Nicolas uncovered the truth of milf’s new job – part 3

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As she blew me away! The words echoed in mind followed by the thought that John’s mom was sucking my cock. This time there was not even a hint of feeling bad, right now all that mattered was Amelia was on her knees and working my cock with her amazing mouth. Opening wider, she worked her cock all the way down to the base of my shaft and I groaned in pleasure when she slowly shook her head back and forth.

My hands were clutching at her hair and grabbing them she eased them from her head and pulled them down to her tits. I eagerly began fondling her nipples and she moaned around my cock. I was still buried to the hilt in her mouth and I released a surprised moan when her tongue slipped out and she began licking my balls.

Amelia slid her mouth back up so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and gave me a hard suck. I cried out at the sensation of the pre cum being sucked my cock and releasing it, she waggled her glistening tongue at me.

Ducking her head she began licking and sucking my balls while beginning to jerk me off and I could feel my knees starting to tremble. I started to ease back, but she said, “Stay right there baby, I like being on my knees while you’re standing.”

Damn, she was into this I thought as her tongue bathed my balls with a mixture of my pre cum and her wet mouth. She sucked gently on each one, before licking up the length of my shaft and taking me back into her mouth. This time she began bobbing her head faster while her fingers followed the wet trail her mouth left. Amelia’s eyes found mine again and when next she had just the head in her mouth she parted her lips and let a long trail of spit ooze down my cock.

She winked and sucked my cock back into my mouth and made loud slurping sounds as she cleaned it off.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good!” I moaned.

She took my cock down to my balls again and shook her head back and forth again, but this time as she worked back up to the tip. My cock sprang from her mouth with a loud sucking sound and staring up at me while pumping my cock in her fist she whispered, “You want to cum for me, baby? You want to shoot a nice hot load in my mouth?”

“I…um,” It was hard to think I was so worked up. “Well does that mean I can’t…”

“Fuck me?” she squeezed my cock. “Trust me honey, you’re going to fuck this pussy tonight. This is just going to slow you down for me.”

“Okay.” I said like an idiot.

“Well that and I want to suck you off.” She giggled, “Just something about who you are is making me want to be especially dirty tonight!” She licked her lips, “Now tell me what you want and what you really want, don’t play nice. I’m your whore Nicolas, treat me like one.”

Her words caused my hips to twitch, thrusting my cock into her hand. Looking down into her eyes I said, “Amelia I want you to suck my cock until I cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, sir!”

Opening wide she took me into her mouth and this time began sucking so fast and hard, I cried out in surprise. She was taking my entire length effortlessly and not only stroking my cock, but her free hand cupped my balls and began caressing them as she sucked. Afraid I would pinch her nipples I let her tits go and releasing my cock with her hands she took mine and put them on the back of her head. Looking up at me, she winked, “Hmm-mm”

She stopped moving her head and taking her meaning I began thrusting my hips pushing my cock into her mouth. I moved as fast as I dared and closing her eyes, Amelia sighed and began moaning each time my cock slipped between her willing lips. I could see down her back and noticed her hips were grinding as well.

I couldn’t believe it! She was as hot as I was just from sucking on me! I started pushing and pulling, guiding her head up and down my cock and she moaned her approval. She tapped my hand and when I looked saw her pointing to the side.

I followed her finger and my eyes widened. There was a mirror over the one bureau in the room and in it I had a full view of Amelia on her knees while I fucked her mouth. I felt my cock twitch and a low whimper escaped me as the sight of my best friend’s smoking hot mother giving me a blow job took me to the edge. My legs were starting to tremble and I was now unable to moan uncontrollably.

Amelia put her hands on my hips and when I stopped thrusting, she removed my cock from her mouth and gave me a gentle push. “Sit back and enjoy, baby.”

I did as she said and no sooner had my ass touched the bed, then Amelia had me back in her mouth and was not sucking, but devouring my cock. She released another blob of spit and was making wet slurping sounds as she took me down to my balls with each bob of her head. I could feel her tongue pressed to my shaft and her soft lips around me. Her blue eyes were back to staring into mine and she was moaning as loud as I was.

I was breathing hard and my hips were moving, desperately thrusting into her hot mouth. My legs were shaking so badly she put her hands on my knees to steady them. I gasped as I felt the cum racing through my cock and with a loud cry of pleasure I erupted in her mouth. Squealing around my spurting cock, Amelia stopped bobbing her head as deeply and was not sucking hard with just my spurting tip in her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned at the sensation of my cum spilling into her amazing mouth.

