Black made my wife scream

My wife and I had been married for three great years. We were high school sweethearts in the middle of a small town in the USA. She is the only woman I have been with and I was the only man who she had had. I was a normal looking guy, dark hair, average height and weight.

 My wife was a cute little blonde. She had shoulder length hair and a nice little body. She was petite with a nice little rack. She looked a lot like Jennifer Anniston except she dressed much more conservative. Our sex life was good as we had that special bond of only making love to each other.

 We were very excited when an old friend from high school called and invited us for a weekend at his cabin to swim and fish and water ski. When we arrived that Friday, I was glad to see some of our old friends from school. The cabin was huge and had four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The lake was great and the weather was perfect. We knew most of the people and all totaled there were about nine of us. Shiney’s parents were rich and he was able to get the cabin on off weekends.

 We all visited and drank various alcoholic beverages. I was not big on water sports but it was nice to get away for a while. Me and the misses got to one of the rooms and that night we got to bed early to get ready for a fun filled saturday. We got up early and joined everyone out on the beach. My wife was wearing a modest one piece suit and she looked great. I didn’t notice that I wasn’t the only one who had his eyes on her.

Jayson was a friend of Shiney’s. They worked together and became good friends. They were polar opposites. Shiney was a short red headed guy with fair skin and a medium build. Jayson was a black guy with dark black skin and an athletic build. Coming from a small town in the midwest, none of us knew any african americans but we all seemed to get along well. Jayson grew up in the inner city and was a street wise kid.

 He benefited from an outreach program that enabled him to go to college and find a good job. Jayson was recently dumped by his girlfriend. It seemed that one Sunday he was watching a preseason football game and as the camera panned away from the action to go to a commercial, it fixated on a beautiful white cheerleader.

 Dressed in the home colored two piece, the little blonde jumped around cheering for her team. Jayson became obsessed with what he saw. He wondered what it would be like to bed a little blonde white girl. As days passed his fantasy grew stronger. He never even dated outside of his race before. He became distant and his girlfriend became outraged when she found out what was occupying his mind. Many attempts at bars yielded no returns. 

As time went by, Jayson started to let go of his fantasy but never really forgot about it. Fast forward to today. During this weekend getaway at his friend’s cabin, Jayson noticed my wife. She fit the exact description he was looking for.

Besides parading around shirtless, showing off his athletic body, I hardly noticed the man. We all participated in different activities and when I was apart from my wife, Jayson would make small talk with her. When I went out on the boat, he would lay out on the beach with her. When I fished off the dock, he went out on the boat with her. 

There were nine different people out and about so I never really noticed that he was following her around like a puppy. We all were drinking all day and into the night so the last thing on my mind was to babysit my wife. She didn’t think nothing of it at first. She made small talk with him on the beach and on the boat. 

When she was out swimming, he was to. With the effects of the alcohol kicking in, she didn’t think twice about the fact that he seemed to be “touchy, feely” out in the water. Only later when she was inside with the girls did one of them tease her about the fact that Jayson seemed to have a crush on her. One of the girls even jokes, “be careful, once you go black, you never go back”.

They all laughed and seemed to forget about it. Meanwhile out by the grill, the boys were drinking beer and bullshitting. I noticed that Jayson didn’t drink but I didn’t think twice about it. As the evening went on, we ate and played cards. Someone put a movie on and some people went into the living room to watch it.

The drinking got heavy and one by one, people went to bed. Jayson had the couch so he was watching the movie with a few others, including my wife. I was feeling really drunk so I told my wife that I was going to bed. She said that she would be up in a minute as she was laughing at something Jayson said. I didn’t think twice and went to our room. Jayson was laying it on thick and at first my wife just kind of liked the attention.

After what the other girls said, she noticed that he took to her. She would never cheat on me and she wasn’t even sure she could with a black man, but she found him interesting. As they joked and watched tv, she continued to sip on wine coolers and soak up his attention. It reminded her of when we were teenagers and I was trying to catch her eye. After some time, they were the only two awake.

Jayson was sitting there wearing some baggy shorts and my wife was in a small sun dress. My wife was not a big drinker so the alcohol really started to kick in. She leaned back into the couch as Jayson saw his opportunity. 

He pulled my wife against him and started to rub her shoulders and back. My wife was somewhat startled but the massage felt good and although they were alone, people were sleeping in adjoining rooms. As my wife leaned her head back, she took a deep breath.

Jayson’s eyes locked onto her precious breasts, which filled out the sun dress nicely. As he rubbed her shoulders he could feel how warm and soft her pearly white skin was. He also noticed no sign of a bra. My wife never wore a bra with this particular dress. 

Black made my wife scream will continue in the next page.

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