Charlotte’s special gift for Christmas – part 4

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I gave him a wonk and leaning over kissed him, as Charlotte continued to finger me while teasing her soft tongue across my other nipple. Reaching down I grabbed Thomas’s cock through his pants and squeezed. He groaned softly and I began slowly stroking him.

He was so hard I could feel him throbbing in my hand and my mouth began to water at the thought of having him in it very shortly. My attention was brought back to Charlotte’s mouth as she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I sighed at the feeling of her wet tongue swirling around it and unable to resist playing with her, I reached down and eased her hand from between my legs.

Charlotte looked up from my tits as I lifted her hand up between us and after a quick look at Thomas, placed her fingers against her lips. She swallowed nervously, and then closing her eyes, parted her lips. I slipped my fingers into her mouth and moaned as she started to suck on them. Thomas’s eyes were wide and he asked, “How does she taste?”

Charlotte blushed furiously and, easing my fingers from her mouth, smiled at him, “Speaking of tasting,” I grabbed the back of his head and roughly shoved it down to Charlotte’s tits. Thomas didn’t need any encouragement and she moaned as he began to eagerly devour her pink nipples.

I watched him work his mouth from one perfect tit to the next before slowly dropping down to my knees. Leaning forward, I gave her stomach a soft kiss, then grabbing the sides of Thomas’s pants, yanked them down hard.

His swollen cock sprang out and I licked my lips at the sight of pre cum dripping from it. Pushing his pants down to the floor, I grabbed his cock and started pumping it. Thomas moaned around Charlotte’s nipple and his hips jerked. Pressing his cock against my cheek I rubbed it back and forth, teasing him.

Thomas had his head turned to the side and was watching while he switched to teasing Charlotte’s nipple with the tip of his tongue. I saw she was watching as well and began sliding his cock across the other side of my face. I took my time, giving them both a show and enjoying the sensation of his sticky juices smearing across my cheeks.

I slid Thomas’s cock to my lips and parting them darted my tongue out. He groaned when I stuck it into the tip of his cock and pulled back, taking a trail of pre cum with me.

I made a show of slurping it back up, following it back to the purple head of his cock. After giving it a playful kiss, I opened my mouth and slowly took him into it. Thomas sighed and I moaned at the sensation of his hard flesh sliding between my soft lips. Keeping my eyes fixed on Charlotte’s, I took about half his length into my mouth.

I paused then began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm. Thomas reached down and after brushing my long dark hair from my face, rested his hand on the back of my head and began guiding my mouth along the length of his cock. I quickly took him all the way into my mouth until I could feel my lips touching the base of his shaft. Thomas gasped as I held him there and still keeping my eyes locked on Charlotte, I slowly worked him back out of my mouth.

Reaching out, I took her wrist and brought her hand down onto Thomas’s now very wet cock. She wrapped her slender fingers around his thick shaft and at my guidance began to stroke him.

“Oh, that feels good.” Thomas whispered, and then returned to sucking on her tit.

I let her go and she continued to slowly stroke his cock. The look in her eyes was becoming less nervous as she played with my husband’s cock and I could tell she was certainly more into him than me. That was just fine with me, at least for now, because I’d be damned if the night would end without that little pink tongue dancing across my clit. But for now, this was Thomas’s part of the gift and I planned on our little guest and I gave him one hell of a show.

As she stroked his cock faster, I ducked my head and began swirling my tongue around his balls. Thomas was moaning softly and his hips were rocking as my tongue bathed his balls while Charlotte jerked him off.

I lifted my head and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, I took him down until my lips were against her hand. Looking up at her I moaned encouragingly, “Hmmm-mm” and started to bob my head. To my delight Charlotte took my meaning and started following my mouth with her hand, jerking him off while I blew him.

Thomas was no longer even making an effort to do anything but watch, although I did notice his hand had made its way down Charlotte’s back and was fondling her ass. Charlotte didn’t seem to mind, her attention was currently focused on watching me blow my husband while she played with him. Placing my hands on Thomas’s stomach, I gave him a push. Taking my meaning, he sat down on the bed. Charlotte’s hand remained on his cock and still keeping him in my mouth I slid up between his legs.

I grabbed Charlotte’s other hand and tugged on it. She paused, looking down at me and removing Thomas’s cock from my mouth. I asked, “Want to share with me?” Charlotte gave me that shy little smile and my already sopping pussy received a fresh wave of moisture as she slowly sank to her knees next to me.

She was still holding Thomas’s cock and leaning over, I again took it into my mouth. I bobbed my head several times, all the while keeping my eyes on hers. I slipped him from my mouth, and then placing my hand over hers, guided my husband’s cock to her lips.

She looked nervously at me and I smiled, “It’s okay honey, I want you too.” Closing her eyes, Charlotte parted her lips and placed them over the head of Thomas’s cock, slowly taking him into her mouth. She only went down a couple of inches, before she slid her mouth back to the tip. I started to tug on his cock, planning on taking it from her to give her another demonstration, when she surprised me by not only taking him back into her mouth but taking more than half his length this time.

Charlotte started slowly bobbing her head and Thomas moaned, “Damn, Charlotte, that feels good.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, and began to move her head faster. I started stroking his cock, following the wet trail Charlotte’s mouth left as she continued to blow him. Thomas placed his hand on the back of her head and I heard her moan as he started guiding her along his cock.

I smiled as I watched my husband’s cock disappear between those full soft lips and began to wonder if she’d thought of Thomas before this. She didn’t seem as if she were overly experienced, but certainly didn’t seem shy at all now that his cock was in her mouth.

This time I tugged on his cock and when her blue eyes met my gaze, I smiled, “My turn.”