My hands were pushing on her head, causing her to take me deeper, but her only response was another eager moan and a series of loud slurping noises that kept my hips moving and my cock squirting. I couldn’t remember ever cumming this hard, but then again I’d never gotten a blow job like this either, never mind who it was sucking my cock.

Sorry, John, I thought as I let out a long pathetic sounding whimper as Amelia coaxed the last drops of cum from my cock. Sliding the tip from her mouth, she looked up at me and opened her mouth to show it to me.

“Holy shit.” I said softly at the sight of a large pool of cum in her mouth.

Amelia made a show of wagging her white coated tongue at me and closing her mouth tilted her head back and gave an exaggerated swallow. She opened wide again, showing off her now empty mouth and laughed, “Did I do a good job sir?”

“Oh my God.” Was all I could come out with.

“I’ll take that as a compliment!” she said, then standing up stepped up to the bed and grabbed the string of her thong. “How about you get down where I was and take this off for me?”

I slipped off the bed so fast my knees hit the floor painfully, but I could care less. I turned so I was behind Amelia who was holding the strings of the thong out for me. Grabbing them, I forced myself to slowly slide them over her hips and work them down her legs. My hands caressed the black stockings on the way down and when the thing reached the floor she raised her right foot.

“Take my shoes off, baby. I don’t want to hurt you with those heels.”

I slipped her heel off, then the other and putting my hands on her legs began sliding them up and down her legs, enjoying the feel of her stockings. Of course once I reached the top of the thigh highs the soft smooth flesh of her inner thighs felt much better. Sitting up on my knees put Amelia’s amazing ass directly in my face and remembering she said I could do what I wanted, I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them.

“There you go, baby, play with that ass.” She giggled, “How about you kiss it?”

Not needing to be told twice I pressed my lips to her left ass cheek and started kissing and sucking on her flesh while my hands caressed and fondled her round ass.

“I like that.” She purred, “You look good in that mirror. Now let me give you something else to kiss.”

Bending over the bed, She reached back and grabbed her ass, spread it open.

“Oh, yes.” I whispered as I was now confronted with the sight of her smooth pussy peeking out at me from between her tan thighs.

“Go ahead, baby, you…oh fuck!”

Amelia called out in surprise as losing all control I buried my face between her thighs and plunged my tongue into her pussy. Her wet flesh was hot against my face and the sweet scent of her pussy caused me to grab her cheeks and spread them further to try to get my face even deeper into her. My probing tongue swirled through her wet lips until I found the entrance to her pussy and slipped it in.

“Yes, oh, baby, I knew I’d love this as much as you!”

I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could and began eagerly licking and sucking, moaning at the taste of her sticky fluid in my mouth. Amelia was squirming in my face as my tongue explored her hot little box and she was moaning softly as I shook my head, rubbing my nose into her pussy.

“Oh, I like that!” she groaned, “Now suck that clit!”

Slipping my tongue from inside her, I worked it up through her lips and finding her swollen button gave it a quick kiss before caressing it with just the tip. A shudder went through her thighs and she released a long moan as I pressed my tongue harder to her swollen button. Sliding my hand up along the inside of her thigh, I continued my bold moves and slipped a finger inside her.

“Oh, look at you! You bad boy; sucking your friend’s mother’s pussy!”

“After she sucked my cock.” I said into her pussy, “Guess you’re a bad girl.”

“I love it, Nicolas!” She laughed, “You are better than I thought you’d be! Now put another finger in there, and don’t be shy, move them!”

I eased a second finger inside and began pumping them in and out while taking her clit gently between my lips and sucking on it.

‘God, that’s good! That’s why I like younger men! Guys my age want to fuck and run, young men like you are eager to please.” She sighed when I went back to licking her clit, “And you are eager, aren’t you baby?”

“Yes I am.” I told her while giving her ass a quick slap with my free hand.

“Ohh, save that for when you fuck me.” She said, “Now hold on, as good as this is I want to roll over on my back. Know why?”

“Does it feel better?” I asked while reluctantly removing my face from between her lush thighs and her fingers from her hot tight pussy.

“Nope, so I can watch my son’s best friend lick my pussy!”

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