Sleepover At My Friend’s House Are So Much Fun Part 1

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  • Sleepover At My Friend’s House Are So Much Fun Part 1

Sleepover – I’ve always known I was gay, since I was 11 years old I’ve known I’d prefer dick over pussy. I wasn’t popular at school, but I had a group of friends when I was about 1, and they were great. I’m still in the closet and am very fond of my best friend, Wayne. I didn’t know this would change my life forever.

Wayne and I are very similar. I’m of average height, have short brown hair looks like Justin Bieber, and am slim, but not muscular. My penis is about two and a half inches when it’s flaccid and about five to five and a half inches when erect. I am tall for my age.

I started puberty pretty early and have some hair on my crotch area, under my arms and legs, a treasure streak, and some on my face. Wayne is the same height as me, but his hair is shorter, and he has brown eyes. He’s also skinny like me and has a “six-pack” body that I find very attractive. We’re both the same age, so I’ve been in her gym class, so I’m always checking her bloat, and let’s just say I’m impressed.

I was close to Wayne when I was 13, I felt depressed and he would always be there for me. He was one of those ‘popular kids’ who had a lot of friends, and when he became my friend, I was amazed. But a year later, we were still friends, even best friends, and I was very happy.

I’ve never had a sleepover at someone else’s house because I like the feeling of being at home, and if I need medical treatment, I can do it at my own house, not at a friend’s house. But there were two more days until Wayne’s 15th birthday, and he asked me to sleep over at his house alone. I hesitated but accepted.

That night, I packed up and went to Wayne’s house, not far from mine, and knocked on the door. His dad replied in a tank top and shorts, he’s very muscular and very intimidating for a 1
year-old. He invited me in and told me to go up to Wayne’s room. I went to the top of the house, where Wayne’s room was, and entered. He wears jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of white socks, he looks so cute. I walked in and sat on his bed and we talked for about an hour or two until about 11-12.

Wayne was starting to get tired and asked if we wanted to wear something more comfortable and go to bed. I’m not very tired but I say yes because I think it’s the right thing to do. He got up, went to his closet, and chose a t-shirt and a pair of tights for bed. Then he took off his top and pulled his pants down, which really made my dick jump in my pants.

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