What happens when everyone is nude but you?

This a story which happens in place with my friends. It was Spring break time at our college. Most students go home, but there are always a few of us who stay on campus. I live far away, and it’s very expensive to fly. So, I’m usually here. But I love Spring break. Ten days of nothing to do, except maybe get into some mischief.

Annie, Hannah and I (I’m Sindya), members of a sorority, decided to go hiking on the first day in the nearby national park. Hannah talked her boyfriend Warner into coming, and he conjured up two friends, John and Steve. So it was that three girls, and three girls, came together. A day of healthy exercise and fresh air. It all started out innocently.

We set off with picnic baskets, blankets and bottles of wine. Our goal was to hike to a scenic waterfall, have lunch, and hike back. The day was bright, clear and hot. Not surprising that we were sweaty by the time we arrived at the lagoon adjacent to the waterfall.

We laid out several blankets and the food and drink. But Warner had another idea.

“Why don’t we swim in the lagoon before lunch? These clothes are sticking to me with perspiration. I know I’m gross,” he said.

We girls had anticipated doing that, and brought swimwear.

“Sure, guys,” I said. “We just need to put on our bathing suits.”

Somehow such anticipation hadn’t gotten to the guys. They did not bring bathing suits.

“I’m not shy,” said Warner. “I’ll skinny dip.”

The other two fellows immediately said they’d do the same.

We girls looked at each other. It would be sweet fun to see a group of naked men, but did that mean we should join in? Hannah thought it would be an adventure, but Annie was adamant.

“No way am I stripping for three strange men. I’m wearing my swimsuit.”

Annie was the shy one among us, and if truth be told, not very experienced with men. Maybe even a virgin, although we hadn’t asked.

“Isn’t college about doing crazy stuff? I’ve always been tempted to skinny dip. My sister told me she did it at a Club Med in Martinique, and it was wonderful,” said Hannah.

They both looked at me. The tie-breaker?

“I’ll do it if you will,” I said (sorry; what a wimpy way to decide.)

“You two do it, but I’m not,” said Annie.

There must have been a contest among the men to see who could get naked first. All three of them shucked their clothes in a flash, and ran into the water, penises flopping. They were all athletic, and their muscular chests, shoulders and buttocks glistened with the water, adding to their sexiness.

Hannah and I unbuttoned our shorts, pulled off t-shirts, bras and panties, and ran into the lagoon. Annie moved behind a bush and changed out of her clothes into her bikini.

We romped happily in the cool water. The lagoon was not too deep, and we had to lie down to be covered with the water, with our bare breasts protruding delightfully on the surface. After a time, we had enough and moved back to land. We hadn’t brought towels, but there was the warm sun to dry us. Like a bunch of nudists, the 5 of us sat on the blankets, cross legged, to have lunch. Annie, clad in her bikini, had dipped into the water and joined us but was the only one not nude.

What happens when everyone is nude but you? will continue in the next page.

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