Madam’s crazy notebook -2

“Madam’s crazy notebook -2” Part-2 Continues…..

I could still see that moment in time inside my head as though it were yesterday, and not over nearly two and a half years ago now. I could almost recall how she tasted, how she smelled as I closed my eyes remembering that moment along with all the others of that fabulous, somewhat crazy weekend.

I looked down at the diary in my hand and began reading again.

“It’s hard to say what we might not have known, or to what extent things had honestly progressed had Sue not left her wallet inside the house. We had barely reached the main road when she realized it, and hurriedly turned the car around. I waited for her to run inside and get it, expecting her return momentarily.

After several minutes had passed however without her coming back outside, I grew curious, somewhat anxious and worried that perhaps something had happened. Perhaps she had tripped, fallen, hit her head. A number of things suddenly ran through my mind as I ran into the house in search of her.

I was surprised to find her standing there in the kitchen area. She turned smiling, though holding her fingers up to her lips, letting me know in an instant to be quiet. I wondered what was going on, yet…in the recess of my own mind, already had a pretty good idea as she turned back to look out the window, peering from around the side of the kitchen curtain as I now walked over to the other side, moments later doing the same.

I had half expected to find what I did, simply by the way Maria had looked at me, informing me in an instant to remain quiet in my approach, which I did. I don’t know what I was trying to picture in my mind as I approached the other side of the window, but it wasn’t at all what I thought when I eventually looked.

There was George, obviously nestled down between Mia’s outstretched legs there on the couch, licking her pussy.

It wasn’t so much the shock of seeing them together, after all, Sue and I had half expected it to happen before now anyway. I’d honestly however thought to find the two of them fucking, but the fact that they weren’t is what initially threw me. Perhaps it was because Sue had so recently gone down on me.

The sensation of her tongue lapping away at my own tender clit, immediately causing the sudden stir of emotion the way that it did at that moment. I felt what I later called a searing jolt to my groin, the almost spasmodic tickle of desire, and the immediate surge of moisture suddenly gathering between my legs far faster than I would have ever thought possible.

Watching my own son, licking my niece’s pussy…and wishing now more than ever before, that it was me he was doing that to.”


Once again I had to reread what she had written several times. “Mom? She had been wishing it was me? Doing that to her?”

I didn’t know what to think. It was for sure a private thought, and certainly one she had never obviously acted upon. Even after that date mom never spoke or treated me any differently than she ever had. “Or had she?” I was trying to think. More confused now than ever, I crept back to my own thoughts, there’d been times I’d allowed myself a few fantasies, but never anything more than that. I’d never purposely spied on her, or attempted to see or do anything that would have been inappropriate for me to do. In the fantasy of my own mind,

that was one thing. Actually doing something, or looking for the opportunity to do it was something else entirely. Sure, there had been those rare moments when I’d accidentally walked in on her while she was dressing. What son hadn’t at one time or another. And it wasn’t as though we had any hang-ups about running around the house in various states of undress from time to time. That happened too.

Which perhaps is what at times gave birth to some of my imaginings. But again, it was never something I consciously set out to do.

I continued reading.

“I was becoming aroused, very aroused, watching George going down on Mia, glancing over towards my sister as the two of us stood there peeking through the curtains at the two of them. I know we both should have stopped, turned away and left again. Emotionally I fought with doing so, but the sensuality of what we were seeing held us both like glue as we stood there.

Watching Mia climax, hearing her cries of pleasure and release nearly brought about my own. Only then did I realize I had actually slipped my hand down the waistband of the slacks I was wearing. I was soaked. My own pussy a virtual ocean of hot wet moisture as I stood there actually touching myself. Maria too was doing the same, unabashedly, uninhibitedly, so obviously aroused.

And then they switched places.

I had only once before seen George with an erection. Years ago when I had accidentally stumbled into his bedroom, not realizing he was at home. I had only seen it briefly as he had immediately hidden what it was he was doing. But I knew, even though I pretended I hadn’t seen what he was doing, it was too obvious that he had been, to fully ignore it either. What could have been a very awkward moment for us both was one that thankfully we talked through quickly, telling him that it was perfectly natural and normal for people to masturbate. More importantly, that it wasn’t anything he should have been ashamed about doing.

It had been my fault, not his, that I had come into his room the way I had. What I remember most about that, was our discussion afterwards. It felt so good and so natural to be able to sit down with George and talk about it the way that we did. I remember blushing when he asked me if I did…if dad did.

To which I told him yes, even married there were times when this simple pleasurable act was enjoyed by most everyone. What could have been a scarring incident, I believe, was left with a mutual respect and greater understanding between us.

I was much more careful after that, always knocking before entering. But I also knew from the few times I had stood there outside his door, listening to him as he pleasured himself, that even then I was aroused knowing that he was.

Now…seeing George’s hard beautiful cock once again, I found myself envious of Mia. The way she so lovingly licked his shaft, sucking the hard swollen head of my son’s prick. I again wished that it were my own mouth savoring the delights of his taste, and eventually the warmth of his hot spurting seed into my mouth. God how I wanted that, and how I fought emotionally with the desire for that afterwards.

I even became jealous surprisingly later. And not with Mia…but with my own sister, as though she had no right to be there, to witness and see the exact same thing I was seeing. As though it was my own personal pleasure to be enjoyed, experienced, though I was as guilty as she in continuing to stand there watching the two of them.

We were silent as we finally drove into town, eventually discussing it, though Maria was cognizant of my discomfort, though not knowing to the extent or the real reason I was. Eventually we parked in the parking lot of the store we were going to, and simply got it all out.

In the end, each one of us at least admitted to the other of our thoughts, not that either of us fully understood them, but at least we’d accepted and admitted that we had them. The fact that we both were still very much aroused didn’t help the matter much. Nor did it help when later on that same evening, we got an even bigger surprise which merely added to that arousal, heightening it even more.”

I wanted to read more, but it would have to wait. Mom was due home any time now, and I wanted to finish up what I’d set out to do before her return. Replacing the diaries back where they belonged, I did note the specific boxes they were in, promising myself to return and continue reading them when I could safely do so.


Hot, sweaty and sticky from my exertions, that and being up in the hot attic for well over an hour now, I returned to my room where I intended to quickly shower and freshen up. Even as I pulled the sliding glass door on the shower stepping beneath the hot spray of the water, I heard the sound of the garage door opening and knew that mom had arrived home.

Even as I stood there beneath the spray of the water, I thought back to what I had learned and read. Not too surprisingly, I found myself erect, my hand already toying with the idea of rubbing one out. I knew there was no way I couldn’t now, as aroused as I was by everything I had learned, now firmly ensconced within my mind. And then I allowed other thoughts to invade my reasoning.

I knew I hadn’t locked the door to the bathroom. I also knew that mom would no doubt soon be headed upstairs. When she did, she would no doubt hear the shower running. I stood there wondering, when and if she did, would she toy with the idea of coming in for some reason? Probably not. Not unless I gave her one. Perhaps then she might. Perhaps then she might actually entertain her own thoughts she’d once had. Though in truth, there was no way of really knowing if she still had them.

Enough time had passed, it was just as likely she had overcome those very thoughts and tucked them away once and for all. Was I in fact tempting her with opening Pandora’s Box in doing this?

I was no doubt thinking with my cock at the time as I scrambled out of the shower, yanking towels off the rack and throwing them in the dirty clothes hamper. I was lucky in one respect, as I knew she hadn’t yet come in to change them recently. But would it be enough to use that as an excuse? It was perhaps a dangerous game I was playing with myself, but the fact was…I was playing with myself as I considered it.

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