A Strange But Happy Friendship – A Memoir by Mike – Part 2

This Story is part of A Strange But Happy Friendship Series

Friendship – “Oh damn, sorry Joe, I was wrong…… damn it” I started walking around the room, not knowing what to do or say, I had just revealed that I had made love to my wife his future. It was a long time since I put it in my mind, the next morning we both agreed that it was just one time and nothing more, and now here in my room, standing in Pants ready to change into my hot tub and I’m nervous like crazy.

“Come on boys, I’m ready!” Heather yelled from outside the door. Joe quickly turned his back on me, took off CK’s clothes, and put on my yellow swimming trunks, he yelled back “I’m coming, baby, get your balloons ready”

I stood there dumbfounded, completely shocked, and also quietly worried that Joe hadn’t even reacted. I quickly took off my CKs and put on the rest of my clothes before putting on my light blue swimming trunks. On my way out, I noticed that Joe had left them on the floor where he had literally dropped them, so I picked them up, folded them, and put them in the pile of clothes he had left in my room.

I really wanted to stick my nose in, because I have a bit of a menswear fetish, it’s not OK to lie that I have a BIG fetish, but I tried to tell myself to be good.
Stepping into the hot tub, I saw that my friend Heather had taken a few more bottles of sparkling wine outside because the fridge was already low when I stepped outside with a towel, my eyes glued to Joe, who was looking straight at me. , but with a glass in hand.

“Come on Mike, nice weather,” my friend Heather calls, so I move forward slowly, Joe’s eyes still glued to mine as I nervously climb up – my friend Heather is between us because the hot tub has a hot tub. square so she has room in the center to lie down.
I reach for my glass of champagne and we clink. “It’s good to let us stay,” said Heather, “And it’s been a hectic evening,” said Joe. The evening went on at an unusual pace and made me uncomfortable, Joe hadn’t mentioned anything I said, Heather was acting completely normal so it was clear that she had no idea.

Joe didn’t tell her nor said anything, because I knew my friend Heather very well, that if the elephant was in the room, she could knock the damn thing over and start shooting at it. Heather is never shy to say first, “if it looks like a cat, and you use it as a cat, guess what Mike it is? It’s a damn cat”- she said it once when I got it all wrong about a guy with eyes.
They talk about wedding plans, bridesmaids, color combinations, and menus. I added my thoughts and Heather took my suggestions very well, even nudging Joe in the chest and saying “See, I told you Mike would love that”

Not wanting to pee in the hot tub, I relieved them by telling them I was going to the bathroom, got up, and stepped outside for a while to dry off before entering. Moving to the bathroom downstairs as soon as I got out of the kitchen, I started to relax, letting out a small sigh.
“Why are you saying Mike, he was a good guy, and now you’re broken, think before you talk shit, oh my god what have I done” I was fighting, then suddenly behind me heard.

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