Madam’s crazy notebook – 4

“Madam’s crazy notebook” Part-4 Continues…..

It was amazing watching her explode. She had reached up, placing one hand on her breast, cupping it, and then pulling, pinching her nipple as she cried out her release. Straining against the seat belt, she halfway lurched forward as though helping to force out her liquid pleasure as she climaxed. “Shit!” she screamed, though she continued to climax, still working her fingers rapidly between her legs. I knew why she’d said that.

“Fuck the seat mom…just come, keep coming, keep squirting!” I told her. She did, continuing to moan out her pleasure as she came, finally slowing and then looking down at the rather wet spot on her seat. “It’ll dry,” I told her. “There’s a towel you can use to sit on, in the back seat.” She quickly grabbed it, dabbing at the seat she was sitting on for a moment, and then folded it beneath her sitting back down again.

“Can’t believe I did that,” she said as she pulled up her panties and shorts once again, though I wasn’t about to let her cover her tits up, not just yet anyway, and told her so.

“Keep your boobs out so I can see them when I come,” I asked.

“You sure? You can do that while you’re driving?” she asked worriedly.

“Oh yeah, I can…I’ve done it before,” I now informed her, seeing the look of mild surprise on her face upon hearing that. “I promise I’ll keep my eyes on the road. You keep your eyes on my cock when I come,” I laughed as I continued stroking my rock-hard cock for her. She sat back, half leaning against the door, her hands once again coming up to capture and toy with her breasts even though she’d just finished climaxing herself only moments ago.

“I can’t believe I’m still horny,” she admitted as she sat there watching me stroke my cock. “But seeing you do that, is keeping me that way,” she added.

“Good, I like you horny,” I told her. “I like the way you make me feel, the way I’m feeling right now in fact, about to shoot off a big fucking hot load!”

“A big one?” She asked hopefully.

“Oh yeah, real big. Real big and messy too. I’m going to squirt all over everything, you’re going to see cum dripping off everywhere after I do too,” I assured her. Whether I actually did or didn’t was beside the point, the image I’d just painted for her was an obscene one as she saw it in her mind’s eye. To my surprise she slipped her hand down the waistband of her shorts again.

“Make it squirt,” she told me. “I want to see you come over everything,” she then added. “I want to see my son’s sperm dripping from the ceiling even,” she laughed hotly, obviously aroused once again at her own decadent remark.

“Oh yeah, all over everything I assured her, and then felt it as it began, telling her I was. “Here it comes mom, going to squirt for you…going to fucking come over everything!”

I nearly did too. Suddenly my cock lurched, sperm flying out of the tip in a two-foot long spray that actually did hit the front windshield and dashboard. I continued jerking it, though now aiming it more back towards myself where the next several lengthy spurts of my cock-cream landed against my black tee shirt. The effect of which was rather obscene as well, white lines of my spunk outlined against the dark color of my shirt as I offloaded the rest of my creamy joy-juice against myself.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding!” She said as she removed her fingers from between her legs, now reaching over as she attempted to swipe up a bit of my cream off my shirt. “You’re a mess,” she laughed. “Obviously…you’re going to need to change your clothes before we get there,” she added.

“Yeah, I’ll pull over at the rest stop and do that. It’s only a few miles away from here,” I reminded her. “Besides…now I need to pee too.”

“Ditto, same here,” she said, putting her blouse back on, though I was pleased to see she hadn’t put her bra back on as well. She looked over, noticing my smile as she did that. “What’s the point? No doubt…you’ll be wanting to look at them again after we stop. But…after we do that, I think it’s time I told you what I was planning on telling you. After I do that, you might not be as inclined to want to stare at my tits,” she informed me.

“I doubt that mom,” I responded. “There’s nothing you can tell me that’s going to either shock or offend me,” I stated.

“Yeah well, we’ll see.”

I didn’t push it, content to wait until after we’d gotten back out onto the road once again to see what it was she was willing to finally share with me.


After we had both peed, and I had changed clothes and gotten on the road again, mom sat for a moment trying to decide how to best tell me what she had to say.

“Go ahead mom…just spill it,” I told her. “Nothing you could say will change the way I feel about you,” I informed her. She looked at me hopefully, but I could see fear and worry in her eyes even so.

“I hope not,” she began taking a deep breath before letting it out. “Your Aunt and I…we ah…well you see George, ever since we were young we’ve been close, really close.”

“Yeah? So?” I said interrupting her, though to be honest about it, I was enjoying this. “You and Aunt Maria have always been close,” I continued.

“That’s not quite what I meant by that,” she now said. “What I meant was, we’ve been intimately close, especially lately.” She paused looking towards me trying to gauge my reaction to that.

“So what you’re telling me is, the two of you have been lovers?”

Now she turned her head away, unwilling to look at me as she answered. “Yes…we have been, more so since she and your Uncle divorced, since your father passed away.”

“I had an idea you were,” I announced, now surprising her as she immediately turned her head back towards me, inquisitively asking.

“When did you decide that? When did you first think we might have?”

Once again I had little to go on, one or two things that now came to mind that had even then only hinted at something, though nothing specific. One of which was well back many years ago, but I decided against using that as an example, though once again bluffing as I mentioned it as though occurring more recently. I knew in doing that, it was a fairly safe bet, couldn’t imagine it was the first or the last time I’d seen it happen, or that Aunt Maria had done it perhaps.

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