Claire made the maid do dirty – part 3

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Adam moaned and pressed my tongue against his shaft, I tightened my lips around his cock and started sucking faster. I groaned in surprise when I felt Hannah’s other hand begin to fondle my nipple and leaning over she kissed my neck as I continued sucking Adam’s cock.

Removing his cock from my mouth, I replaced Hannah’s hand with mine and putting my other hand behind her head, gently guided it towards his glistening dick. Hannah paused and looked at me, her blue eyes wide. Smiling, I said, “Just do what I do.”

I started flicking my tongue across the side of the head of Adam’s cock. I then slid my tongue along the length of his shaft and back up again. I again pushed Hannah’s head forward and after swallowing nervously, she stuck her tongue out and started to slowly lick the tip of his cock.

I started rocking up and down as I continued to lick Adam’s cock while watching her do the same. My pussy was aching with the need to come, but Adam was next. I again slid my tongue down his long hard prick and Hannah did the same.

Our faces were so close I could feel her breath on me and twice our tongues played across each other. When we reached the tip I opened my mouth so that half of the head of his cock was between my lips. Hannah followed suit and I groaned as our lips pressed together with Adam’s dripping prick between them.

I felt Adam slide his hand down across my back and saw that he was rubbing Hannah’s as well. Keeping my lips pressed to his shaft, I again went down the length of him, Hannah followed me and Adam’s hips twitched as his hard flesh was caressed by our soft lips.

Reaching the top, I slid my mouth over the head and started sucking him again. I took him all the ways down, then sucking as hard as I could, eased his cock from my mouth. There was a wet sucking sound as his cock popped out of my mouth and angling his cock, towards Hannah, whispered, “Your turn.”

Hannah took a deep breath and placing her lips around the head of Adam’s cock slowly took it into her mouth. She paused then took it down about halfway before she started moving her head. I sighed softly as I watched transfixed by the sight of this cute little thing sucking my husband’s long thick cock.

As I’d had her do, I began to follow her lips with my hand and smiled as I saw her open her mouth wider and take him further into her mouth. Tearing my gaze from Hannah I looked up at Adam. He was sitting back breathing heavily, his eyes locked on Hannah’s pretty blonde head bobbing up and down.

“Happy Nude Day, baby.” I smiled up at him.

He mouthed the words “Thank you” and then moaned loudly.

I turned back and my eyes widened at the sight of Hannah sucking him almost all the way down. Her head was moving much faster as she seemed to be gaining confidence and I could hear her beginning to moan as she blew him. As she had done, I reached out and started playing with her nipples. After watching her devour Adam’s cock, I said softly, “My turn.”

Hannah obediently removed his cock and I took over, sucking him deep into my eager mouth. I was aware of Hannah’s hand on my back and after caressing it for a moment she slid it down to my ass and then caused me to cry out around Adam’s cock as her fingers pushed down through my sopping pussy and found my clit. I sped up on Adam’s cock, sucking him fast and hard as I started rocking my hips into her fingers.

Hannah was rubbing my clit in a slow circular motion and between that and the feeling of Adam’s hard flesh in my mouth, I could already feel my thighs starting to tremble. I felt another wave of pleasure go through me when, kissing my cheek, Hannah asked, “Can I have some more?”

“Oh my God.” Adam gasped, as the second I removed his cock from my mouth, Hannah shoved it into hers.

I watched as she began sucking it almost as fast as I had been. Her fingers had slowed up on my clit as she was focusing on Adam, but that was fine, I could wait a little longer, this was Adam’s moment. Keeping that in mind, I ducked my head and as Hannah sucked on him, started licking his balls.

Adam gasped and his hips jerked up as I went from licking to sucking on them. I could hear Hannah sighing around his cock and her fingers were now moving faster between my legs. I heard a wet sound and saw that Hannah had taken his cock from her lips.

I took my cue and lifting my head took my turn pleasing him. As I did, Adam moaned, “Oh yes!”

I opened my eyes to see that Hannah had imitated me and was now sucking Adam’s balls into her mouth. Damn she had warmed up better than I could have imagined. I felt Adam’s hand on the back of my head and saw the other sliding through Hannah’s blonde hair.

I looked up at him and loved the look of absolute ecstasy on his face as he watched his wife share his cock with our adorable maid. Hannah ran her tongue up his shaft and we paused to kiss over the head of his cock. I could feel Adam’s cock twitching in my hand and knew he was close.

