Nicolas uncovered the truth of milf’s new job – part 2

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I stood outside of room 12 and looked around nervously. The motel ran the length of the parking lot with all the doors outside. There was a small diner next to it and several people on their way in and out of it. I had the irrational feeling I would run into someone I know, but who the hell would be here? Nonetheless, I’d parked my car two blocks away at the bowling alley which also had an arcade and some pool tables so if anyone said they saw my car it wouldn’t look that weird.

I was standing a few feet from the doorway, trying to convince myself that I had come this far and was only moments away from a hell of an experience. For the tenth time, I reached into my pocket and felt the wad of money to make sure it was there. Someone came out of a room three doors down, and started coming my way. I turned away and walked along the motel rooms until I came to a vending machine and stood there pretending to decide what I wanted.

The person from the other room walked past me and staring into the glass window of the machine, I ran my fingers through my sandy brown hair and looking into my brown eyes whispered, “Hi, Mira. I’m Sam.” What after that, so is there when you get on your knees? I frowned at my reflection, I shouldn’t have shaved; I had a baby face to begin with and wondered if she would make me show my id to prove I was twenty. The girls I’d dated said I had a cute boy next door look, but doubted an older woman would be into ‘cute’

“Oh, who cares?” I muttered, “I’m paying her, she’s going to take care of me so just let it happen.” Nodding to my reflection, I turned and walked back to door 12,

Before I could lose my nerve I knocked on the door and stood there shifting my weight from one foot to another. There was no response and wondering if I’d been stood up, I went to knock again, when the door opened a few inches.

“Sam?” a soft voice asked.

“Yes.” I answered

She was standing behind the door and all I could see was her hand on the frame. Her slender fingers ended in long nails painted a deep red and my heart started beating faster.

“You’re right on time, baby.” She purred, still standing out of sight, “Come on in.”

The door swung open further and I entered the motel room. It was small and simply furnished with a small chair in the corner and a queen size bed taking up more than half the room. There was an end table on either side of the bed that contained a lamp. The lamps were off at the moment, the light replaced by a pair of candles on each table. Their glow left a lot of the room in shadows, but was bright enough to show the covers had been turned down on the bed.

“You have something for me, baby?”

“Oh, um sure!” reaching into my pocket, I removed the money and began to turn around, but she said

“Don’t turn around just yet, I wasn’t quite ready and want to be just right for you.”


She was speaking so softly I could barely hear her and as I placed the money on the nightstand I remained standing with my back to her.

“Nice shoulders.” She purred, her voice closer than before, “Ass is nice too,” she giggled. “I think I’m going to make out just fine tonight.”

“Thank you.” I said, resisting the urge to turn around.

“And manners.” Another giggle, “Your mom did a good job.”

This time I just nodded and staring down at the bed felt my cock beginning to twitch at the thought of how close I was.

“Turn around and sit on the bed sweetie.”

Trying to hide the smile on my face, I turned around and began to sit on the bed,

“That’s funny. You look more like Nicolas than Sam.”

This was spoken in a normal volume and in an all too familiar voice. Standing straight up, I exclaimed “Holy shit!”

Standing in front of me in a short red robe was Amelia.

“I guess your mom taught you manners, but not morals.” She said with a wicked smirk on her face, “You’re a bad boy Nicolas.”

I stood there speechless; John’s mother was selling herself! He had been right; there was no Jimin and probably no cocktail bar. My first thought was there was no way I could tell him this. My second thought was damn, she looked good. Amelia’s blonde hair was down and had been teased out. Like this morning she was wearing a lot of makeup, in fact her eye shadow and lipstick looked to be caked on and it hit me she was deliberately going for a slutty appearance.

The red silk robe was as short as her skirt had been earlier and was tied loosely enough for me to see the inner half of her large breasts. As she had promised over the phone her long legs were encased in black stockings and she was wearing the same fuck me heels as she was this morning.

“Now what would your mommy think, her little boy at a motel paying a…”

“Me?” I asked, getting over my surprise, “You’re a hooker!”

“I prefer to call girls,” she winked, “Sam.”

“Whatever, what would John say about his mother being a hooker?”

“Nothing because you would be a lousy friend if you told him.” she sighed, “Imagine how upset he would be.”

“He would be! I mean….”

“But he’s not upset when I’m able to keep him in school and when he has food to eat. He wasn’t upset when I bought him that new I-pad last month.” She shook her head, “I had to work hard for that one, four guys that day. Thank God for showers!”

