Madam’s crazy notebook – 5

“Madam’s crazy notebook” Part-5 Continues…..

I began reading, noting as I did, because she had written so much over those past few days that she had included the time in her writing having come back to it later on the next day.

“As I lay here in bed, Sue in the shower, my mind can clearly see my sister’s nude body as she stands there washing herself. I am half tempted to go in and join her, wanting to capture again the torrid pleasures we shared and gave to one another last night. On the other hand, I am left feeling somewhat guilty because of it. The ardor we experienced, the excitement…all born out of the erotic intensity the two of us had secretly witnessed as George and Mia made love for the very first time.”

As I continued to read, mom wrote in explicit detail of the events as they’d occurred that very night. How I had gone outside to sleep on the old couch, a bit angry now myself at Mia’s sudden anger towards me. My frustration at that keeps me awake. My Aunt and mother awakened themselves,

playing…teasing one another though trying to do so quietly when they heard the footsteps of Mia coming down the hall stopping briefly outside their door listening before moving on. They had remained quiet as she did so, waiting until she had passed heading down stairs before sneaking out onto the deck, which encircled the upper level of the house.

Still naked themselves, they had hidden themselves away around one side, clearly able to peer down into the yard where I lay, and where Mia, wearing nothing but the sheer babydoll nightgown I had seen her in briefly before, approached me almost stealthily. Wide awake, I had pretended to sleep as she approached, now standing over me looking down just as I clearly remembered myself, looking up at her through half closed eyes, snoring as though asleep, watching her. It was curious to be sitting here reading about it, my mother’s notes and thoughts capturing that very moment.

Mia had stood there for the longest time just looking down at me. At one point I saw her half turn as though having made a decision to go back inside the house. It was then however that I pulled the top cover away from myself, showing her as I did that I was indeed awake, naked, and by now fully erect.

She hesitated only briefly before lifting her nightgown up and over her head, likewise removing her panties tossing them off to one side. She had done all of this silently without uttering a single word to me. I smiled in reading that, hearing through mom’s own words how she described the very scene. I again smiled to myself, wondering if she knew I still had Mia’s panties, and that I had in fact used them to masturbate myself on several occasions since then.

Now naked herself, Mia climbed up onto the couch with me, positioning herself over my hard stiff cock. I remembered thinking, wondering what she was doing, and half suspecting her intent though we again hadn’t spoken a single word to one another. I felt her hand reaching down, grasping my prick, rubbing it against herself briefly, masturbating her pussy with it. She was already wet, so moist as I felt the pearly dew of her cunt lips licking and kissing my shaft. But when she placed the tip of my cock at her opening,

I knew then her intent, and what it was she truly now wanted from me. I was prepared to go slow, help to ease this first coupling for either of us in the best way that I could. Needless to say, I was surprised and actually quite shocked when upon having positioned me, she simply thrust down against me with all her might. The pain for her must have been shocking, and far more avoidable. But she had made the determination that there would be no slow going, no hesitation or getting used to it before I’d fully broken through her hymen. In one split second, she was a virgin, and then not. Same as me.

She had in fact bled considerably from the forceful tearing of her hymen as she spread herself on my shaft, soaking the sheets. Though I hadn’t realized to what extent that she had until after waking up the following morning, the sunlight just then reached my face, revealing the carnage we had left from the night before.

She had taken a few moments in getting used to the searing pain, before finally beginning to ease herself up and down on my shaft, eventually finding some pleasure in it though I knew she had perhaps actually injured herself in the process, more so than what I felt could have been so easily avoided.

To my amazement however, we had fucked in that position until the two of us came, almost simultaneously. She had rolled off me after that, permitting me to spoon her from behind. I had held her close, kissing her neck, my hands only then kneading and massaging her young breasts as I stiffened once more, re-entering her where we made love once again.

This time it was less urgent, far more softly as we coupled there on the oversized couch beneath the stars. She again climaxed, as did I moments after that for the second time, now holding her closely against me, my prick still impaled within her, though I soon after fell asleep. I awoke, finding her gone, the bloodstained sheets now dry, and Mia now sequestered back inside her room. I hadn’t seen her since.

