Christmas adventures made by my wife – 3

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We talked for a few minutes and agreed that we probably wouldn’t have a chance to talk tomorrow. I was in a meeting from eight until at least five and that was followed by a supper with a potential group of clients. Sarah had her Christmas pageant tomorrow and wouldn’t get home until late. After the show, it was traditional for the girls to go out and celebrate the end of the exhausting and demanding Christmas pageant.

As she was about to hang up, she said, “There will be a present for you when you get back to the hotel tomorrow.”

“There will?” I asked, “What is it?”

“You will have to wait and see,” she replied, “but I expect you to use it tomorrow night, understand?”

“OK,” I agreed, not knowing what I was agreeing to.

We said our goodbyes and I finished watching sports highlights before hitting the hay.

8. THE EIGHTH DAY OF SEXMAS…Wednesday December 21th, 2011

It was a long day. The meetings were boring for the most part, but did show positive signs for the future. Anyway, I didn’t get back to the hotel until almost ten at night and indeed there was a package on my bed when I entered my room.

I was so tired and more than slightly drunk that I thought about waiting until tomorrow to open it, but I remembered I promised Sarah I would use it. Also, I was pretty curious what she could possibly be sending me. I opened the package and realized it was a pink pussy. A sex toy for men. I can truthfully say I had never used such a toy. If I didn’t get a mouth or pussy to please me, I used my hand. I noticed there was a note.

Hey baby,

I hope you like your present. It is a pocket pussy…now if you look closely you will notice that it is actually a perfect replica of your wife’s sweet CUNT.

I paused and took a closer look at the toy. Having spent a lot of time between my wife’s legs, I could identify it in a police line-up of pussies, so when I took a close look I noticed it did indeed look identical to her sweet box. I returned to the letter:

I won’t even get into the amount of work it took to get a replica Sarah’ pussy, but it was extensive. Now go order some porn, grab the lube that is in the box and fuck me.



I couldn’t believe it. She had made me a back-up pussy. A traveling Sarah. It was too good to be true. I did as she told me. Flipping through the porn options I found one called Submissive Sluts and ordered the 12.99 fuck film. As the film started, a hot babysitter was caught masturbating by the father of the child she was suppose to be babysitting and soon was made into a fuck-toy for the man.

Lubricating my cock generously, I grabbed Sarah’s pocket Sarah and slowly penetrated it. The feeling was surprisingly tight and incredibly real. I slowly moved by hand up and down, masturbating myself with Sarah’s pussy. I watched the scene on TV as the babysitter was now being face-fucked, her pigtails being used as handlebars. Not wanting to cum too quickly, I stopped and just allowed the odd feeling of the plastic pussy to warm me. The babysitter was soon riding the man’s cock and I returned to slow strokes.

The pussy was so tight, that I could feel an orgasm beginning to build. I kept up the slow pace until the guy shoved the slutty babysitter onto the floor and without any lube buried his cock in her ass. She screamed in pain and I began to furiously stroke my cock. I closed my eyes, imagining it was Sarah riding me and exploded my cum into the fake pussy. It was then I noticed there was a small opening for the cum to exit and my cum was leaking out the top and onto the bed.

Figuring fuck it, I continued pumping my cock until the last of my cum had slid out. When I opened my eyes, the babysitter was riding the cock in her ass, her moans implying she was no longer in pain. I shut the movie off, pulled the fake cunt off me and cleaned myself and the toy up. I traveled a lot and it was clear, like my Mastercard, I would not be leaving home without it.

9. THE NINTH DAY OF SEXMAS…Thursday December 22th, 2011

I arrived home around eight in the evening and once in the house I saw flower petals on the floor. Now usually that is what a man does, but it was clear I was to follow them. I dropped my travel bag on the floor and followed the pedals that led, as expected, to our bedroom.

As I approached the bedroom, I noticed it was dark except for the flicker of candles. I reached my door and was stunned to see my wife, on the bed, her legs in white stockings spread wide, a few strawberries were on the bed leading to her pussy which was covered in whipped cream.

She smiled, “I hope you are hungry.”

“Famished,” I replied, reaching the bed and popping the first strawberry in my mouth. Between strawberries, I kissed her stocking-clad legs, my red lips leaving subtle marks on her white stockings.

She moaned, “I haven’t come since the last time your cock was in me.”

“Well, we better change that,” I replied, popping another strawberry in my mouth.

