When I had love with gulf guy’s wife – part 1

This Story is part of When I had love with gulf guy's wife Series

HI guys, this is a story how I fucked a gulf guy’s wife. I am Jay, Six feet tall, slightly darker in both colors, tall and healthy, with a slight increase in body hair.

A poor expatriate who was also known as baldy because his hair fell a little on his head.

And for the girl who came back after spending two years in the Gulf

Sixteen years ago with the desire to own and live

I am the one who boarded the plane.

Two years before he came to the Gulf, he came with him as an ambassador to love

The one who stood turned into Judas and tied the girl I loved..

So disappointed. That

Then it became a rant. Finally became the lover of exile. That is

It can be said that the relationship with the country itself is severed.

The last one who went to the country

My mother died five years ago.

After that vacation trip was made to Nepal and Indonesia.

You will go there for a couple of weeks and meet girls and then return to exile again..

After the death of the mother, the only thing left to claim as their own in the country is brother and his family.

A relationship with him is just a call when money is in trouble.

The idea of ​​going back home came from my roommate Hassan 

When I saw his face with curly hair, round face, elongated eyes, small nose, small mouth and swollen lips like a cherry, seen in the DP of the WhatsApp number sent by the message.

Then and after nine o’clock in the morning Hassan had a regular video call..

There is also something special about that time. It is time for Hassan to send her children to school.

I realized that Hassan’s wife also likes my call when she called me again after two days of the call suddenly going cold, and then I gave the phone to Hassan.

I will come the next day

And asked.. “Doesn’t it make the call harder when you see husband?”

“Oh… the elder is sad

It was a good thing that I did not think it was necessary.

He stood up inside the lungi and saluted..

“You are an ant.”

“Then.. You should watch and call Hassan when she goes to school”

I told him that I can win and surrendered.

That’s how the Malayalee girl joined my heart again..

or else those Nepalese and Indonesian Hurries were getting tired.

 This time I have to go to Kerala

He found a good native hillbilly girl and had to lie down for a week feeling the heat between her legs and go back.

You confirmed it.

I boarded the flight here the same day Hassan landed in Dubai.

Go to the country and meet my brother and his children in booze part in the evening.

Harrys advice is while sitting..

“Couldn’t you have done it Harry… now forget all that and marry a girl and live happily”

“Harietta, are you the one who said that happiness comes only when a woman is tied up? Why should we worry if a dog licks any of the food we have eaten? Just a thought

If there is, it’s for nothing, Harietta.

When I said that, my gaze was on the face of old Judas.

Looking at his bloody and yellow face, everyone’s gaze as he got up and walked away

In him..

By that time he was tired of fighting in the country and the next morning he took his bag and put it in the car.

On the way back, I came to the airport to pick up the car

He said and left there.

On the way to Hassan’s house, there was indeed a stir.

 Even though I talked to them on the phone, it was all about calling Hassan

It was called…

Then they left without saying a word to Hassan

A doubt that going home is a bit of a shameless event..

She said that they know that I am actually a chicken and that I call them when I am not here to talk to them, but till now I have not said a word of respect to them.

For now, so far anyway

Why don’t you just come and see the cough and leave..

After ringing the bell, she came and opened the door.

“Allah… When your friend went there, did you go here?”

She took off the nighty that was tucked into the skirt and poured the water in her hand into the nighty

Even when she asked with a smiling smile, I craved her beauty was drinking

So far I have only seen her face on video call…

It is the first time to see below the neck..

A braid tied around the hair

The role is Cotton Nighty…

She smiled in response to her question

To the chair..

“And tell me what’s going on… Called at nine o’clock two days ago

When they disappeared, I thought they were fighting.

(Without laying eggs in our country

It’s about calling lazy chickens and lazy people who don’t go to work. )

“Heard the noise and came to see it in person.”

“Enna really see and try to leave the car”

Was there a hint of sarcasm when she said holding out both hands?

“You sit down.. let me get some water to drink”

When she said that and walked to the kitchen, I scanned her completely..

If you stand straight you can see the height along with my neck. Not much wood, well rounded and erect breasts. Slightly fleshy belly.. same as belly

Wide waist…

That is, Ass has no shape at all.. But don’t blame me, Ass has been pushed to the back without opening at all..

Color is the highlight. Good milk color…

I have heard that it is late marriage by Hassan.

Did you say that out loud?

“What did you sign?” When Aishu who came with the water asked, I understood that the spirit was loud.

“Where are the children?”

“Oh so… the one who doesn’t know where his children have gone at this time”

“No chocolates for children”

“Um.. I understand. You have come to give chocolates to the children.. You have never even spoken to the children..”

That really cut it.

I also chose the regular way to get time in such cases when I was wondering what number to take.