“Sue and I had watched the two of them fuck, wordlessly, almost silently, save for a few undeniable grunts and groans of pleasure as my son speared my niece’s cunt over and over again. My guilt came from the fact that both Sue and I knew this was their first coupling, we had seen the two of them give one another their virginities, as evidenced by the bloodstained sheets Sue had found in the laundry the next day.

We had openly stood there watching them, standing side-by-side fingering one another, reaching our own pleasures at almost the precise moment they had. It had been all either one of us could do to hold back from crying out ourselves, seeing the two of them as they came together as one.

As they lay motionless out there on the couch, Sue and I once again slipped back into her room, where we pleasurably fucked one another with the double-dildo she had, fantasizing perhaps that it was my son’s cock doing so to us. Sue at one point had even cried out George’s name in the throes of her third, or was it perhaps her fourth pleasure of the night?

Even I lost track of myself, admittedly climaxing with the image of my own son’s face inside my head. My son’s hands clenching down on my breasts, pulling my nipples, his beautiful erect cock spilling his seed inside my pussy, bathing my womb. As I lay here writing this, remembering, the sound of my sister still showering, I had once again taken the dildo we had fucked one another with the night before, doing so again. My legs spread obscenely, pummeling myself with the fake prick, imagining George between my legs, fucking me wildly until the two of us exploded in a mutual combined ecstasy.

How will I ever bare the secret and this shame of wanting to fuck my own son? It must remain my own tempting secret, and one in which I can never allow myself to act upon.”

Once again I smiled upon reading that, remembering the night, more details now coming forth of things that had happened, which up until now, I had not been fully aware of. I was indeed aroused, my cock aching for release as I ventured back inside the house briefly, pulling from a zippered compartment inside my travel bag, those blue sheer bikini panties that Mia had worn. I then made another quick stop, easily locating a pair of my Aunts from her drawer, and then a pair of mom’s from her suitcase, taking all three back outside with me.

Undressing until I was fully naked, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my skin, I then proceeded to pleasure myself with all three pairs of panties. I was indeed enjoying the subtle differences of each as I used them to tease my shaft with. In my mind, I saw all three women, naked together, fucking each one of them in turn as they knelt down on all fours, side by side.

I was still hovering on the edge, only moment’s away from climaxing when I saw my Aunt’s truck just then reaching the turn off of the long drive back to the house. I came, spurting copious amounts of my cream into all three pairs of panties, enjoying the somewhat dangerous moment as I did so before quickly standing up and retreating back inside the house long before they would have spotted me. Putting mom’s diary back where it belonged first, I then slipped into my own room, stuffing away my three soiled treasures for use again later at another time. My arousal however still heightened as I began contemplating my next seductive moves for later on that same evening.


Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped for. By late afternoon it was obvious we were in for a fairly good storm. The skies had begun darkening severely, and as Aunt Sue had informed me upon their return, the weather reports and warnings even spoke of potentially damaging winds that same evening.

We had put the BBQ on hold temporarily, using the time instead to shutter the windows, gather up plenty of spare flashlights and candles in the event we lost power. Aunt Sue said that in fairly severe storms, she usually did, though if the outage lasted too long, she did have a backup generator, which I double-checked to ensure it was still working properly, which it was.

We sat inside the house watching the gathering storm, the peels of thunder and lightning gradually increasing until the howling winds, and rain soon began beating against the windows. The lightning was far more severe than we had realized it might be, causing my Aunt Sue to become concerned with the horses, especially as the newest Gelding she had recently purchased was so skittish. Hearing her worried concern,

I then told her I’d run out to the barn and the stables and check on all of them, and stay for a time if I had to, calming the horses if I could. I saw the look of appreciation in her eyes for offering to do that, but knew as I did, whatever plans I had made would have to wait for a while before I could make any attempt to fulfill them.

Though I had thrown on a thick covering rain slicker, by the time I had finally reached the barn and the stables, the rain was coming down in sheets, blowing sideways. I had still managed to get wet, cursing myself as I stood there shaking myself off. The Gelding was indeed prancing about inside his stable nervously,

and I stood there holding onto his rope, soothingly stroking his nose listening to the sounds of thunder and lightning outside. Across the way I could see the house, though seconds later another big clap of nearby thunder, with instantaneous lightning,

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