When Margot blacked out by Stephen

While most soon-to-be high school graduates go to New York and Washington for spring break, best friends Margot Stays and Saira Mathew decided to have their spring break vacation up in the beautiful snowy mountains of Alaska. It was going to be a weeklong getaway for the girls of the suburbs of Kansas until the last weekend of their trip when a bunch of their friends would join them for a huge blowout party.

“I haven’t been here since I was a kid,” stated Margot, as she sat her backpack down and wandered around her family cabin.

It was safe to say that Margot’s family was wealthy. Her father was a cardiovascular surgeon, and her mother owned a series of luxurious hotels in Nebraska. She is the youngest of two with her older brother following in their father’s footsteps in the medical field.

Margot hasn’t decided what she wants to do as a profession once she gets to college in the fall but the auburn-haired, crystal blue eyed 18-year-old was quite athletic. She’s in her last year as a head cheerleader for her high school football team and a marathon runner for the high school track team. Her 5 ‘6 tanned body was toned and lean with sizable B cup breasts that were perky and sat naturally on her chest and a medium-sized firm ass.

“Margot, your family cabin is so beautiful. I know the others are going to be thrilled to see this place. Just enough room for the right size party,”Saira said in awe.

Outside of sharing the same age,Saira was the opposite of Margot. She was an Israeli and born with a condition called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that left her dark brown eyes smaller than average, a flat nose, and a barely visible upper lip. Her parents died just shy of her 10th birthday, and her disabled Aunt and Uncle adopted her.

Three years agoSaira came out as being gay, and that sparked the friendship between her and Margot as her older brother was gay.Saira wasn’t athletic given her two humongous problems; her massively plump breasts. Puberty hitSaira like a speeding semi-truck at the age of 12.

She was wearing a double D-sized brassiere by 14, an E cup by 16, an F size at 17 and by the time she turned 18 a couple of months ago, her mammoth chest had swollen into a whopping 36GG. Her stupidly head sized tits sloped and hung off her 5’9 frame inharmoniously with a narrow waist, generous hips, chubby but shapely legs and full yet small ass.

“So, what’s first?” Margot asked.

“Hot tub!” both girls shouted in unison.

Marcia changed into a polka dot bathing suit with massive amounts of plump tit flesh bulging from the tops and armpit holes of her bathing suit. Margot opted not to wear anything and got into the hot tub naked. Her beautiful golden tanned body and perfect rounded tits and bald pussy were on display to her best friend.Saira never found Margot attractive sexually as the two were as close as sisters.

“Thought you would live a little on this trip,Saira. Come on, live a little! Release those massive hounds!” said an energized Margot, as she stood up in the hot tub and did a little jiggle flashing all her naked glory. She then proceeded to splash water onSaira. “Dean would never let me have this much fun.” Dean was Margot’s jealous boyfriend who opted to go to the snowy mountains for some sun down in Cancun with his boys.

The girls were having a good time in the hot tub and unbeknownst to them a pair of lecherous eyes were watching from behind a pair of binoculars from afar.

After the hot tub fun,Saira and Margot changed into their nightwear.Saira wore an XL white tee shirt that hung like curtains over her meaty chest and came down mid thighs and a pair of plain beige panties underneath. On the front of the XL tee-shirt was a stretched out graphic of a large hamburger with the works and in bold red capital lettering read;

All American Buns written above the hamburger and 100% grade-A meat written in smaller red lettering underneath. Her mountainous tits, without the support of an industrial strength $300 brassieres hung low and heavy on her chest, bulging in all directions and floppy due to their sheer size. They gently swayed from side to side when she walked. Margot wore a pair of navy-blue silk pajamas, wool socks and her tits jiggled about with no bra underneath.

They sat down and had dinner then afterward watched one of their favorite movies, Maze Runner. Margot was feeling feisty and threw a pillow atSaira and in return,Saira threw a pillow back. An all our pillow war ensued between the two best friends when suddenly, the power to the entire cabin goes out.

“Oh shit! What happened?” questioned a shakenSaira.

“Probably just blew a fuse box or something. Let me call my dad. He might be able to help us,” Margot responded. She grabbed her cell phone, and it read no service. “No service. Great.”

“My phone says no service, neither,” a worriedSaira replied.

Suddenly, both teens were startled by a loud knock at the door.

“Expecting company?” a frightenSaira curiously asked.

“No. No one knows where here except my parents, your aunt, and uncle and our friends that aren’t scheduled to be here until the weekend,” replied Margot, just as another loud thud on the door occurred that startled both teens again.

“This isStephenBernard, your neighbor from some ways down. The power-up in these mountains went out. I saw you two girls arriving earlier and just came down here to check on ya’ll to make sure you two are alright,” spoke a manly voice on the opposite side of the door.

“Is he a friend of your parents?”Saira whispered to Margot.

“I don’t know,” Margot whispered back.

“I know one of yall is the daughter of Kimberly and Michael Sells. I’m the caretaker of the property when no one is here and an old buddy of your grandpa, James Sells,”Stephenexplained.

“He seems legit,” said Margot.

“Or he’s wearing a hockey mask and holding an ax just waiting for us to open the door and chop us up into little pieces,”Saira envisioned.

“If it brings you any comforter, I can mess with the fuse box to try to get the electricity back on soon,” the old man suggested on the other side of the door. “These blackouts can last for days, weeks even. Do you want to stay in the dark for your whole stay? No TV, no lights, no phones, no Internet.”

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