“Morning food seems not right.. Where is the washroom”

Is it because she felt it was a lie?

Katie called me to a room, switched on the fan and light, opened the cupboard and took a lunch.

“Don’t get your jeans wet”

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She pointed to the toilet and shook the toilet more than necessary and went out.

I took off my shirt, jeans and underwear and went to the bed and took my lungi and went to the toilet.

Sitting on top of the closet

Thinking about what to do next. Then her nightie on the towel dumbbell

Saw lying..

It will be taken off when you take a bath..

No, if you take it off when you take a shower, why don’t you still see the things? The CBI in me got up from the closet with both hands tied behind her back and pulled her nose into her nightie…

Then it was as if it gave a boner in me

After finding the skirt, bra and panty under it, America

I was happy to praise myself like Columbus who discovered it.

36c bra cup… then the inside is not what you see on the outside!

Returned the bra to the stand and straightened the curled panty…

Where her Heaven’s Gate comes

A rose colored panty that looked a bit faded and slightly thicker. I held it close to my nose. An intoxicating scent of body lotion and sweat.

I smell it again

Put it back where it was, picked up the cloth, washed the clothes and clothes, took a towel and wiped it, lowered the trunk and flushed it, and went out.

I came back with a cup of black tea in my hand…

“Have you drunk this.. squeezed a lemon… let the agitation go away”

She smiled and walked away.

“If the agitation subsides, will you also drink some…”

I said it while walking back looking at the shaking Ass…

She turned around as if she understood that.

“Drink the tea with the stir given.

When she was on the stove and stirred it in her hand, she raised her luncheon a little and inserted it between her legs, leaned on the kitchen slab, put one hand on the slab and put the tea cup in the other hand to her lips.

“Oh wait… no one come and see”

She tilted her head and looked at my bare chest and said…


“Don’t you wear a lunkeem and lean on a slab?”

When she said that, she smiled and turned her gaze back to the pot.

I stood behind her on the tea class slab…

“Is it enough for you to stand here like husband? There is no shake here, is there? I understand that”

She whispered it softly like a jasmine waiting for the wind to fall.

“That’s why you’re pooping in the toilet with your dirty panties off.”

“Oh…didn’t you see that?”

Like a jasmine flower blown by the wind, she flew to my chest and buried her face in the curly hair.

“Smell and look…I like it”


“Your smell”

I reached out and turned off the gas stove as she playfully bumped my chest with a folded hand.

He put his arm around the waist of the bent over girl and took her to the bedroom.

 “Yee… I’m fine”…

When she fell on the bed and looked at my waist and closed her eyes, the lungi came off

I knew that I was gone…

Laying down next to her and resting his head on her forehead

When she kissed me, she opened her big eyes, brought her lips to each eyelid and closed her eyes with each kiss.

I brought my lips close to hers and stretched out my tongue and licked her lips.

Looking into her closed eyes, I licked her lips and suddenly she opened her eyes with her teeth on my tongue.

Bitten by the dog..

I brought my face close to her and opened my mouth to hers

My tongue entered her mouth and wrapped around her tongue past her teeth which were caught when the lips were completely covered…

My right hand is hers

She moaned with the bitterness of chilli bites as she pressed her right breast with a nightie on her chest.

Pushing the body up on the bed

Looking into the tight eyes, releasing her lips and raising her head, she untied her hair and threw it away…

“Honey beard girl”

Taking her to my chest and lying down, I opened my mouth below her lips…

She pursed her lips and drooled into my mouth

His lips pressed against mine again…

Chest to my chest

I pulled her lying on my side and pulled her on top of me and grabbed her balls with both hands and squeezed them. Finally, by joining hands at the bottom of her Ass and pulling it up, he took hold of her Ass, lowered the middle finger of his left hand into the groove and put the cloth on top of the pushed up pussy and rubbed it vigorously.

Scared, she cut her eyes like a deer, left my lips, raised her head, spread her legs, put her on the bed on both sides of my stomach, lowered her waist, and buried her face in my chest.

Her fingernails under my armpits as her breathing picked up

Deep down…

Then he raised his face and looked at me and narrowed his eyes again

Caught in the middle by closing it…. Then again he lay down with his head on my chest and his legs straight…

By then, my fingers were sitting in her gap and after wearing the nightie, her wetness came…

 “Go away so quickly, little bug.”

“Well, it’s been a while since Chekan came.”

“Did you itch when you saw it?”

“Chee…. “

She raised her face and wrinkled her nose, but again lowered her face and drew a picture with her tongue around my nipple…

 “This one, girl.”

She rolled up her nightie and put it on her waist.

She is on my stomach

I stood up and took off my nighty and pulled it down. I reached out and unhooked her bra.

She will hold the bra cup to her chest

Fell into my chest again..

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