Charlotte obediently removed his cock from her mouth and gave me a thrill by placing her hand over mine and passing it to me. Before taking Thomas’s dripping dick back into my mouth I leaned over and kissed her softly, savoring the taste of his pre cum from her tongue. I then made a show of taking Thomas all the way down to his base, and sliding my tongue out began licking his balls as I deep throated him. After a brief pause, I started sucking him fast and hard, taking him all the way down into my willing throat.

I moaned in surprised pleasure when reaching out, she began to play with my nipples. I released Thomas’s cock with a loud slurping noise and passed it back to her. This time there was no hesitation at all. Charlotte opened wide and began sucking him faster and more confidently than before. As she did, I ducked my head and Thomas emitted a loud moan as I began sucking his balls while our no longer shy little guest sucked his cock. I ran my tongue from his balls and up the length of his shaft.

Charlotte removed him from her mouth and after sharing a long tongue filled kiss over him, I started teasing my tongue across the tip of his cock. Charlotte watched, and then as I’d hoped she would, began to tongue it as well. Thomas sighed and his hips twitched as we teased across his sensitive head.

I’m sure the sight of those tongues dancing across each other as well added to his pleasure. I pulled back and Charlotte immediately took him back into her mouth and I smiled to myself, she’d wanted him before this, there was no doubt about it.

She was taking her time now, sucking him slowly and I could hear her moaning as she worked him in and out of her mouth. I placed my hand on her back and sliding it down grabbed her ass and gave it a hard squeeze. She moaned, and then squealed around Thomas’s cock when I slipped my fingers into her thong and directly into her pussy. I let out a breath at how hot and goddamn tight her pussy was as I began gently sliding my fingers in and out of her.

Charlotte’s moans were louder and I looked to see she had removed Thomas’s cock from her mouth and was now tonguing his balls while I finger fucked her. Sliding my fingers out, I pushed them through the folds of her pussy and finding the hard nub of her swollen clit started rubbing it.

“Oh!” she moaned, “Oh that feels so good!”

Still rubbing her clit, I turned my attention back to Thomas and grabbing his cock, started sucking him. Thomas was breathing hard and I could feel his thighs starting to tremble. I released his cock and quickly passed it over to Charlotte, her eyes were closed and she was also breathing hard as my fingers had sped up on her clit. I pushed the spongy head of Thomas’s cock against her lips and still keeping her eyes closed she took him between her lips and began sucking on him. Thomas’s hips were rocking faster and he was starting to moan louder as Charlotte slowly bobbed her head.

I watched as several times she stopped for a moment as my fingers continued to dance across her clit. Like Thomas, her hips were moving, grinding her clit into my fingers. My own pussy was dripping at the thought that both of them were going to cum any minute now. I pressed my fingers hard against her swollen flesh and started rubbing as quickly as I could. Charlotte let out a yelp around Thomas’s cock and releasing it let out a loud squeal.

Her hips began bucking wildly against my hand and she cried out, “Oh  Emily, Oh, yes! I…” she trailed off into another loud squeal and I looked up at Thomas who didn’t seem to care that he was forgotten for the moment. Next to me, Charlotte was bouncing up and down on her knees, her hips gyrating as her orgasm flowed through her. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted as she emitted a series of high pitched yelps that had me already anticipating what she would sound like when Thomas fucked her.

Her hips started to slow down and she was gasping rather than moaning. Knowing her orgasm had almost finished, I grabbed Thomas’s cock and began blowing him with a vengeance.

I was taking him almost all the way down each time and his fingers tightened in my hair. His hips were moving, thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth and I could tell he was almost there. Next to me, Charlotte was watching me with a mixed look of lust and embarrassment, her face was red, and she was beginning to sweat. Her eyes were as wide as they’d been all night as she watched me devour Thomas’s cock inches from her face.

Thomas gasped and slid his throbbing prick from my mouth, I shoved it at Charlotte. She took over, sucking him faster than before and as his moans began to sound desperate, I reached down and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. He cried out and a moment later, Charlotte let out a surprised yelp that quickly turned into a gurgling sound as my husband’s cock went off in her mouth. She jerked her head back, pulling his cock from her mouth. I grabbed it and began jerking him off, sending a huge spurt of cum into Charlotte’s face, causing her to emit another of those precious little squeals.

As much as I wouldn’t have minded continuing to paint her face with Thomas’s cum, I also needed to taste him as well. Covering his squirting cock with my lips, my eyes rolled back as I felt the warm jet of his cum enter my mouth. I stroked him hard and fast, greedily sucking as well, trying to get every last drop from his beautiful cock.

Thomas was shoving my head, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and I moaned as his cum trickled down my throat. With a moan that was more like a whimper, Thomas let my hair go and stopped moving his hips.

Sliding his spent cock from my mouth, I looked at Charlotte, loving the sight of Thomas’s cum on her lips and dripping down her chin. Grabbing her face in my hands, I kissed her hard and began licking and sucking Thomas’s cum from her face. Charlotte stayed still for a moment, and then began to kiss me back.

I opened my mouth and shoved my tongue into hers, my eyes on Thomas as he watched us pass his cum back and forth as we kissed. When I’d gotten the last drop, I quickly stood up and grabbed Charlotte’s hands and pulled her to her feet.

With an effort, Thomas forced himself to stand, and once he had, I turned Charlotte to the side and gave her a playful shove, sending her sprawling onto the bed. As soon as she’d landed on her back, I was back on my knees between her legs, my hands already reaching for her thong. I grabbed the sides of it and began to pull. When Charlotte didn’t lift her legs, I gave her a pout and doing the best I could to sound as sweet as she did, asked, “Aww, aren’t you going to let me unwrap my present?”

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