the aftershocks she continued to suckle one of Sophia’s tits and massage the other. Sophia was still enjoying the after effects of her orgasm, when she became aware of the sensations as separate entities again. Her right nipple was stiff and aching, sending jagged little shocks of pleasure into her system as the girl continued to knead it. Her left nipple was sending shocks as well, but of a different nature.

By now the satin of her bra was very wet, and the girl’s tongue was sliding back and forth over the slick material. Her nipple was directly under that tongue and it felt exquisite, so pleasurable it was almost painful.

“Mmmmmm, switch beautiful, this one is feeling neglected,” Sophia purred as she raised herself on her elbows.

The girl did not hesitate, but moved her head to Sophia’s right breast and her hand to the nipple she had just abandoned. While her finger lightly circled the hard nipple in its damp prison of satin, her mouth and tongue began to work on the other. Sophia twisted her hand to place it on the crotch of Isla’s panties. She was amazed to find them soaking and sticky. Isla groaned around the nipple in her mouth.

Sophia was a little shocked to find her so wet. It took a few moments for her to realize the little vixen was getting off on just playing with her breasts. Sophia forced the two middle fingers of her hand into the wet furrow and began to stroke. The girl gasped, but did not let Sophia’s nipple escape her mouth.

“You like my tits don’t you?”

The girl nodded slightly, but made no sound. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in some kind of trance.

Sophia forced herself up on her knees, drawing her tits from the girl’s mouth and hand. She quickly unfastened the bra and let her large breasts spill out of it. The redhead’s eyes got big, and an expression of ecstasy was evident on her face. Sophia crawled off the girl’s hips and helped her to a sitting position.

“Let’s get you out of yours,” Sophia whispered as she kissed the girls shoulder. Her hands moved to the closure at the back of the green bra and quickly opened it. Sophia slipped her fingers under the straps and gently lifted them off Isla’s shoulders. The bra slipped down her arms and ended up on the floor next to Sophia’s own.

Isla started to turn around but Sophia stopped her by curling her hands over Isla’s shoulders and gently pulling her back down onto her back. Sophia then scooted back on the bed and fell forward onto her elbows. This brought her face to the girl’s gorgeous breasts, and left her own hanging down. She could feel the soft skin of Isla’s cheeks on the insides of her breasts and thrilled to it.

Isla’s breasts were large and full, not as large as Sophia’s but easily a C-cup. The skin was pale and the nipples were a soft pink hue. Sophia could see the tiny network of veins beneath the soft pale skin, and also the tiny bumps on the half dollar sized areolas. The nipples were not overly large, but were now very hard and stood out from the surrounding aureole. Sophia exhaled on one and the smaller woman twitched beneath her.

Isla turned her head from side to side, nuzzling against the soft skin. When she began to gently tongue and lick, Sophia thought she would scream. Sophia had been with many lovers, she had had a lot of hands and mouths on her breasts, but she had never been with anyone who seemed so enthralled by them as this girl. Her treatment of them had been gentle to the point of being maddening. Sophia brought her hands to the girl’s breasts and firmly kneaded them while she licked the aureole of one.

Isla shivered and a soft moan escaped her lips. Sophia realized the girl would be content to just have her breasts on her cheeks, so she moved her body, bringing a nipple to the girl’s mouth. She felt the girl’s lips close around it, creating a soft seal and then gentle suction that pulled her nipple even farther away from her tit. The girl’s tongue rolled around the sensitive flesh and she began to pull at it, like a child suckling. Sophia groaned and sucked the girl’s nipple into her own hungry mouth. She took the girl’s nipple between her teeth and held it steady as her tongue lashed back and forth over it.

For a timeless period they stayed like that, Sophia working the smaller woman’s tits hard, while Isla gently stroked hers and suckled her nipple. Sophia felt herself getting hot again, she loved having this kind of prolonged attention paid to her tits, but now her pussy was demanding some attention.

She stopped sucking and just kneaded the girl’s breasts while she considered what to do next. The girl’s soft lips and warm tongue felt exquisite and now she longed for them to be on her dripping sex. The question was how to accomplish that? The girl seemed to be content to spend the whole afternoon with just her breasts. Sophia had always dreamed of someone doing that, but she found that she wanted more now. She wanted the girl’s face between her thighs.

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