A day in my office but more action

This is an experience I had in a day at my office. It was hard to believe that my sailing holiday with Ken; on a 65 ft charter yacht and him introducing me to paid Escort work, was three months ago. Although we had since done the odd twosome Escort together since then; five actually.

My daydreaming was interrupted by my desk phone ringing; it was the Admiral, as we had nicknamed him after he bought a yacht; similar to the one we were on in Plymouth. He was Ken’s organizer for Escort work. His mannerisms and demeanor on the phone was not one of asking but a friendly assumption, this is what you wanted to do.

Ken was with a client for a week in Palma, Terry was down in Cornwall for a weekend with Stefan; polite greetings over, went straight to the point. He had an American client who wanted company when he was on a business layover in Glasgow next weekend. As I had always gone with Ken on twosome Escorts; I was hesitant doing a solo. He then intervened, as though he had read my mind; said that the client had asked for me specifically.

Although deep down I was pleased being asked for; I didn’t know if I wanted to be an Escort; he read my mind, again; stated how much. It was more than a month’s salary where I was currently working; for a few days’ work, and added any additional service I may agree too, was on the usual 50:50 pay basis. I said ok.

Good was his reply; Ali, his personal secretary, has already sent TNT a brief on the client and some specific things I would need. I am off sailing this weekend. The phone went dead. Nice to be predictable.

As I arrived at my apartment; one of my neighbors’ came out and said this parcel has arrived for you. I thanked her and took the parcel in; opened it. A brown envelope and light blue nightie and matching wrap. Without looking I knew who it was, one of the four guys I met on my first Escort job on the Hoe in Plymouth with Ken. Ali had a handwritten note lying on top; it was my size, she remembers from the last time. I never knew about that.

I just laughed at her comment, lifted it out and held it against me; looked the right size. Underneath were a short green hockey type skirt and a white tennis sweater, complete with green matching pants. I remember thinking this should be fun, last time they stripped the nightie and pants off me; not violent, just in a fun way.

I was to go to the Grand Central Hotel, adjacent to the Glasgow Central railway station. Although it was a grand old Victorian style hotel, it had been recently refurbished in its historical old Victorian style. I was to go to reception on Friday at three, request my pass key and go straight to his Executive Suite.

I arrived on time, dressed in my business attire, complete with requisite briefcase and overnight case. Collected my pass key and went up to the room; I courteously knocked on the door and entered. To any onlookers this would not draw any undue attention. The room was large and opulent with anti-rooms off, all a’s in its hay day Victorian style; with red velour and leather upholstery.

As I walked in, Jeff, as he was to be known this time, rose up from the large couch he was sitting on; whiskey in hand. Came over to greet me; thanked me for coming at such short notice and said, only one this time. Instantly we were the best of buddies. He invited me to put my cases in the bedroom and throw off my jacket, kick off my shoes and relax; and asked what I wanted to drink.

After depositing my cases, jacket and shoes, I joined Jeff. He invited me to sit beside him on the big red leather couch, with a large whiskey waiting for me on the table. He told me he was over trying to close a big deal for his principal’s, without going into details of what. It had been a hard week, his clients were going to discuss it over the weekend and give him their answer.

He was confident this was going to happen and said all he wanted to do was relax over the next few days. I said ok what do you want to do. We will have dinner at eight tonight but first I want to have some relaxing sex followed by a long warm bath. I said ok when do you want to start. He put his whiskey down on the table, took mine off me and said; now.

He then leaned over, put his lips to mine and started to kiss; as our tongues touched I could feel his hand start to rub up the inside of my leg; very seductively and controlled. As we relaxed and lay our backs against the soft warm leather, I crooked my leg to allow him to slide his hand up until he touched me.

 By this time I was fully aroused, Ken has shown me a few tricks on how to do this; as was he. As he caressed me; I started to stroke the outside of his leg with the palm of my hand. As he reached my hardness I arrived at his, stroking it gently to bring him fully ready too.

I could hear and feel his breathing become deeper. He then slowly and seductively started to unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, as I did with his. He leaned down as my shirt opened and started to kiss and nibble my bare chest arriving at my nipples which he started to suck on. I could feel his teeth gently caressing them too. He was starting to get excited and aroused by this; as was I.

He reached down to undo my belt then I felt him unzipping my trousers; his hand went inside exploring me; as I also did to him. He had reached the point where he wanted more; invited me to stand up; slipped my shirt off my shoulders and let it drop; as I did his. 

A day in my office but more action will continue in the next page.

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