I continued the slow kisses, deciding that tonight I was going to make love to her, not fuck her. The difference was subtle, but noticeable. I got to her thighs, where the stockings ended and her white flesh began, and popped the last strawberry in my mouth. She moaned loudly with anticipation when my lips touched her inner thigh.

She said, “There are three more.”

Confused, I asked, “Three more what?”

“Strawberries,” she smiled devilishly.

I looked around and saw none, although I thought maybe there might be one in her whipped cream. Upon closer look, I saw none and said, “No there aren’t.”

She smiled, “Keep looking stud.”

The light bulb suddenly went on. My little minx of a wife had put strawberries inside her cunt. “Ohhhh,” I responded, letting her know I finally had caught on.

I reached her whipped cream covered pussy and began to clean her. The whipped cream, mixed with her wetness, was a savory delight. Once I had licked her pussy area clean, I looked at her beautiful shaved pussy. She teased, “I hope you have room for more.”

“Oh, I think I can find room.”

I slid a finger inside her and pulled out a strawberry. It was covered by her shine. I made sure we were making eye contact when I popped it in my mouth. “Hmmm,” I said, “that is the best strawberry dip ever,” and it was. I repeated the naughty strawberry retrieval a second time. When only one strawberry was left, I slowly pulled it out, which was a little tougher as it was deep inside her, and then instead of eating it, I brought it to my wife’s red lips.

She opened her mouth and ate the juice-covered strawberry. My erect cock accidentally hit her pussy and she twitched. Taking the moment as a sign, I slid my cock inside her and as our lips met, we made love. Our lips never parted while I slowly made love to my wife for an eternity. Twenty minutes turned into thirty, which turned into forty, before either of us were close to achieving orgasmic bliss. I finally broke the kiss, “I want us to come together baby.”

“Hmmm, me too,” she replied, and we both focused on making it happen. I began to fuck her faster, and her hand went to her clit. She rubbed herself furiously attempting to speed up her orgasm.

Feeling my balls beginning to boil and hearing her moaning getting closer to her orgasm, I asked, “You close, baby?”

“Yes, baby, just a few more hard thrusts,” she moaned loudly. I obliged and after five deep thrusts our mouths crashed together again. In unison, my cum and her juice collided and we moaned into each other’s mouths, euphoria hitting at the exact same time. At this moment we were not man and woman, we were two lovers becoming one. Nothing had ever been so sweet and pleasurable than this moment and we both knew it.

We held on tight as our dual orgasms spread through our bodies before collapsing on the bed, drenched in sweat. “I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, baby,” she purred, my cock still in her.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes, knowing just how special we were to each other.

10. THE TENTH DAY OF SEXMAS…Friday December 23th, 2011

Sarah, off work and on Christmas holidays since after the Christmas pageant on Wednesday, slept in while I headed to work to file a last minute report. It was early afternoon when Sarah called me.

“When will you be home?”

“A couple of hours,” I admitted.

“Ok, I am going to Abigail’s for a couple of cocktails before the Christmas party.”

My mind reeled as it automatically replayed our little phone fantasy from a couple days ago. “Sure, what time will you be heading to the party?”

“Around 5:00,” she answered, “Cocktails are at five and supper follows at six.”

“All right, should I just meet you there?”

“Sure,” she said, warning me, “and don’t be late.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“And I left your clothes on the bed,” she added.

“You’re dressing me now?”

“I always have,” she responded.

“Touch√©. Anyway, I am going to hang up now so I can get this bullshit report done, so I can make it to your Christmas party.”

“Kisses,” she finished and hung up.

I finished the report, drove home, showered, and put on the suit she left me.

I arrived on time and much to my surprise, Sarah wasn’t there yet. I texted her and she texted back that they were running a bit late and to grab a drink. I ended up having two before Sarah showed up looking radiant and slightly tipsy. Beside her was Abigail, looking just as radiant and just as tipsy. Sarah sauntered over and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, “I am really fucking horny, baby.”

“How many drinks have you had?” I asked.

“Just three,” she answered, “but I would sure like you to get me a fourth.”

The next couple hours were anti-climactic. Supper, awards and speeches followed much as in previous years, and other than my wife’s hand on my lap, it was just like any other teacher party. Lots of talking about stuff I didn’t know about or care about. Finally, the mundane crap ended and the dance started.

As soon as the music began, a now very tipsy Abigail grabbed a very tipsy Sarah’ hand, “Come on, we are dancing.”

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