I took him into my mouth, and after sucking him a few times, passed him to Hannah. She did the same and for the next couple of minutes we rapidly passed Adam back and forth between us, each giving him a few quick sucks. Adam was moaning and was starting to shove his cock into my mouth when I sucked him.

I noticed he fought to stay still when it was Hannah’s turn, but could see him moving slightly. I was doing my share of moaning and thrusting myself as Hannah’s fingers were teasing my clit with agonizing slowness.

I cupped Adam’s balls and started rubbing them as Hannah took her turn sucking him. Hannah’s fingers caught my clit just right and I released a soft whimper. Hannah popped Adam from her mouth and giving me a mischievous smile that caused my heart to skip a beat started to move her fingers faster. The little tart was teasing on purpose! I gasped, no longer teasing; her fingers were rubbing hard and fast. I covered Adam’s cock with my mouth and groaned around it as I could feel my thighs shaking.

Hannah placed her mouth against his shaft and whimpered. I slid him from my mouth and gave me another smile, she said “I want to hear you.”

She immediately took her turn with Adam and began moving her fingers even harder. I looked up at Adam who was sweating, his entire body trembling as he fought to hold back and enjoy every minute of his treat. The look on his face sent me over the edge.

Throwing my head back, I released a long loud wail of pleasure as my teased pussy finally found its release. I cried out again as Hannah’s fingers trapped my clit between them and gave it a light pinch. I began bucking my hips wildly into her hand as waves of pleasure crashed through my body.

Grabbing Adam’s cock, I literally pulled it from her mouth and started sucking it as hard as I could. Adam moaned loudly as he began to reach the point of no return and I squealed around his cock as Hannah’s surprisingly talented fingers kept my orgasm flowing.

“Oh fuck!” Adam cried out. “Oh, yes Claire!”

Pulling his cock from my mouth, I squeezed the base tightly holding him off from coming. Adam groaned in frustration, but I was going to make it up to him. Knowing it was a dirty trick, but not caring at this point, I pointed it at Hannah’s face.

She began to put her mouth over it to suck on it again, when I released my grip. Adam cried out in pleasure and Hannah in surprise as a huge spurt of cum exploded from his cock and splashed onto her lips and in her mouth. Hannah’s head jerked back, but not before a second spurt caught her in the chin.

I pulled Adam’s cock towards me, and opening wide, jerked him off into my mouth. I moaned as he had enough left to give me a couple of good squirts that I greedily swallowed. I continued to pump Adam’s cock, loving the sounds of his moans and the desperate thrusting of his hips. When I sucked the last couple of drops from him, I looked over at Hannah.

“Oh, honey.” I whispered.

Hannah was sitting there with Adam’s cum dripping off her face and onto her tits. When she saw me looking she gave me that cute pout and said, “Not very nice Claire.”

My response was to lean forward and grab her face in my hands, kiss her hard. I groaned at the taste of Adam’s cum on her lips. I forced my tongue into her mouth and could taste him there as well. The thought she had swallowed some had my recently satisfied pussy beginning to heat up again.

Leaving her mouth, I made a show of licking every drop of cum from her face. Bending down, I started sucking it off of her tits including a drop that had landed right on her pink nipple. Hannah moaned as I sucked it into my mouth and again I felt her hands on my tits.

Forcing myself to stand, I pulled Hannah up with me. I leaned forward, shoving my tit into Adam’s mouth. He sucked on it and reaching out, I pushed Hannah forward so she was leaning over the chair. Adam switched from my nipple to hers and he slid each of his hands between our legs.

Hannah and I released identical moans as he plunged his fingers into both of our pussies. Adam went back and forth between our tits while fingering us and I could feel myself getting ready again. From the sounds of her moans Hannah was close as well. But we had played enough out here.

Stepping back, I took Hannah by the hand and said, “Let’s go play in the bedroom!”

I started to walk, but feeling giddy with lust, literally ran down the hallway, pulling Hannah behind me. I heard her giggle and I laughed out loud as I basked in the feeling of being totally naked and playing like we hadn’t in years. We entered the bedroom with Adam right behind us.

I turned to see he was laughing as well and felt another wave of affection towards him; it really was like we had traveled back twenty years in time. We were laughing, care free, and about to continue enjoying a beautiful girl half our age.

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