Madam’s crazy notebook – 6

“Madam’s crazy notebook” Part-6 Continues…..

Although the ride in and of itself was pleasant enough, I was a bit surprised at how little we spoke along the way. I could see by the look in Mia’s eyes she was thinking to herself, not really taking in the scenery really either, only occasionally glancing towards me, tossing me quick brief smiles whenever she did along with very few words. By the time we finally arrived, I was ready to stake her to the ground if I had to, in order to get her to tell me whatever it was that was obviously bothering her.

“Want to go for a swim?” She had asked after we’d tethered the horses and unpacked the few things we’d brought up with us.

“Maybe later…after you’ve told me whatever it is you brought me up here to tell me about,” I informed her. “So come on…spill it, you’ve kept me in suspense long enough as it is.”

I could tell she was nervous, but likewise resigned by the look on her face. Whatever it was, I was about to find out.

“Ok then, I guess now is as good a time as any. But I ask you one favor…hear me out, listen to what I have to tell you before you say or do anything. Will you at least promise me that?”

I promised, wondering at what it was she had to tell me that could possibly be as bad as she seemed to think it might be.

Having obviously screwed up her courage finally, she took a deep breath and then began.

“That next night after you and Aunt Darlene had gone home, mom passed by my room and overheard me crying. Naturally she came in to talk to me, but I of course wouldn’t tell her what was bothering me, or why. I didn’t know it at the time of course, but obviously she already knew. That’s when she told me she felt it had something to do with the two of us, that she and your mother already knew it as well…and then admitted to me they had seen us…watched us.”

Quite naturally I didn’t dare tell her about mom’s diaries, nor that I had recently found all that out for myself.

“But when she told me they were both ok with that…and thus understood why I was so upset with your leaving and all, that’s when she told me about herself and your mom. And the fact they two had been lovers for quite some time now themselves. At first, I was shocked by hearing that, even angry at first, but then realized how stupid that must have sounded, considering the fact I had so recently had sex with my own cousin.

We sat holding one another crying long into the night…and then as we did, I remember feeling mom’s breast pressing against my cheek. Before I knew what was even happening, I found myself caressing it, and then sucking it right through her gown. She let me for a moment, as though unsure what to think of it herself. Then she pulled away, standing up preparing to leave. I know now this seems stupid, perhaps equally as shocking for you to hear this as in finding out about your mom and mine, but because I already felt like I’d been betrayed,

cast aside…even though I now know I really wasn’t, the last thing I needed at that moment was to be turned away by my very own mother as well, and told her so. I know this may seem shocking to you George, but I needed to tell you before we did more than we already have, but I ended up making love to my mother. We spent that night, and several nights afterwards together, either in her bed, or in mine. And I came to enjoy it…a lot.”

Mia waited silently for a moment trying to gauge my reaction. “Mia? What you just told me doesn’t shock or offend me at all. And you know why?” I now asked her.

She shook her head inquisitively. “No, why?”

“Because mom and I have been intimate too…recently in fact. And as much as I’m glad you and I have finally gotten together again, which is something I hope we’ll continue to do, you also need to know…I have no intention of not being with mom again either.”

It was indeed another unexpected surprise by the look on my cousin’s face. She’d expected to see some sort of shock, disgust perhaps in my face, and had instead learned in the blink of an eye, that mom and I had been recently fooling around ourselves. And what’s more…that I had every intention of continuing to do so, which is when she told me, she felt exactly the same way.

“So, it doesn’t bother you to know this about me?” She now asked.

“Does it bother you to know this about me?” I asked her in response.

We then spoke about it at length, how we felt, the reasoning behind it, right or wrong, but how we had each come to the conclusion and decision that it was something we both enjoyed, and wanted to continue to enjoy doing for as long as we possibly could. Having heard this, having accepted this for ourselves and for one another, we then came together again, and there on the blanket by the lake, fucked ourselves silly for the next couple of hours.

“You know, we probably should get headed back, mom and Aunt Darlene are still planning on having that BBQ this evening you know.”

Which is when I came up with an idea, a rather decadent one to be sure, but one in which I thought would alleviate any and all worries or concerns that either one of our mothers might have.

“You’re serious!” Mia said somewhat shocked, yet finding the idea totally to her liking, especially as she now informed me, there was still a whole lot more about her that I didn’t know yet, one of which as she claimed was her wickedly decadent side, a side of herself that she had worried about revealing to me. Especially as she now enjoyed going down on women, especially her mother, and the thought of very possibly going down on her aunt, with my prick inside her, was something she had actually fantasize about doing.

“There might be one small problem with that,” I informed her then. “So far at least…that’s the one thing we haven’t done. Mom’s still a bit squeamish about doing that for some reason. And secondly, do you think your mom’s told mine about the two of you yet?”

“I’m reasonably sure she has by now if she hadn’t. After all…your mom’s already told mine about the two of you, yes? So it only stands to reason that she would have done that by now. Not at all sure how she has reacted to it, but under the circumstances, can’t say there’d be too much she could react to, do you?”

“Nope!” I said grinning at her as I gave each one of her breasts another quick suck before we stood up to dress and ride back. “So, how about we do that then? See what happens…and take things from there?”

Mia agreed with me, a mischievous look on her face as we saddled up and prepared for the ride back. A ride which Mia made far more interesting as she rode back with her shirt off, her breasts bouncing up and down quite obscenely as she did. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens, what they do when the two of us surprise them with this,” Mia told me. “But I’ll say this much George, even that will be fun, just in seeing what their reactions will be.”

“Won’t it though?” I responded, smiling to myself, already trying to imagine just what might actually happen afterwards. And fairly confident about it when I did too.

I smiled further as we finally crested the hill, Aunt Sue’s place below us, the two of them sitting outside on the deck, both nude sunbathing as we headed towards them. The fact they could see Mia was riding topless, along with myself, told them both everything they needed to know, waving towards us as we reached the barn and began taking care of the horses after our ride.


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