Claire made the maid do dirty – part 2

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I opened my eyes and stretched, releasing a contented sigh. I could still taste Adam’s cum in my mouth and between my closed thighs I could feel the dampness of my pussy. I turned my head to look at the clock and saw it was almost ten am. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d slept this late.

I turned the other way and saw I was alone. Adam had decided to let me sleep and was probably sitting in the parlor waiting for me. I smiled, picturing him in his favorite recliner, the one he loved to sit in while I blew him when we played around the house. His sitting in that chair would be my invitation to give him his little treat. Little did he know he would be getting a whole lot more than that this morning!

I kicked the sheet off and stretched again and looked down the length of my body. I’d dreamt of Hannah’s pretty little face between my thighs last night and could already feel my pussy tingling at the thought of it being a reality. I still wasn’t sure what had come over me last night to proposition her.

Had she flat out refused and been offended, Adam and I could have lost the best maid we’d had and have to find a new one. I’d decided that risk was worth the potential reward and to prove that Adam and I were not some vanilla middle aged couple.

It took me ten minutes to convince Hannah I wasn’t trying to put her on. Once she realized I was serious she turned beet red and said she could never. As excited as I was, Hannah got me even hotter when she’d said she’d had little experience with guys. I tried to explain how much fun it could be, but she kept shaking her head, saying she would feel like a slut. I assured her no one would know, pointing out that we could certainly never say anything. Hannah kept saying it wasn’t just about the sex. She cared about us and would feel weird doing something like that.

Rather than deter me, that last statement had given me a better angle of attack. I explained how much Adam and I missed playing and how happy she would make us. I pushed further saying I thought of her because we were close and it would make it that much more fun. I could see her starting to waver and pressed how badly we needed this. I brought up the money and how that could be how she earned it.

That almost backfired on me. Hannah became upset and said she would feel like a whore. I reminded her of how we would have helped her anyway. While she sat there staring at the floor, I told her to just think of it as we were helping her and she was helping us celebrate a special day.

I mentioned Adam had no idea I was asking and he was so good to me I really wanted to give him a fun surprise. When Hannah still didn’t say anything, I put my hand on her knee and when she looked at me, whispered, “Please Hannah? It would mean so much to us, you’re so beautiful.”

I felt my stomach sink when she shook her head, but a moment later my pussy began to heat up. Looking at me with those big blue eyes, Hannah asked softly, “You guys aren’t going to be mean to me are you?”

Sliding my hand up her leg to rest on her thigh, I exclaimed “Of course not!” then leaning over, I whispered seductively in her ear, “Oh, honey we are going to be sooo good to you!”

Throwing all caution to the wind, I placed a soft kiss on her neck and leaned back. Hannah was blushing furiously, but smiling at the same time. The smile was a shy one and I could feel myself starting to drip. Acting as if she had agreed, I instructed her to go out for a while so she wouldn’t be there when Adam got home, then come back and put her car in the garage in case he looked outside. I told her I would knock on her door in the morning and to come look for us a few minutes after that.

When Adam finally got home it was after ten and he was totally exhausted. Knowing we would be getting more than our share over the weekend, I led him to the bedroom and after stripping him, simply got on my hands and knees and let him fuck the shit out of me.

The entire time, all I could picture was my face between Hannah’s smooth tan thighs. I got up in the middle of the night, slipped out into the breezeway and peeking in the garage saw that Hannah had come back home. She was really going to do it!

I went back to bed and pulled the covers down, immediately started sucking Adam’s cock. He was hard in seconds and tried to pull me up by my shoulders to ride him. Instead, I gave him a wink and reversed myself on the bed, slid my legs under his arms and lowered my pussy to his eager tongue. I went back to sucking his sizable cock, but rather than devour it, took my time. I licked and teased and enjoyed every inch of his hard flesh, while he did the same, slowly running his tongue through the wet folds of my pussy and dancing across my clit.

We continued to enjoy for awhile, and again he tried to push me down, but removing his cock from my mouth, I looked over my shoulder and said, “Easy baby, you’ll be fucking this pussy all day, let’s just take the edge off.”

Adam laughed and returned to sucking on my swollen button. I moaned and started sucking his cock again. Taking the edge off was exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted Adam to be able to hold off for a good long time while Hannah and I took turns passing his cock back and forth.

Although she seemed inexperienced, her sweet reaction to my little kiss told me Hannah would warm up quickly and would more than deliver. In order to set the mood, I stopped sucking and as Adam slowed up to tease my pussy again, began ‘story time.”

“Oh, yes,” I whispered, “Adam, you know who I’m thinking about?”

“Who’s that?” he asked, pulling back from my pussy.

“Hannah.” I said softly, “Me and Hannah in a sixty nine, how hot would that be?”

“Damn hot.” He kissed my clit. “Tell me.”

