Madam’s crazy notebook -7

“Madam’s crazy notebook” Part-7 Continues…..

Satisfied for the time being, I sat back as they did that, soon after forming up into a small tight little circle as they began eating one another out again simultaneously. Mom now licking Mia’s sweet pussy, Mia licking her mothers, and Aunt Sue now eating moms. The sight of them doing that, though arousing, failed to get me back to full erection.

I was honestly too exhausted by now, so was content to simply sit there and watch the three of them get one another off. After they had, we simply curled up back on the quilts once again, using one for a covering, and soon after fell asleep together there beneath the stars.

At some point I remember partially waking. The feel of someone’s lips licking and sucking my very flaccid prick. I didn’t fully wake however, once again drifting off, the sweetness of the non-arousing pleasure actually putting me back to sleep again.

So it was that I never knew who it was who had done that, and didn’t even ask when I woke up the following morning. Not too surprisingly perhaps, Mia and I were the last two to get up. I found myself holding her in the crook of my arm, the feel of her soft breasts pressed against me as the sun hit my face, waking me up fully.

She sighed pleasurably, her eyes opening.

“Sleep well?”

“Hmm yes, I did…now, fuck me. Slowly, softly…but fuck me George. Fuck me.”

And we did.


I came downstairs after my shower to the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Mom was now in the shower upstairs where I’d just come from, and Mia was using the one downstairs, leaving my Aunt and I alone for a few minutes. She turned upon hearing me enter the kitchen smiling as she stood forking the sweet smelling bacon on the stove.

I laughed upon seeing her, as she wore only an apron, her ass clearly visible from behind as she stood there, though she’d obviously worn that as some form of protection against splattering grease. I walked over behind her, kissed her on the neck and allowed my hand to sneak around in front, grasping her breast, toying with her nipple briefly until she finally shooed me away.

“Go fix us some coffee you naughty boy,” she giggled.

I did so, pouring us each a cup, placing them down on the table sitting, as she moments later walked over taking a seat across from me.

“I have to tell you George, it’s nice to see you and Mia having patched things up again, I was beginning to think the two of you never would.”

“I know what you mean, I was beginning to think we wouldn’t either, but when I saw her standing there in the doorway of the barn, I was honestly surprised when she was. At first, I actually thought it was you for a moment.”

“Well, just so now, though perhaps by now you already do, the real reason she had originally decided not to come down for the weekend wasn’t because she was still harboring anger towards you. I’d eventually spoken to her about your decision to enter the service, and that had happened long before anything really intimate had taken place between the two of you. What she was honestly concerned about, was the fact that she and I had by then, become intimate ourselves. She was worried that if and when you found that out, you’d never want to see or speak to her again, silly as that would have been…knowing you,” she winked.

“Well admittedly I was a little surprised. I mean you hear about moms and son’s getting it on, on occasion, but it’s a bit rarer to hear about mom and daughter’s doing that. So it surprised me only in the sense that you two were, not that it bothered me in the least, as because it obviously didn’t. If anything, it just cemented for me, the fact that I wanted what I was doing to continue with my mom, and hopefully…turn into what it eventually did, with me getting to finally fuck her. Something I’ve always thought about, fantasized about, and dreamed about. So now I have. But even better, I’ve now fucked my favorite Aunt too!”

“You’re only Aunt,” she laughed.

“Maybe so…but even if mom had any other sister, you’d still be my favorite. Especially with those gorgeous tits of yours, and that sweet tasting pussy.”

Again she giggled. “Now George, don’t sit there and try to get me all horny again, besides…I already am anyway. But we at least need to finish up with breakfast first before I go burning the bacon here. I’m not so sure your mom would be pleased to come downstairs, find me sitting on your hard cock, with the bacon burning now would she?”

“No…I wouldn’t indeed,” mom answered, suddenly appearing in the doorway. Walking over to kiss us both, wrapped only in her robe, one of her breasts partially exposed as she rustled my still damp hair afterwards and then proceeded to pour herself a cup of coffee before sitting down next to us.

