Nicolas uncovered the truth of milf’s new job – part 1

Hello guys I’m here with a great story Nicolas uncovered the truth of milf’s new job which comes in small 3 parts. It will be interesting and I promise. Enjoy

I opened my eyes and smiled, tonight was the night! After six weeks of saving every extra dollar I could, I was only twenty dollars short of the two hundred I needed and I was going to make that this morning! I lay there staring at the ceiling, my cock already stirring as I envisioned the night to come.

Glancing over at the other side of the room, I saw John was still asleep. He was lying on his side with his back to me and sliding my hand under the covers; I grabbed my now fully erect cock and started to stroke it. Closing my eyes, I thought of a pair of long , well shaped legs wrapped around me and imagined what those big tits would look like out of her sexy black lace bra. I could all but feel the wet heat of her mature pussy and just as good; the warm, wet and experienced mouth of an older woman who knew how to suck cock better than any girl my age.

I thought of that long blonde hair trailing down my stomach, fanned across my thighs. I had no idea what her face looked like, but pictured big blue eyes to go with that blond hair. Those eyes would be looking up at me while her lips were wrapped around my cock. My hand moved faster and I held back a moan; I was already close. My mind jumped to having her on her knees, grabbing those curvy hips and watching that well rounded ass while my cock slammed into it.

I would be fucking her as hard as I could and with no complaints because older women loved getting it hard and fast and could care less what you thought of them, they were just out for a good hard fucking. I’d whip my cock out and tell her to roll over and spray my hot cum in her mouth and all over her face. Unlike other girls I’d been with she wouldn’t say no, because at the end of the day I would be paying good money for her to do anything I wanted and most likely a hot cougar like her would love…

“Oh!” a gasp escaped me as my cock exploded in my hand and I felt a warm sticky stream of cum splash onto my stomach.

I continued to pump, all the time imagining my load going into a pretty mouth and not all over myself. When I was finished, I lay there with my heart pounding while holding the sheet over my sticky stomach.

“Hey Nicolas, you awake?”

I quickly slipped my boxers up and dropped the sheet, wincing as it stuck to my stomach. Sitting up, I looked over to see John was now sitting on the side of the bed facing me. Shit, how long had he been awake?

“Yeah.” I said simply.

“Good,” John got up and after stretching, picked up a pair of sweatpants and slipped them over his boxers. Walking towards the window he said, “It’s going to be a great day. Look at it out there.” leaning on the windowsill he took a deep breath, “Clear skies, only in the seventies and it’s a Saturday after a week of rain, we’re going to get some calls today!” Facing me, he asked. “We got Mrs. Williams at eight and The Donovan’s for nine thirty, but that’s it right?”

“So far.” I said. “But you’re right, we’ll get more.”

“Well do me a favor, and check the emails and bump our ad, I want us on top of those other guys.”

“Yeah, sure.”

I started to slide my legs off the bed and could feel the sheet sticking to me. There was no way I could get up in front of him. After a minute he asked, “Well?”

“Oh, well I…I’m not wearing anything.”

John scrunched his face up, “Come on man, why would you do that?”

“Habit.” I shrugged, “Anyway, you want to turn around for a sec?”

“No problem, I don’t want to wake my mother up laughing.”

“Yeah, okay. More like you don’t want her to come in here and see me naked, I’d end up being your step father.”

“Asshole.” He said, but laughed and started to turn around.

I slipped out of bed and was just reaching down to grab my jeans to toss on before I showered, when he turned back around.

“I knew it!” he exclaimed, pointing at my crotch where there was a large wet stain. “You were jerking off, you pig!”

“I…” oh, what the hell there was no denying it. “Hey, what can I say?”

“Dude that is nasty!” he waved his hand disgustedly at me, “Do that shit at home will you?”

“Oh, like you’ve never done it at my house?” I pulled my underwear down, causing him to turn his back to me. Slipping my jeans carefully over my cock, I zipped them up, “You’ve been sleeping over there once a week since we were in middle school.”

“You’re right, I did.” He turned back and grinned at me, “But I had an excuse, I was thinking about your sister in the next room.”

He laughed and I held back from saying anything. John had been busting my balls about my older sister Kelly for years. He had a thing for her, but had promised me as my best friend he would never ask her out, but that didn’t stop him from busting my balls. I usually fell for it, but time gave it back to him.

“Maybe I was thinking about your mom.”

“My mom?”

“She is pretty damn hot.” I walked over to his desk and opened his lap top, “Best looking cougar I know.”

“Don’t be a jerk, my mother treats you like you’re my brother.”

“Maybe I’d rather her treat me like a cub; her little boy toy.” I grinned as he frowned and tapped the side of my head as if thinking, “Maybe she lays there and thinks about me.”

“Yeah I bet she does. All those sexy things like the time you threw up when we took you to six flags and, oh.” he snapped his fingers, “The time she caught you peeing in our pool and especially that time she found a pair of her panties in that bed” he pointed to where I had just gotten up. “Pretty sure she knew I didn’t take them.”