“Hmmm,” I purred, “I’d be on top and my tongue would be in that tight little pink pussy and she would be squealing into mine while I sucked that precious little clit.”

I had to stop as Adam slid a finger inside of me and started sucking my clit harder.

“She would be whimpering,” I continued, “Then you’d slide up between her legs and shove your cock in my mouth before sliding it into that tight young pussy!”

Adam’s cock had jumped in my hand and, deciding I’d had enough teasing, took his cock deep into my mouth and started sucking hard and fast. He followed suit, plunging his finger inside of me while sucking hard on my clit. I came first, squealing around his cock as my hips thrashed in his face. A moment later, my squeal turned into a gurgle when his cock exploded in my mouth. I moaned and sucked harder, taking every drop down my eager throat while my pussy convulsed in his face.

I sat up and bracing my hands on Adam’s chest, rocked my hips, briefly riding his face, before getting off of him. Sliding down next to him, I smiled at the sleepy satisfied look on his face. I kissed him, and then sighed as I playfully licked my juices from his face. Adam gave me a kiss, and then hugging me close whispered, “I love you Claire.”

“I love you baby.” I replied as I slid down and rested my head on his chest. “Now go back to sleep, you got your work cut out for you later.”

“Oh, I do, do I?”

“Oh, honey, you don’t know the half of it,” I giggled. “Your nasty little wife has a fun surprise for you.”

“Well I know it can’t be lingerie!” he said with a laugh.

We’d immediately fallen back to sleep and here it was five hours later and I was well rested and ready to go. I got out of bed and caught myself reaching for my robe. Nope, there would be none of that, for the next forty eight hours I would be au natural! I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I began to get worked up when I washed between my legs, but abstained from playing. I would be getting plenty of attention soon enough. I dried off, but knowing Adam liked it, left my long hair wet.

Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, I left the bedroom and walked down the hallway towards the living room. Although we’d done it many times, there was still a sense of naughty excitement in being naked around the house. It never failed to bring back those days when we were young and wanton.

Today we would do more than recall those days, we would relive them. I stopped next to Hannah’s door and hoping Adam didn’t hear, knocked twice. I continued into the living room and as I knew he would be, Adam was sitting in the black recliner.

He was watching the news and hadn’t noticed me coming in. Before I approached, I took a moment to admire his naked body. Adam’s shoulders were broad and his arms and chest showed the results of his workouts.

His stomach was no longer the six pack it had been a few years ago, but was still flat and so far his body had resisted love handles. My eyes roamed south of his stomach and I licked my lips at the sight of his cock lying between his legs. He was semi-hard and I wondered if he’d kept working himself up all morning waiting for me to come to him.

“Good morning baby.” I said softly.

Adam looked away from the TV and gave me that boyish smile he’d still managed to hold onto despite his stressful job.

“It is a good morning!” He exclaimed, hitting the remote to shut the TV off, “Damn you’re tits look good!”

“Oh, you’re a smooth talker aren’t you a councilor?” I asked, walking slowly towards him, “But you know what they say about flattery!”

I stopped in front of the chair and cupping them, lifted my large tits.

“These tits?”

“Those tits.” He reached for them.

I stepped back and looking down smiled at the sight of his cock now standing at full attention. Turning around, I pointed my ass at him.

“What about this, you like this too?”

“Love it.” He said, giving my ass a playful slap for emphasis.

Turning back, I put one foot up on the arm of the chair, reached down and spread my pussy open.

“Now that’s my favorite.”

I sighed softly as his hand slipped between my legs and caressed me. I enjoyed his touch for a moment before dropping my leg and leaning over the chair shoved my tits in his face.

“They’re jealous.” I laughed.

The laugh turned to a soft moan as Adam eagerly sucked my right nipple into his mouth while rolling the other between his fingers. I began running my fingers through his hair and dropping my other hand to his lap gave his hard cock a squeeze.

“And were you looking for something, sitting here in your favorite chair?” I asked while playfully shoving his head hard into my tit.

“Hmm-mmm” he moaned around my nipple.

“Maybe this?” I asked as I removed my nipple from his mouth and slowly sank to my knees between his legs.

Grabbing his cock, I gave it another squeeze and licked my lips at the sight of his precum oozing from it. Leaning over, I quickly rubbed his dripping head over my tits. Releasing his cock, I grabbed my now slick tits and wrapped them around his cock, started rocking up and down.

“That looks good.” He said softly as he reached down and started teasing my nipples with his fingers.

“Not what you really want though is it?” I bent my head and stuck my tongue out, flicking it across the head of his cock.

“You know what I want.” He said.

“I think you should tell me.” I winked, flicking my tongue out again.

“Claire, I want you to suck my cock and then ride the shit out of me.”

“Well, when you put it that way!” I laughed.

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