“Amelia, I have to tell…”

“You tell, I’ll tell.” She said walking up to me and putting the tip of her finger on my chest. “John will ask how you know and what will you say?”


“See the way this works is we working girls get you to contact us on your phone so we have a way of finding out who you are and you don’t think about doing anything stupid. I have our texts from earlier. I have proof that you were hooking up with me.”

“But I’ll say I didn’t know who you were until I got here.” I countered, thinking more rationally than I thought I could, considering the situation.

“Your parents will still find out you were hiring a prostitute.” she tapped my chest, “Wonder what your school counselor would think. You’re on a scholarship aren’t you?” she made a clicking sound with her tongue, “And your sister, what would your straight A, goody two shoes sister think of her perverted little brother?”


“Okay, let’s start over. First sit down.”

Putting her hands on my chest, Amelia gave me a shove. Caught off guard, I fell into a sitting position on the bed. I started to get up, but Amelia stepped up between my legs and put her hands on my shoulders. My face was level with her tits and I couldn’t help staring at them. The top half of her impressive breasts were deeply tanned, but the robe showed enough to expose the tan lines of the lower half. I could just make out a hint of black; she was wearing the outfit I had been staring at for two months.

It struck me that the body I had been lusting after was enough to pay two hundred dollars and risk a lot of trouble for my best friend’s mother. I lowered my eyes and took in her stocking encased thighs. I could smell her perfume and looking up into her eyes realized she had the blue eyes I’d fantasized about making me wonder if she were the reason I had hoped for blue eyes in the first place? Had I still had a thing for her?

“Here’s what I think Nicolas. If you say something it’s going to cause a lot of trouble. Poor John is going to be heartbroken and you’re going to have to admit how you knew and that’s going to be messy for you isn’t it?”

“Yes.” I nodded, trying to find a safe place for my eyes.

“But like they say ignorance is bliss. You don’t tell, I don’t need to tell and everything is fine.”

“But I’ll….”

“You’ll what? Know I’m a call girl?” she laughed, “Well hey, that would just give you more reason to stroke it to me no?”

“I…I don’t do that.” I tried to sound convincing, but it was pretty hard with her tits less than a foot from my face

“Oh, no? You weren’t going to jerk off into my panties that time?”

“That was…”

“Just like you did the other pair that went missing?” she laughed when I lowered my head. “And what about that ad Nicolas? You jerk off to my body? You spend a lot of time thinking of tonight? Blowing a nice big load thinking about what that slutty little cougar was going to do to you tonight?”

“I didn’t know it was you.”

“But it was me, see?” untying the robe she let it fall to the floor.

“Oh my God.” I whispered.

Amelia was wearing the outfit from the ad. Even as I told myself to look away there was nothing in me that could do it. Her tits looked incredible! The bra only had half cups and they were black lace allowing me to clearly see her rose colored nipples. Those nipples were hard and poking through the lace. Her stomach was soft, but flat, and her hips flared out enough to give her a damn good figure.

The stockings were thigh highs and the only thing above them was the string of the black thong she was wearing at the top of her hip. Like the bra, the front of the thing was lace and I could just make out the shadow of her pussy. That pussy was framed between those delicious looking soft thighs and…delicious? I swallowed hard, this was John’s mother. No matter what she looked like and what she was doing to make money, this was the one woman I shouldn’t be looking at.

“See something you like, baby?” she purred in a voice that, like her appearance, screamed sex. She raised her arms over her head. “It’s what you wanted right?”

Her arms going up lifted her tits to an even better angle and my cock was responding to the amazing woman standing before me. Amelia made it worse by turning around. The thong was only a string in the back and I was now gawking at her well rounded ass cheeks being shaken almost directly in my face.

Turning back around she smiled, “So, baby, what do you say?”

“S…say? About what?”

Amelia sighed and reaching out took my chin in her hand. “You really are a sweet kid Nicolas. Look at you trying to pretend you don’t want me.” When I didn’t answer she asked, “So tell me Nicolas. If I wasn’t John’s mother would you want me? If you showed up here and it was another woman who looked like this, would you want them?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Well that’s good because see right now I’m not John’s mom, I’m that hot milf you were going to pay to give you the fucking of a lifetime.”

“Wait, you want to?” I shook my head, “But I’m…”

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