I felt myself turning red, “I was fourteen and they were mixed in the sheets! I…I just was looking at them.”

“Got eyes in your nose?” he asked.

We stood there staring at each other then after a moment we both burst out laughing.

“Okay,” I waved my hand at him, “You got me, those were the only panties I’d seen that weren’t my mother’s or sisters.”

“Could have at least brought a pair of your sister’s over as a trade.”

“Whatever, anyway I wasn’t thinking about your mom.” I grinned, “Got something hot going on tonight and, well you know, sometimes it gets to be too much”

“Wow, score!” he reached out and slapped my arm. “Anyone I know?”

“Nope.” No one I knew either, at least not yet.

“Who is she?”

“I’d, uh, rather not say. It’s sort of a hook up, nothing serious and I don’t want to kiss and tell.”

“Fine, be like that.” He shrugged, “But speaking of my mom, roll up those sheets and I’ll toss them in the wash, she doesn’t need to be seeing your spooge.”

“Fair enough” , grabbing my underwear I tossed them in my gym bag and yanking the sheets from the bed, rolled them up in a ball.

Turning around I threw them at John who caught it and with a look of disgust made a show of holding the bundle at arm’s length as if it were going to bite him.

“I’m going to run down and put these in the wash, bump the ad.”

“You bet.” I told him as he left the room and headed downstairs.

Sitting at the desk, I opened a browser and brought up Craig’s list. Finding services I scrolled down until I found our ad for landscaping and after copying it, clicked a new ad, pasted it in and hit submit to put us back at the top of the list. We had done lawns last summer, but didn’t make too much money. All we had was our cars and people would look at us funny when we would show up with lawn mowers and rakes sticking out of our trunks and backseats.

But this spring, John’s father, who for the most part was pretty useless, had come up big and given John his old ford 250 pick up so he could make more money landscaping to help with school. So far it was only late July and we’d each saved over a thousand dollars. My parents took half to put in the bank for books and school expenses and after I paid for insurance and gas and had some fun I was still usually broke, but pretty content as there was nothing I really wanted.

That was until a few weeks ago. Figuring John would be a couple of minutes I clicked out of services and went over to adult services. As all the ads came up featuring young college age girls who were offering their services at hourly and half hour rates, I began to scroll through them, looking for the one that had caught my eye over a month ago and had since been obsessed with.

“Shit.” I whispered when I didn’t see it on the first page. “Please be around.”

I hit the second page and halfway down sighed with relief at the world’s Milf for Hire! Clicking on the words I sat back and smiled at the picture that came up. It featured a woman from the neck down dressed in black lingerie that included stockings, lace panties and a transparent bra that showed not only her large round tits, but her nipples were visible. She was leaning against a doorway, with her hands under her tits, cupping them.

Although her face wasn’t visible there was plenty of long blonde hair showing and I could not imagine that she wouldn’t be as beautiful as her body. And that body! I would never say she was chubby, but she had a full set of hips and her thighs looked soft and inviting. Her ass looked to have some curve to it and overall her body was a sharp contrast to the slender girls I went to school with.

Most of them had smaller perky tits and tight little asses. Not that I was complaining, I’d had some serious fun with the couple of girls I’d been with at PC, but the woman in the ad’s body seemed so…I kept coming back to the word inviting. The fact that it belonged to a woman who according to her ad was over twice my age was one hell of a turn on. Pulling my eyes from the picture, I read the ad that by now I was sure I could quote by heart.

“Are you tired of those skinny inexperienced little things in those other ads? Well if you are, then I’m the woman for you. That’s right, woman, not a girl. This forty two year old Milf is sexy, fun and most of all experienced!

“All those young girls are going through the motions, trying to get you off and out the door for the next one. But this hot cougar is out for more than just the money, honey! When you’re with me you’re not only enjoying me, but I am enjoying you just as much because this slutty little blonde loves to get a good hard fucking as much as you love to give one!”

“So whether you’re a gentleman my age looking for a fun time or a young man who wants to know what it’s like to be with a real woman, two hundred dollars will get you all that you want and more!”

I went back to the picture and for the hundredth time wondered what had me so interested. I had never been into Milf or cougar porn before. Truth be told, the only woman in her forties I considered hot was John’s mom, Amelia. I wasn’t alone in that. Poor John had been getting his balls busted about his mother for years.

I grinned at the thought that the panties they had caught me with weren’t the only pair I’d gotten. I’d smuggled a black pair out of his house once and had jacked off with them several times while thinking about my best friend’s mother. I still thought she was hot, but no longer used her inspiration.

Once I’d started dating it had gotten me over thinking of Amelia along with the fact that when I’d gotten a little older I realized this was my best friend’s mother and she had been very good to me. Amelia even kept it from my parents about her finding me with her panties. I recalled when she found them and I tried to stutter out an apology she simply said, “Boys will be boys and there’s worse things than a cute boy thinking I’m sexy, but let’s not let it happen again, or I’ll have to tell your folks.” She’d never mentioned it again, but it had taken a month before I could look at her without blushing.

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