Christmas adventures made by my wife – 2

If you have not read Christmas adventures made by my wife – 1 click here. Let’s begin part 2…

“So I will take that as I should get this one?” She smirked.

“1 million percent yes,” I declared.

“I see you have a collection for me to try on,” she noticed.

I shrugged, “Well, we are here already.”

She reached for the cop’s outfit. “Hmmm, we may need to get some handcuffs too.” She winked and disappeared again.

I am sure it was less than three minutes for her to change outfits, but it was enough time for me to start creating nasty fantasies in my head of me being a patient and a nurse helping me recover.

She popped out again and who knew a cop could be so hot. That said, if all cop outfits were this tight and short, I am sure the police would get a lot more positive attention. “Soooooooo,” she asked.

“I would love to use my baton stick on you,” I said, going for witty.

“Well, I have a couple dangerous weapons here myself,” she replied, squeezing her breasts together.

I put my hands out and joked, “I surrender, although feel free to use force.”

She chuckled and reached for the remaining outfits, “I may be here all day.”

Next she came out in a school-girl’s outfit, except instead of knee high socks, she still had on the white thigh highs. She sauntered over to me, “Teacher, is there any way I can improve my mark?”

Her finger slid slowly down my chest, as I responded, “I don’t think you fully comprehended the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, but I think you may excel in a different type of rise and fall.”

She smiled, “If we were at home right now, I would fall to my knees and wait for you to rise to attention.”

“Too late,” I replied, honestly.

As she walked back to change again, she added, “Of course, I would need beige thigh highs for this outfit to really work.”

“Of course,” I agreed, not caring what color the stockings were.

Next she came out in what was, I think, a fire fighter’s outfit, although it was too skimpy for me to be sure. I only concluded this from what she said, although all dressed in red and contrasting white stockings she was ridiculously hot, “I hear there is a fire that needs to be put out.”

Quick witted as usual, I replied with similar sexual innuendo, “Actually, I think you may need my hose. It is already fully loaded.”

She laughed, “This one is maybe too hot?”

“Nice pun,” I pointed out as she disappeared again.

She took longer this time and called out, “I need beige pantyhose, baby.”

“Ok,” I replied, just as a saleswoman, in her early twenties, finally came over.

She offered, “I will get some for you, sir.”

“Thanks,” I replied and she quickly left and just as quickly returned. She went to the change room area and handed them to my wife. They both were in there a couple of minutes, just enough time for my mind to play nasty tricks on me, before they both came out. If the other uniforms had me panting, this one had me literally drooling.

She was Supergirl. She had the cape and everything. Her firm breasts were barely being held in by the super-tight t-shirt, just the same as my cock was barely held in check in my pants.

The cute saleswoman suggested, “I think this outfit would work even better with darker pantyhose, say maybe mocha?”

“I concur,” my superhero wife agreed.

The saleswoman left and my wife said, “Does something here need saving?”

“Oh very much so,” I replied, as my wife’s hand reached my stiff cock.

“Hmmm,” she purred, “this would need a lot of tender loving care. Maybe I need to be in a nurse outfit.”

The saleswoman unfortunately returned with darker pantyhose and suggested, “You should try these on, and they come in the crotch-less variety.”

The what?” I asked.

“Crotch-less, for easy access,” the cute brunette suggested rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh, of course,” I replied, attempting to make this odd conversation casual.

The brunette, thinking I hadn’t caught on, explained, “That way, she can keep the uniform on while role playing as you penetrate her.”

I gasped and my wife replied, “Well that is very convenient, thank you Mabel.”

How did my wife know her name? My wife disappeared again as Mabel said, “I will pack up the other things we talked about.”

From back, Sarah called back, “Sounds good.”

“What other things?” I asked, curious.

“It is a surprise,” she smiled, her smile so knowing that I could only conclude it was something sexual and awesome.

Mabel disappeared and my wife reappeared in the same outfit but with darker pantyhose. And I had to agree, the darker color made the amazing outfit out of this world.

I desperately wanted to fuck her right then and there. She smiled, “Know all I have to do is unbutton this button that keeps my shirt tight against me,” which she did and the shirt popped up a bit and I could clearly make out the hole that led to her precious hole, “and you have instant access to your kryptonite.”

I smiled, reaching for her, my hand going to her pussy, “And I know exactly how to make you weak at the knees.”

She let out a gasp as my finger slid inside her already damp pussy. She pushed me back after a couple of seconds, “Ohhh, I want to feel your kryptonite in my kryptonite, but…oh fuck it.” She looked around and no one was watching so she pulled me into the change room and into a smaller stall.

As soon as the door was closed she pulled out my cock, bent over and I slid into her standing up. I knew we had limited time so I didn’t waste a second as I quickly pumped her cunt. She desperately tried to silence her moans as I drilled her hard and deep. The fucking gave new definition to the meaning of quickie as in less than two minutes I was releasing my cum into her. I wanted to keep fucking her and get her off, but she stood up and said, reading my mind, “Don’t worry, baby, you can return the favour later.”

“I love you,” I replied, leaning in for a kiss.

Once the kiss ended, she replied, “I love you too, baby.”

I quickly exited the stall just as another woman was entering the change room. She gave me an odd look, but I scurried out before any scene could be made.

A couple of minutes later, my wife returned back in her original outfit and said, “I’ll just buy them all.”

“A very good decision,” I replied and we headed to the till. Already wrapped in a bag was the secret purchase, and two hundred and fifty-seven dollars later we were on our way back to the car. It was easily the best clothing purchase ever.

The next couple of hours included a variety of non-thrilling errands in the mall that were way less tedious after our quick fuck and the knowledge that tonight was going to be…wait for it…legendary. A couple of presents for nieces and nephews, a gift for her mother and mailing all our Christmas cards which would definitely not arrive in time.

Once back in the car and on the road, I asked, “So, which outfit do you plan to wear tonight?”

“Ohhhh, I have something very, very fun in mind for you tonight,” she teased, her hand landing on my leg.

“You really are my kryptonite,” I replied, swerving back into my lane after drifting a bit from her touch and words.

“And you are mine,” she copied, her hand giving a gentle squeeze.

I drove wondering, which it would be. There were three more outfits she hadn’t tried on yet, but we had purchased: a sweet Belle dress, her favorite Disney princess, a flapper dress and a naughty nun outfit. Each outfit had different fantasies spinning in my head at a high-speed pace. My cock stayed stiff the whole drive home.

Two hours later, supper, dessert and dishes done, we were in the living room watching the news when my wife said, “I am going to call Mom.”

Christmas adventures made by my wife – 2 will continue in the next page.

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