I took that opportunity to quiz her about her feelings. “Mom? So…how do you feel about everything that’s happened now anyway? You have any problems with the fact that you finally let me fuck you?”

She laughed. “At the moment…the only real problem I think I’m having is hearing you use that word. I’m not used to hearing you say it for one, and not sure it’s an appropriate time for you to be using it either. But I will say this…yes. I enjoyed having you fuck me, and I look forward now to you doing so again. And soon too!

” She added. “And to be perfectly honest, I look forward to hearing you say you want to fuck me…and that I want to respond back to you, telling you how good it feels to have you fuck me. Now then…think we’ve said fuck enough for a while at least? At least until we’ve finished up with breakfast anyway?”

The problem was, I was again hard as a rock, my prick pressing against my underwear as I sat there having listened to my mother and Aunt talking so openly and so freely now, though we had also laughed a great deal during the course of all that.

“Looks to me like he’s all set to go again…even before we’ve finished with breakfast,” Aunt Sue stated.

“Well, he’ll just have to wait. Besides, it will keep him nice and horny for the three of us for later,” Mom said, though her hand reached over beneath the table, wrapping itself around my cock through my shorts.

“You keep doing that, I’m not sure I’ll make it that far,” I warned her teasingly, enjoying the feeling of her doing that. Almost sadly, she removed her hand while sitting back.

“It really is a temptation now, but you knew that going in didn’t you, you little devil you!” she grinned winking at me. I leaned over, kissed her, and pawed at her half exposed breasts.

“Alright you two…cut it out, or I’ll come over and join you, and then breakfast really will be ruined!”

It was at that moment that Mia reached the top of the stairs having heard the last bit of our conversation.

“Come on George, get your butt into gear, we still need to feed and water the horses, so until we do that, no one’s going to be eating anything, or anyone for that matter, until we’re finished taking care of them!”

Already dressed, though she wore little more than a very short pair of cut off jeans and a halter top, I quickly ran upstairs putting a pair of my own on, and then ran outside catching up with her where we walked hand in hand out to the stables.

“Going to be a lot different around here from now on isn’t it?” Mom said standing next to her sister at the window as they both looked on, watching the two of us.

“Yes it will, but a lot nicer too I think. Certainly damn more exciting for another,” Aunt Sue stated, her hand worming its way inside mom’s robe, her fingers even then slipping between the folds of her pussy.

“You’re going to burn the bacon Sue,” mom giggled pleasurably.

“Fuck the bacon! We have plenty more where that came from,” she answered back, leading mom over to the dining table, where she then positioned herself upon her back, diving between her legs and proceeded to lick her to a nice sweet little morning orgasm.

By the time Mia and I returned from seeing the horses, the two of them were standing there with smiles on their faces, fresh bacon once again frying in the pan.

“Breakfast will be a little bit late after all,” Aunt Sue grinned blushing just a little.

“Time enough for me to suck George off then?” Mia asked, though she then turned towards mom…”want to help me?”

Mom grinned, following Mia and I out into the living room where she pushed me down onto the couch, and where seconds later the two of them once again knelt, each one now taking turns lapping away at my prick. Aunt Sue came out moments afterwards.

“This time I turned the bacon off,” she said, taking off her apron. “No sense burning it a second time,” she added. She then joined my cousin and mother as the three of them now began taking turns pleasuring my very stiff cock.


It was harder than usual saying goodbye to my Aunt and my cousin this time when it was finally time to go home again. Mia of course needed to head back upstate to college, but we all knew now that we’d continue on with our at least once a month visits. Mostly at Aunt Sue’s place, which I preferred doing anyway.

The rides up after that were always fun and exciting between mom and I. A nice bit of extended foreplay for what always turned out to be yet again another erotic and exciting weekend. Mia in fact began coming for a visit once a month to see mom and I, spending the somewhat short weekends with us before having to head back, though seeing her again of course whenever we drove up to my Aunt’s place to stay.

Shortly after our return home, I landed a full time job, though even that for me would be temporary as I planned on going back to school myself in a few months. Mia and I even discussed getting an apartment together with her moving out of the dorm, which we both looked forward to doing. In the meantime,

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